What is Google Jagger Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


Google keeps working on its algorithm and keeps on bringing updates frequently. Whenever Google comes up with an update, it often creates havoc for webmasters. Google Jagger Update is another algorithm change where small business placements seem to have vanished overnight.

Search engine marketers and website owners fear this major algorithm update.

After the launch of this update, Google aims to make the search engine results pages (SERPs) in the way to present relevant results for the users.

Google always focuses on maintaining highly relevant search results and Jagger update is expected to constantly update itself with a greater degree of flux and change.

It has one of the popular Google algorithm changes that make immediate changes to the SERPs.

Let’s read and know more about Google Jagger Update.

Today we’ll read:

1. About Google Jagger Update
2. Jagger Updates
3. Things Targeted By Google Jagger Update
4. Recovering from Google Jagger Update
5. Conclusion

About Google Jagger Update

Google Jagger update rollout started in September 2005 and targeted technical factors, duplicate content, and poor links.

This update was highly focused on sites that use duplicate content or poor level of content used for attracting more backlinks to the site.

The webmasters that doesn’t follow the right technical SEO techniques may be now working on some ways to improve the site’s visibility and search rankings.

With this update, Google clamped down on links that also contain irrelevant reciprocal links.

As per Google, Jagger is one of the significant early updates that covered several factors.

This helped to set the groundwork for what webmasters should work on and how to develop the best SEO strategies.

Jagger Updates

Google updates come in phases and tend to take a few weeks to fully work themselves out.

Google Jagger update has altered the Google algorithm and was seen as the 3-phase update.

● Jagger Update 1

This update pre-shocks several SEO experts with a string of back-link updates that began in September 2005.

This continued into the middle of October 2005 when in mid-October, Google updated the PageRank database for public view.

Usually, with the Jagger update, the PageRank update created a great stir.

This causes problems for various webmasters to adjust themselves according to the ranking parameter.

● Jagger Update 2

When Jagger 2 update came there were some fluctuations in the rankings but things stabilize later.

This update provided more sorted results when 3rd phase of the Jagger update, which is expected to initiate in November 2005.

● Jagger Update 3

With Jagger Update 3, the website was able to rank extremely well in Google for our main keyword.

So, if the website focuses on the best ways to rank higher on Google, this could have seen a good increase in ranking.

Things Targeted By Google Jagger Update

Google adjusted its algorithm in several ways with the Jagger Update.

The primary influence of this update was on the website’s backlink profile but later it affected the content size, refresh pace, and other technical aspects as well.

Let’s see what were major things influenced by Jagger Update:

● Backlink Abuse

By implementing this update, Google implemented a new way to weigh the websites and their backlinks.

With this update, a lot of things such as the anchor text of inbound links, and the page content of the incoming link were taken into consideration.

To get the best links, you may need to get with a trustworthy link building company.

In this way, your website will engage in reciprocal link exchanges from authoritative domains, and make better connections.

● Content

Jagger targeted websites that had duplicate content over several domains.

So, webmasters noted problems with internal duplication.

With this, webmasters were more focused on having a clean version of the website with no duplicates in the content in other to rank high.

● Redirection and Spammers

Google Jagger Update had a detrimental influence on more ways on technical aspects along with content spinners and backlink spammers.

Cloaking is considered a way of showing one piece of content to search engines.

Jagger targeted websites that used illogical manner, and websites that used delayed meta redirects to fool search engines.

With this, webmasters were encouraged to not to gain website visibility by spamming or fooling search engines or users.

Recovering from Google Jagger Update

Jagger update brought a great update that affected several factors and recovery is not simple.

Here is a brief view of the things that need correction:

● Incoming links

● Content on-page of incoming links

● Value of incoming links

● Keyword repetitions in anchor text

● Nature of sites linking to you

● Value of reciprocal links

● Work on size of your website content

● Add fresh content update

● Maintain multiple domains on the same IP numbers

● Remove duplicate content from website or multiple domains

Reading through the above points are some of the major SEO factors that need to be considered to make a good running website.

Here are some key recoveries mentioned as follows:

Step 1: Try to remove redundancy from meta titles and make them more straight. Allow them to focus on the page and its content.

Step 2: Work on improving the architecture of the website and URLs.

Step 3: Eliminate unnecessary internal linking.

Step 4: Focus on avoiding dealing with duplicates and try to work with domain websites.

Step 5: Content plays a major role, so focus on creating original content rather than relying on vendor and manufacturer-supplied material. You can decide to get valuable content writing solutions in Australia to avoid any complications.

Step 6: Work on building the best content and gaining high-quality backlinks. Avoid any practices that include dealing with purchased links.

Working on these solutions will help to recover the website in the best way.


By reading the above topics, you will have come across various aspects of the Jagger update.

If your website has not yet been affected by this update, there is a need closely monitor the impact of changes mentioned.

To make your website perform better, it is best to work with an expert that knows how to create SEO strategies and work on implementing best practices to notice the best results.

If you have suffered a drop in your website rankings, and want to make required changes on your website, get with an expert.

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