Google and its webmasters are committed for providing frictionless experiences to mobile users. To provide the best solutions to the users, Google is continuously working on improving search standards. This has made Google set some standards on the mobile search results too. Mobilegeddon is the popular Google update that works to improve the quality of the search results and overall user experience on the mobile.

With this update, you do not have to worry much if you already have a responsive website that ensures better presentation across diverse platforms.

About Mobilegeddon Update

Google launched Mobilegeddon on 21st April 2015. It is an update that added a new factor to the ranking criteria based on the mobile-friendliness of the websites. Google earlier announced that the majority of the Google searches take place on mobile devices than computers. By considering this, it became important for Google to introduce a factor of mobile-friendliness to the ranking algorithm.

In this, a website will be called mobile-friendly if its content gets displayed comfortably on hand-held devices.

Undeniably, the major benefit of making your website mobile-friendly is to increase the conversion rates and revenue. At the core, Mobilegeddon is designed to enhance a better user experience. As mobiles are majorly used by the people therefore only those companies that have mobile-friendly websites can comfortably enter this zone and gain loyalty and trust.

The Google Mobilegeddon update not only affected search rankings on mobile but also impacted the results globally regardless of language. Mobilegeddon proved that Google can bring updates further than focusing on the traffic and rankings of the website.

What Are Google’s Goals With the Mobilegeddon Updates?

Google’s main aim has always been to deliver content that is relevant to its’ users. Most of the Google updates are based on improving the search engine ranking. But with Mobilegeddon, Google focused on improving the search results made on the mobile. This makes sure that the users get what they want and enjoy a great experience.

In a recent study, it was found that approx. 88% of smartphone traffic comes from local searches. This means when people search within a defined geographical region, the search is made from the mobile. In order to enhance the search experience for the users, Mobilegeddon helps to provide the best things to the users.

To provide a better mobile search, Mobilegeddon can make webmasters focus on delivering relevant and high-quality content. Only good content and mobile-friendly website can make the sites indexed to meet the user requirements.

This algorithm will not only impact searches on mobile devices but also give a boost to mobile-friendly pages.

How Mobilegeddon Will Affect My Business?

The Mobilegeddon update can affect your website is a great way if your website is not well optimized. Your mobile traffic coming from Google search will suffer big time. When there is a decrease in mobile traffic from Google search, you see a drop in your Google Analytics.

So, besides just affecting your traffic, here are other ways how your business will be affected:

A)- Makes your website undiscoverable

If your niche has a lot of competition, both locally and internationally, this can affect you a lot. If your website is not user-friendly, it can end up being undiscoverable on search results. Well, getting undiscoverable means your website will not get placed on the top few search result pages.

B)- Competitors likely to get priority

If your website fails to pass the test, it may end up getting placed somewhere down. This won’t just affect your website negatively but opens the door to competitors. They will get priority over your business. Obviously, this will lead to fewer clicks on your website.

Mobilegeddon update allows webmasters to make the necessary changes that can help to provide a better user experience for all searching from a mobile device. If your website has seen a low rank after this update, then it is important to take measures to overcome the issue.

How To Recover Your Website From Mobilegeddon?

When Google launched Mobilegeddon, everybody agreed that the impact would be severe on some businesses. These businesses are those that didn’t have a mobile web presence.

To recover from Mobilegeddon hit, it is best to work on optimizing the website. Here are the some ways to optimize your website:

1. Know where you stand right now

Before you begin working on your website for mobile-friendliness, it is important to know where you stand now. To get a better analysis of your website, you can use the different tools to know and understand the position of your website.

2. Figure out how bad it hit your traffic

The Mobilegeddon update rolls out traffic from the website. So, you can use the analytics tools and get to know about the traffic graph. If your traffic wasn’t actually hit all that hard, you can easily get away by taking your time on updating the website.

3. Responsiveness of the site

To get better results you need to focus on a responsive design. You can apply responsiveness to the website by using various content management systems. With a responsive design, your website will automatically sync to different devices such as notebooks, mobile phones, and tablets.

This doesn’t require the creation of two copies of the same website. There is only one URL, which is made convenient for the users as they access it from different devices.

4. Work on the secondary mobile theme

If you are not able to plan out a new site design from the scratch, you can choose a secondary mobile design. Thus, you can create a website in two versions i.e, one for mobile devices and another for desktop. This also means there would be separate URLs for each of them.

Google always comes up with various updates to make the SEO world better. The changes with Mobilegeddon have prompted many web operators to modify their sites and to remain visible in Google search results. If webmasters and business do not optimize their websites for mobile end-devices, they are risking their rank in the mobile SERPs.

The websites that are not mobile-friendly will go away from the Google Search results. But if you have a website that has a good design, better usability, and viewable content then this update will not harm you in any way.

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