Top White Hat SEO Trends To Watch In 2018 Without Breaking Rules


In today’s brave world of regular posting of millions of content white Hat SEO trends are the only way to go if you want your business to get ahead in 2018 and beyond. Every business normally aims to generate a huge clientele base to reap the probability of maximum profit. And this vision is quite normal we all visualize the same at a certain point. After all, we do have a business to owe profit from it as much as possible. Keep yourself updated with recent updation in white hat practices also means that the search giants will like your site efforts too, and position it accordingly in the SERPs.

So if you are ready to rock in 2018 we are too ready to do rock n roll with you with some top SEO trends that will dominate in 2018 and years after. Let’s dive in…

Skyscraper Technique

If you are damn serious about increasing your business searchability in different search engine platform, it is very important to follow the systematic guide of famous blogger Brian Dean to doubled your organic search traffic in just 14 days with this technique. Here are the 3 steps to the Skyscraper Technique.

Write SEO Compelling Content That Is Link-Worthy

In order to get maximum hit from your audience, you need to know the keys to write SEO compelling content that generates a lot of links. You can also take the help of Buzzsumo which enable you to find link-worthy content that naturally compels the audience to click those link.

Take Existing Content To The Next Level

You must be thinking how to take the existing content to the next level? Not to take stress here are the 4 ways you can make your content awesome.

Just make it lengthy. Yes, really lengthy add bit of real facts and information which automatically excites your readers

● Take an outdated content and re-write it with up-to-date information.
● More than a paragraph text content, a visually appealing content generates lot many links and social shares.
● Use bullet points, sub-heading and describe every point in-depth and give it more creative look with graphics.

White Hat SEO is no doubt a genuine approach towards an effective returns include link building strategies, content creation, and article submissions on a regular basis.

Have Content Better Than Your Competitors

Since content is one of the top two crucial Google ranking factors, it’s pretty important to get it right. Once again, this presents a huge opportunity for those willing to invest the time to make that happen. Everyone talks about creating “great content”, but what does that even mean? It really becomes the need of the hour to find the right audience and then reaching that audience in limited time with your rich quality content. This is definitely not a difficult exercise that you can’t do only need to focus a bit on Google featured snippet and there you are ready to showcase your potential. Nothing more valuable you can do to optimize your website for search engines relevancy than serving unique well-written content to your audience and to Google optimistic.

Time To Prioritize Mobile SEO

Needless to describe how much we are getting mobile habitual so why not use this option to allure your business visibility for maximum reach. Let’s just see what survey coney:

● 94% search for location information
● 51% visited a store
● 48% called a store
● 29% made a purchase

In the coming year, one thing is definitely be cleared that mobile-oriented indexing site is going to be the new norm and ranking signals are now going to be updated from the mobile version of your site and not from the desktop version.

● It’s time to start prioritizing your mobile SEO first:
● Get mobile friendly first and fix the broken links and incorrect redirects.
● It’s best to compress any uncompressed images and blocked resources (e.g. JavaScript, CSS, certain images).
● Intrusive pop-ups are a big “No”
● Make the best of mobile usability in terms of text size, configuration etc.


You, don’t have to manage thousands or even 200 ranking signals in order to significantly increase organic traffic. Just focus on the latest trend mentioned above and tips to maximize your website visibility without hurting Google parameters. If you do, it’s entirely possible to double, triple, or even 10X the traffic coming to your website in 2018 and years thereafter.

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