Why A Focus Keyword Should Be Used Only Once?


A focus keyword is a keyword that you want for your post to rank for. Some people use the same focus keyword again and again. But that’s not what focus keyword is meant for! A focus keyword should be used only once. What you should do if you want that specific keyword to rank? Don’t get confused! In this section we’ll clear all your doubts.

Here are the reasons why you should not use a focus keyword more than once:

• To not compete with the content of your own articles

No one wants to compete with their own articles to rank in Google. If you are trying to optimize your two different articles by using the same focus keyword, you would want both the articles to rank well position in Google. Thereby, you are telling Google to consider that your both posts are suitable for the people searching for your keyword. This is very difficult to do, not impossible though!

For this, you will be required to have a bit of authority to rank with two of your articles in the Google’s top 10 search results. You probably will have enough authority if you are already ranking with one of your articles in the search results. If you are still not ranking on a focus keyword in search results, never use that keyword twice! You should update your original article by improving it. Then, write another post having a slightly different focus keyword.

• To rank for your most desired keyword for the post

Suppose you are a seller of clothes for dogs. You might want to rank ‘dog clothes’ but you have just started your business so that may be hard for you. Therefore, optimization of all your articles for the keyword ‘dog clothes’ is not the right strategy to go for. So how would you do that? Research for keywords might give you some ideas of what other terms or keywords you can target.

You desired keyword ‘dog clothes’ is also a head keyword and will be hard to rank for in this competitive world. You should write great quality content for your article about the dog clothes and optimize it using the SEO for content writing.

You should also keep the following things in mind while working on a specific keyword:

Improve the structure of your site

In this next step, you will be required to work on the structure of your site to rank your keyword. You should write many posts surrounding your ‘head’ keyword. You can also optimize your articles by focusing on keywords such as ‘clothes for small dogs’, ‘clothes for dogs in rainy season’, etc. These keywords are also popularly known as Long Tail Keywords. By doing so, you are specifying Google which one of your articles is more important. This way you will be able to rank better for your important article. Thereby, you will become capable to attract and increase the traffic for other articles as well.

Should you use a specific keyword more than once?

You definitely should not use a focus keyword more than once unless you are high authority site or already ranking good for a specific keyword. To dominate the ranking Google search, you must have an awesome and creative content that can hold the attention of users. Above all this, you should also have a site structure to ensure that your article start ranking.

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