Have you ever wondered why some companies still do better than you on SERP despite the sustained efforts you keep putting to your SEO? The truth is, SEO is a concept mastered by many, and with the stiff competition to get the word out there about the existence of different brands, you must keep asking such questions to keep you on track.

Ideally, it is notable that companies that hire SEO agencies keep doing well as to matters SEO, and this should speak volumes about the techniques they embrace. Fortunate for you, this article uncovers the optimization secrets that the experts, the greats and agencies in SEO keep practicing to be better at their game.

1- SSL Encryption

SSL encryption was introduced to the market in 2014 by Google, and in recent years, has had quite a popularity as a powerful SEO tool among SEO agencies. The SSL encryption is better known as the HTTPS, which increases the security of your website.

In today’s world data security and privacy is of the utmost importance, given that it takes a millisecond for data leakage to go viral on the internet, and there is no telling how much damage such an incidence can cause. The SSL encryption offers a form of security to your site users when transmitting data, which is a confidence booster for your target audience.

To find more importance in activating your HTTPS is the fact that browsers today notify and warn the users about an insecure site. If your target audience feels like their devices are susceptible to malware attack, hacker-threats and other cybersecurity worries, then they will stop visiting your site.

2- Schema Structured Data

Ever thought of organizing your content in a way that Google will better index you? Structured data combines the best bits of your site as matters to images, ratings, locations, among others, in a manner to present your best front to your target audience. This information allows search engines to layout your site as a specific result to people’s searches, in a manner that is more luring to your site, more than to your competitors.

Spend time with schema.org to learn more about structured data and how to markup your site. With this technique, you can be sure of a significant improvement in your click-through rates.

3- Site Speed Evaluation

If you want to kill your site, make it slow. With Google emphasizing the essence of user experience, it is easy to notice a website that takes a long time to load. A slow site kills the traffic flow by increasing bounce rates and decreasing click-through rates, and at this pace, it might be virtually inexistent online.

If you employ the use of agency rank tracker at Serpbook, then you will realize that SEO agencies take speed seriously because it has enormous effects on the success of a company online. Ideally, work on decreasing the needless widgets and sidebars on your site, compressing files and images, browser caching, fixing redirects, among others.

4- Canonical Tags

Canonical tags are included in the coding of a header, as a way to communicate to Google that that particular web page is the most authentic version that exists. It is also a way to eliminate completion from other websites that share the same coding.

With canonical tags, you can stand firm with a copy being your original content while avoiding duplication of material.

5- Alt Texts And Image Descriptions

If this is still a secret to you, then you need to know that optimizing images in 2018 is not an option to overlook. Captioning and describing your image allows Google, and ultimately the target audience, to further analyze and understand what the picture is about, even without subsequent copy to explain.

Ideally, the more relevant the image description and details are to search queries, the higher you are, and the higher your click-through rates. The ALT text provides information for when the image does not load or on an HTML viewer.

6- Featured Snippets

Nothing screams ‘competitive edge’ better than a featured snippet. It is a one-way ticket to outrank your competitors by being #0 on the first page of Google. A typical featured snippet captures either a definition, a list, chart, table, among other things. These details are usually specific to the searched term, and they provide a straightforward response to people’s queries.

SEO agencies capitalize on this knowledge by ensuring that not only do their copy include the details mentioned above but that it sticks closely relevant to the topic matter.

7- Create Detailed Sitemaps

Did you know you can help Google do its job better? Since Googlebots are out to crawl sites, then determine where and how to index them, you need your site to be at its best for your target audience to find it relevant.

A sitemap provides a map out of what your web pages are about, and where to find them. The more detailed they are, the better your site will be presented on Google’s search results. You can use a robot.txt file to determine which pages you want search engines to crawl, index and rank.

8- Properly Structure Your Urls

Most people do not pay attention to the URLs of their websites. To determine the health of your URLs, check to ensure that they have the primary keyword, instead of numbers, and other vague characters.

For example, www.domain.com/ghr1%_AFri34m%7&crfm is a poorly structured URL.

Ensure you avoid using underscores, capital letters, and special characters. Remember, you want both search engines and audiences to understand what your copy is about before they even click your site.

9- Capitalize on H1 tags

You must have figured out that H1 tags make great headlines, but you can do so much more with them. They provide a prime spot to use up your primary keywords without redundancy throughout your copy.

Use your H1 texts better to set anticipation and suspense of what your audience should look out for on your material. You want to make sure that the H1 lead on to H2, and H3 so that you can also segment your work into portions that are easily digestible by your visitors.

10- Be a Master Of Change

With SEO, there is no predicting when the next trend will hit the market, more so, when Google changes its algorithm next. Ideally, any changes in the virtual world as regard audience needs, market share, user experience, among others, will cause a change in Google’ algorithm.

That said, the best you can do is to ensure your user experience is perfected every day while keeping an ear out for the new trends.

There is no hiding that SEO agencies are willing to take the extra initiatives to ensure that their clients have the best results and an unmatchable competitive edge. The good news is that you can now join the league with the techniques mentioned above.

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