What is Google RankBrain Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


Google search engine leads the market for a long time and will continue in the future too. The reason behind this is its high performance and highest scalability. To improve the performance of their search, Google has launched various updates. This is to make the user’s search more efficient on Google.

One of the major updates that brought improvement in the algorithm is Rankbrain. It works on the elaborate machinery that kicks in and starts searching for results in a better way.

About Google Rank Brain

Google Rankbrain Algorithm is known as a machine learning program that is based on a search engine algorithm. Google launched it on 26th October 2015 and the main objective was to provide the most relevant content to the users.

RankBrain is now known as the major part of the Google algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help users and search results. This program clearly watches how search engine responds and learn the meaning behind the query. This also makes it possible for the users to get the most filtered results of keyword search.

The goal with this algorithm update is to make the website use good content and better keywords. RankBrain development introduced AI into the search algorithm. With this benefit, it will likely to trend in the future as long as a search engine is working on making algorithms smarter.

RankBrain is definitely a game-changer for search results. According to the experts, it’s important to use strategies that can help to improve your chances of ranking well with RankBrain. Preparing user-friendly content and adapting machine-friendly markups will make your website ready for various algorithm changes.

How Important Is RankBrain Update?

When Google introduced RankBrain, it actually introduced the concept of AI in its search algorithm. RankBrain is used in every search that is made on Google. It is the first attempt in machine learning that is used to pave the path for the future of search. To make your website visible for relevant searches, it is better to start implementing best practices. This ensures that your website is ready for every continued improvement made in the Google algorithms with regards to the search over time.

At one time, Google even claimed it in the list of important ranking factors. This makes it important to use the best strategies for improving your website. Focus more on upgrading the content and SEO game. To stay in a better position, it is important to continue with the best practices that make your website rank with RankBrain.

How The RankBrain Algorithm Works?

RankBrain is the artificial intelligence that helps Google to provide better search results. The core of the algorithm update is to process the query that is unknown to Google. There are a few new queries that no one has ever searched for before or have a few search counts. According to a recent study, 16% of new searches are made every day on Google. Some people use the search engine but do not make the same query as others.

This might seem crazy but RankBrain thinks of all possible ways for every new query made. For every different query, RankBrain can help Google to provide the best match to every type of search query. Whether the query is meaningful or not, with the help of RankBrain, Google will try to understand the meaning of the query.

Which Websites Will Benefit From RankBrain?

RankBrain is considered the most important signal that connects the users to their required content. The use of RankBrain can help the Google algorithm to provide benefit to the following websites that:

Able to satisfy conversational searches
Have unique content to satisfy user search
Contains user-oriented content
Has the best clear and understandable information architecture
Contains structured data
Diversity in the content that fits all aspects

Google Rankbrain helps to provide filtered content to the users and is useful in keyword research. Although Google has not explained how exactly RankBrain impacts the search. It is said that the algorithm understands the content and provides more accurate results.

Steps For Recovery From RankBrain

The best way to recover from RankBrain is by optimizing your site. In this, you need to create great and valuable content. RankBrain has the ability to catch queries fast. Therefore, your goal must be to write the best content so that RankBrain catches your keywords and display your website to the users. Below are ways to optimize your content for RankBrain.

a)- Use Natural Language

When you are creating content, you must write in a natural tone. This helps to communicate well with the audience. According to the experts, the content is considered best when it sounds good in conversation. The best writing style will help RankBrain to understand your content.

b)- Search Keyword

This is the major part of writing the content. You need to use the keyword that you would like to rank for in the search results. Using that keyword in your content will help the search engine to understand your content in a better way. This can make your pages rank on Google and make it understood about the type of content a searcher is looking for.

c)- Work On Relevance

When you know the keyword to include in your content, next is to create content and optimize it. Think of each keyword and consider it as a “topic” than just a keyword. Earlier the main focus was on the topic and less on keywords. With RankBrain, there is a change, as now the goal is to consider the title and related keywords equally. When you create a topic with relevant keywords, you will ultimately rank better.

d)- Improve Old Content

If your website has been serving for a while, you may have old content on it. This is the time to optimize and utilize it. Along with this, you can also add several posts that are relevant to the website. This practice will help to bring traffic, backlinks, and a good ranking.

Nowadays, RankBrain is the major factor that is dictating the search engine’s algorithm. It has made SEO work slightly different than how it used to be. After this update, Google’s role is to serve consumers with the most relevant and helpful content which is revolutionary.

RankBrain ensures with every different type of search, users are able to find content that is most relevant to them.

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