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Search Engine optimization – You may wonder how important it is regarding your website creation.

Well, the truth is spoken, SEO in 2017 is the heart and lungs of rich quality web content. So, if you are weaving thoughts of its implication in your website, then first let’s get a hold of this concept in sheer details.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to the techniques which help a site rank on the first page of Google. Proper optimization will increase your site’s visibility which in turn will gift you with an increased clientele base; thereby taking your URL up the SERP ratings.

However, there is more to SEO that will meets the eye. SEO is a twofold approach which includes both On-Page as well as Off-page techniques. The following section will explain each concept to you in detail.

On Page SEO:

On Page SEO comprises of all strategies that are done on a website to make it more Google friendly. This includes a number of techniques such as,

1. Your website’s URL:

As per Neil Patel and MOZ (experts of SEO), your website’s URL should be directly representing your venture’s services and amenities. This helps Google treat your URL as a keyword and rank your site faster in its good books.

For instance, your online venture sells shoes in London. So preferable names for your site should be like, “” or “”

2. Ensure Keyword Density:

Remember the basic rule – Google searches through keywords (phrases that have been searched most on Google). So, include proper keywords on your website about your services.

This will help a page hit the search results faster, thereby bringing more customers to your site. However, be cautious not to stuff a page’s content with keywords as it will lead to spamming your website by Google.

3. Meta Title & Description:

Meta Titles give your page an identity. It appears on every new tab of a website. Meta Descriptions are small summaries that you find below every Google search. A Meta Title & Description stacked with the right keywords can give your site a huge customer base.

Off Page Techniques –

The primary motive of Off-Page technique is to secure backlinks to your site. Backlinks are the gateway for your potential customers to take a sneak peek at your services. However, securing backlinks involves a number of techniques which include,

• Article submission directories
• Press release distribution sites
• Forum questioning or Blog commenting
• Guest posting or guest blogging
• Social media postings

Each of these techniques is efficient in bringing clients to your site, increase visibility and hence gradually take your venture to the top page of Google.

Guest Blogging and Its Intricacies:

As of 2017, guest blogging is emerging to be one of the core techniques of acquiring high-quality backlinks. Guest blogs are prestigious indentations that allow you to post on a foreign site with permission.

Such a post generates trust amongst readers, and quality posts are an effective way to interact with your customers and making substantial profits.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact a reliable SEO company today and start your journey in the world of Search Engine Optimization.

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