20+ Powerful SEO Tips for Higher [Organic Traffic + Rankings]


Search Engine Optimization, commonly known as “SEO” is crucial to the growth of a business’s online presence.

Any company that wants to increase traffic on its website needs to make SEO a priority.

Undeniably, increasing traffic to your site and attracting eyes to your product is key to boosting your online reach and more essentially, your business’s revenue.

But, there is a bit of a science as to how someone ends up landing on your site after a basic Google search.

In just a couple of minutes you’ll be enlightened to the most effective SEO tips for startups and small businesses that are greatly helpful in bringing your innovative idea in front of millions of consumers.

Today, we’ll read:

☛ 20+ Powerful SEO Tips

1. Be Keyword Clever
2. Keep Users On Your Site Longer
3. Concentrating On Viewers Rather Than Robots
4. Find “Suggest” Keywords
5. Do An Industry Study
6. Have Lots Of Articles And Blog
7. You Need To Make Sure There Are No Broken Links
8. Avoid Duplicate Content Like The Plague
9. Add Related Keywords to Your Content
10. Update Old Pages
11. Internal Linking
12. Use Header Tag
13. Enacting Google Algorithm
14. Make Your Website Https
15. Make Sure Your Site Speed Is Satisfactory
16. Refresh Declining Content
17. Focus On Mobile Enable Website
18. Don’t overlook alt tags on your photos
19. The more keywords you use, the better
20. Use the Google Search Console
21. Create Branded Keywords
22. Focus On Organic Link Building
23. Improve Page Experience Signals

Let’s dive into it…..

1. Be Keyword Clever

Keywords in SEO are not utilized the way they once were, but they are still an important aspect of the equation.

Without keywords, prospects might never find you when they look out for you, and this is the reason why keywords are the cornerstone of your SEO plan.

Let’s say, for example, that your business sells handmade fly-fishing attracts. An obvious keyword phrase that you are going to plan to rank for is, well, handmade fly-fishing lures.

However, there are other phrases and potential SEO keywords that customers are definitely utilizing to translate products just like yours, and it is up to you to analyze what they are and to begin executing them in your:

☛ Content
☛ URLs
☛ Web pages
☛ Image descriptions
☛ Headings
☛ Metadata
☛ Emails
☛ Page titles

Google AdWords is a perfect place, to begin with, keyword research, but there are many other keyword planning tools out there you can utilize. You can also prefer reliable website SEO for increasing traffic.

Do not forget about longtail keywords also, because half of all search queries are four-plus words in length, there is less competition for these phrases, and they have higher conversion rates.

When you have the correct keywords in your toolbox, they will assist connect you with prospects who are planning to purchase what you are selling.

2. Keep Users On Your Site Longer

See, here’s the truth:

If you are underestimating pogo-sticking, then let us tell you it can actually make or break your Google rankings.

Confused about what pogo-sticking actually is?

Pogo sticking is when a Google user clicks on your website and then pogo sticks back to the search results to look for something that can help them.

Top Google ranking_image

When someone pogo sticks, it updates Google that the user didn’t like that result.

Once Google gets this notification, it straightly downranks your website. This is one of the major reasons for SEO ranking dropped.

Drop of ranking in SERPs_image

Here a question arises:

How can you keep the users stay in your site for a longer period of time?

Try to use as many bullets and subheadings as you can.

When you make your content easy to read, people tend to spend more time on your site.

This clearly shows that bullets and subheadings make your content way more convenient to understand and read:

Importance of Bullets and subheadings_image

This takes us to the next tip….

3. Concentrating On Viewers Rather Than Robots

If you are new to this field then, then you end up getting stuck due to these algorithms and numerous rules. But these algorithms are necessary to increase your website’s visibility. You must focus on identifying your viewer’s interests, mindset, and what they are looking for online. Focus on top notch content creation that the audience wants to read.

Most of the blogs you will find give priority to search engines rather than giving importance to the readers. Stuffing the content with the keyword will only drive the search results rather than making it interesting to read.

So, the first thing to focus on is to write content that engages your readers.

4. Find “Suggest” Keywords

You might know that you can use Google suggest to find out the long-tail keywords:

Google suggestions for long-tail keywords_image

But what you might be unaware of is that you can utilize the same approach when it comes to other search engines.

For example, Wikipedia:

Search of business keyword in Wikipedia_image


Search of SEO techniques keyword in YouTube_image

5. Do An Industry Study

What is the perfect manner to get beneficial backlinks for SEO from authority blogs and new websites related to your industry?

The answer is industry study.

Even, a survey has found that publishing an industry study helps massively to drive a lot of traffic, mentions, and social media shares.

Benefits of original research_image

If you surf the internet, you might have noticed that nowadays many SEO blogs are talking about voice search.

Google results of SEO blogs for voice search_image

But many of them don’t have data or research to prove that the benefits of voice search are actually true.

Here, you can take a great benefit by writing a blog about voice search with a detailed SEO study.

This way your post can generate a lot of backlinks then you have ever imagined.

And you know what’s the best part about it?

You don’t need so many outreaches to get those better dofollow and nofollow backlinks.

Because your content will provide researchers, journalists, and bloggers with data.

content with researched data_image

6. Have Lots Of Articles And Blog

Remember this one thing- 1, 2, or 5 content will not do any good to your site. There are three simple rules of thumb to focus on when it comes to blog articles and that is: you need to write content on a continuous basis, your content should be relevant to your business thing and the content should be a unique number more than a thousand.

Also, make sure that you do not get stuck in the myth of content marketing that is actually a step back to your success.

This is 100% guaranteed that you before knowing about the importance of both incoming and outgoing linking. If your content includes ample links to your personal website or to third-party, high-DA ones, so we will say well done! You are of course a correct white hat SEO professional and content marketer.

But there is a clasp (isn’t it all the time?).

Some of the content which you connected to perhaps have been moved or erased overall. It could be not on your personal website, but absolutely on third-party websites.

If you just try to link to a 404 error page, you have to pay a penalty for it. We know that reviewing other old articles are not attractive, but this can be absolutely done. You need to practice a daily assessment of your incoming and outgoing links and settle what doesn’t work to any further extent.

8. Avoid Duplicate Content Like The Plague

Duplicate content is a tactic that is used to improve SERP (Search Engine Results Page) ranking.

How does it work?

Duplicate content is when people take already existing content (or a part of it), change it slightly, and then post it somewhere else.

As bad as it may sound, it can also be used in an ethical and useful way.

For example, a blogger doing fruitful blog post writing might repost their own work somewhere else because they aren’t seeing enough traffic in a certain spot.

Also, Google has claimed that it does not penalize duplicate content (as you can see from this live Q&A session).

Of course, copying chunks of text and creating a new, yet stolen article can get you in trouble in terms of plagiarism, and you should always refrain from doing this.

Here’s the truth:

Copies of your content won’t harm you all that much in the long run. Google’s index bots are good at scanning loads of credible content writing quickly, and they don’t often give out penalties when they see two of the same pieces of content. If they spot a word-for-word replica of your work a few days after you post it, they won’t penalize you, they’ll simply mark the new text and move on.

What does this mean?

This means that copycats might grab a few clicks from you, but they are unlikely to top you on page ranking. Also, if you have your internal links in order, and the copycat didn’t bother to remove them from the content, you may get a good portion of clicks through the links they share of yours.

Besides making sure to include keywords a few times on your page, there are many more things to do in on-page SEO

By the way, that is important too.

Today, if you want to rank in SERPs, you need to add synonym and and actual focus keyword too.


Because of Google Hummingbird.

Google Hummingbird in Wikipedia_image

Google’s Hummingbird update has allowed Google to go way beyond simple keywords. Now, Google tries to understand the topic of the page too.

Like how humans would do to analyze whether the page is good for them or not.


How can you optimize your content as per the Hummingbird update?

Include an array of variations of your main keyword in the content.

If you want to do this, just search out the target keyword in Google.

Search link building in Google_image

Once you click enter, scroll down to the bottom of the 1st page.

There you will find some “searches related to”. This section will show you all the keywords related to your entered term in the Google search box.

Keyword related to the target keyword_image

● Double-dip on mixed intent keywords

It’s not necessary that every searcher is looking for the same thing when they type a specific keyword in the search box.

For example, if you are searching for productive offpage SEO, there will be a mix of definitions, guides, and lists.

Search results with guides and definitions_image

This is popularly known as a mixed intent keyword. Some searchers just want to know the definition of off-page SEO, and others want to know just its benefits or techniques.

If you don’t rank for a mixed intent keyword, it is suggested to create content for the dominant intent.

However, if you already have a good position in SERPs for a mixed intent keyword, there may be a great opportunity for you to “double-dip” to win what powerfully amounts to various first-page rankings. All thanks to indented website links.

This is where Yoast comes into play that helps you with the keyword “canonical URL”:

If you publish a definition post to improve SEO efforts for better result, you will see that the post will rank in the 1st position in SERPs, but Google shows its ultimate guide to rel=canonical in an indented website link.

10. Update Old Pages

Do you have some blogs on your website doing nothing good for your website?

If yes, then you need to increase your rankings by updating your old posts.

Here is an example for you:

If you have a site where you have published a lot of blogs, you will find some posts that are not performing well as expected.

Despite the high-quality content that posts have.

Your page might be bouncing from one page to another for a specific keyword.

And this is not good.

In that case, you need to update and upgrade your post.

Mainly you need to add a lot more external links to authority websites:

Add some external links to the content_image

Also, make sure that you organize the content into sections through elite SEO content writing solutions to make the steps easily understand and follow:

A sections of the topics in the content_image

And also write a new description and title.

These simple changes will give a quick boost to your page and help it to rank higher in Google for your target keyword.

11. Internal Linking

Internal linking is the method of linking to other pages on your website through a hyperlink. Not only does this permit your users to reference other appropriate information on your website, but it also keeps them there longer and assists you to gain SEO traction.

Search engines view internal linking as an effective thing and a clue that your website is genuinely applicable to a user’s search on a specific topic. Therefore, a great rule of thumb is to link to at least 5 other pages within each page’s content or blog post.

Internal linking can also assist search engines to get older posts or content as well as drive traffic there. Also, it will give you real benefits of content writing for website. When utilizing links to your own content, ensure to select keywords and content that are suitable to each other. It is bad practice- and would not be considered by search engines- to just shove in a link as you need more traffic to a page.

This is how you can immensely increase website traffic in 2021.

12. Use Header Tag

If you are planning to sell online then you should focus on improving the reading experience of the user. By using the proper head tag, you’ll be able to divide entire content into series and this makes long lengthy content easy to read. Besides the search engines catches the header tag quickly to make you rank by checking what your content talking about.

Here professional content creation helps to upgrade your SEO techniques.

13. Enacting Google Algorithm

It is important to search for the right keywords that will help in growing your website. Focus on the most searched keywords in your niche, and get the targeted customers to reach your website easily. It is not necessary to make every other word a keyword phrase or a keyword. It is important to maintain the density of the keyword in the overall website.

Google algorithms search for this type of content that is related to the keyword. This is done through keyword density. It is advised to maintain a 1% density of every keyword.

Spread the keywords evenly in your content as well as on other parts of your website. This will improve website online presence for businesses. Disperse it strategically as it will help in directing the traffic towards your website, making it user-friendly.

When the google algorithms analyses that your selected keyword is entrenched in your content and website, it will deem more related sources for you. This is how you can evenly distribute keywords in your content.

14. Make Your Website Https

With the constantly hacking of user-generated information, a website that has strong security protocol is likely to get better ranking. Even Google has laid emphasis on HTTPS sites that protect user information through an end to end encryption. It is extremely important for someone who is dealing in e-Commerce website this shows your worthiness and your concern about protecting consumer data. No one is going to share credit cards or any other information if your website is not able to provide basic security.

Link with HTTPS_image

15. Make Sure Your Site Speed Is Satisfactory

This proves that exactly it means no above two or three seconds. We know, it sounds difficult at all, but if your web creators value their brackish, it’s really quite easy to meet.

You can check your current site’s rapidity with an effective tool just like Webpage Test. Apart from this, if you want to increase traffic, read how to increase website traffic.

A slow website can negatively affect your Google ranking. Google’s speed update, specifically downranks pages that run slowly on phone.

Google’s speed update_image

That’s why it’s important that you need work on those things that slow down your page speed.

Here, you need to run a large-scale page speed study.

Once you run a page speed study, you will find that in many cases using a CDN actually affect the loading speed.

CDN affects loading speed_image

Therefore, if you use a CDN, it is suggested to test your website speed with it turned on and off.

It is also discovered that 3rd party scripts affect the loading speed negatively.

You can see all of the 3rd party scripts on your site using a tool.

And in case, you don’t find any scripts that are not very important, then delete them instantly.

16. Refresh Declining Content

Even if your website’s organic traffic got high last year with valuable organic SEO, some of your web pages would have inevitably declined.

This is the truth, rankings rarely last forever, therefore, you need to keep on making efforts to refresh as well as republish content that begins to decline.

Listed below is the way how you can decline content using Google Search Console:

● First go to the Search results report
● Click the date filter and choose to compare mode
● Select compare the last 6 months to a previous period
● Click Apply
● Click “Pages” in the table
● Section the results with the Clicks Difference tab from low to high

Right from here, search for the pages that are fresh. In simple terms, pages that are deteriorated in value or beneficial since publication.

As an example, you can see the list of the top Google search, which has declined a lot in the last few months and could get enhanced with a refresh.

When it comes to how to do this, the best thing is the ensure your page still aligns with search intent. If nothing looks good there, look at whether your page has any essential subtopics or not, especially the ones that searchers are looking for.

Listed below are the steps to do that in Ahrefs:

● Enter the URL into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer
● Check the content gap report
● Enter the URL of two or more similar top-ranking webpages
● Lastly, click keywords

After that, you will see a list of keywords that your competitors are ranking for but you aren’t. Go through them thoroughly and see if you can make use of any subtopics. Here, you can get clearly know why are keywords important.

For example:

If you are using content gap analysis for your top Google search posts, you will see some keywords associated with the most Googled questions:

This is not usually something that people include in their posts, therefore it might be worth adding it to your content to make it different and more complete.

17. Focus On Mobile Enable Website

Any website that is not responsive is an obsolete online platform because it is not constructed to provide information to mobile users. Search engine algorithms highlight on a responsive website that can be well adapted as per the screen size of the user’s device.

It has become imperative for any type of business to be ready for mobile users and why not 70% of the traffic is coming through smartphones only.

18. Don’t overlook alt tags on your photos

We even spend more and more time paying attention to keyword research and also writing that we often overlook all fundamental things such as alt tags. You need to make sure the entire photos you place on your website or blog require them, as well as the relevant keywords achieved from relevant free keyword research tools and descriptions.

19. The more keywords you use, the better

This piece of advice sounds logical—more keywords should hypothetically make your site easier to be found. It’s also one of the most common tips you’ll hear when you are a business that’s trying to build an audience.

But here’s the kicker:

This is not only unproductive, but it may actually harm your ranking.

Google frowns upon using keywords in this manner because it assumes you’re trying to work the system. It can sense when a site is trying too hard or attempting to manipulate its algorithm.

While moderate use of keywords does help your content rank higher, Google punishes sites with overused keywords by pushing them further down in their results.

Google is a smart search engine—don’t underestimate its ability to sniff out artificial, or calculated content. Therefore, knowing the popular content writing tips are important today.

The other issue with using too many keywords is if someone reads your first paragraph in an article about the best domain names and they see the phrase “best domain names” seven times, it looks unnatural and won’t sit well with them. It makes your content less readable and looks contrived.

20. Use the Google Search Console

This is one of the most effective and beneficial SEO tips.

Home page of Google Search Console_image

Here, we’ll tell how it works:

At first, sign in to the Google Search Console.

And then turn to the performance report:

After that, hit “Pages”.

This will highlight the pages that will drive most of the traffic.

This is the time when you can observe the think getting the massive traffic.

If you will click on any of the pages, you can get a list of keywords that the page ranks for.

And if you dig deeper, you will get many keywords that you did not even know you were ranking for.

For example:

When you will run the report on the page from your website, you will find some keywords that you have never known are ranking for your site. You will know exact website ranking factor.

Do you know why is this so important?

Just imagine, if you are ranking for these keywords accidentally, what will happen if you try.

Therefore to get more traffic from the search engine, add some more terms to the post.

And now that Google looks at all those keywords in your content, they will probably increase your rankings for those search terms.

21. Create Branded Keywords

Keywords like the skyscraper technique, guest blogging, and high-quality content are the terms for which you can rank high.

And because of just a few keywords, you can rank on the 1st page of SERPs.

That’s the reason why it is highly recommended to create your own terms.

How you ask?

At first, create a technique, concept, strategy, or process that is unique for you.

This might seem difficult.

But in reality, it is not.

Just choose something and add a twist to it.

For example:

A while back a lot of people were creating links from high value guest posting for SEO.

To add a simple twist where you can pitch an infographic rather than a typical guest post.

After this, give it a name.

This needs a lot of creativity and hard work.

But in general, you want the name to be:

● Short
● Easy to read
● Easy to understand
● New
● In-depth

For example:

When we start guest posting with infographics, you need to combine guest posting with infographics into one term: Guestographics.

This is important.

For your word to reach more audience, you need to promote it effectively.

You can choose to study the guest posting in action.

Then, a few months later, published another case study.

Also, ensure to mention satisfactory guest posting for website on various other platforms.

But before you knew it, many people were writing about guest posting.

And whenever someone talks about the topic you have written, they will link to you.

There are some companies that provides instant backlinks to your site and we strictly suggest you not do it. Backlinks do not mean that you only require a link; rather you need to focus on its relevance and take the appropriate step to generate the one-way link from genuine sites only. You need to choose your sources that ensure long-term sustainability. The best way to do this is make a list of those platforms that are popular because they are here for the longest period of time.

23. Improve Page Experience Signals

Google has introduced its page experience update on mobile in the year 2021. In Feb 2022, the company began to make its desktop-friendly.

Listed below are the factors it includes for desktop:

● Core web vitals
● Absence of intrusive interstitials

You will understand it if you have intrusive interstitials, and you should have switched to HTTPS years ago.

That leaves Core Web Vitals, which are highlighted as speed metrics that analyzed user experiences like visual stability, visual load, and interactivity. This update is considered a lot by knowledgeable SEO professionals.

To analyze if your Core Web Vitals need an update or effort, utilize the Core Web Vitals reports in Google Search Console on the performance report in Ahrefs’ Site Audit.

These are the must-have characteristics for all types of online business that seeks to make a huge presence in the market. After all, it’s not only about ranking but rather engaging and converting for maximum sales.


Just try some of the mentioned ways of reaching more customers online, but keep in mind that some of them will take some time to return outcomes- content marketing and SEO is specific, for instance.

If you want to help in optimizing your online resources for search engines, writing blog posts, or with your advertisements, get in contact with us at LinkBuildingCorp and let us assist you with a strategy that works.

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