What is Google Fred Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


People often come across spammy websites while searching for better solutions on the internet. With this, we all can agree to the point how irritating it can be where we do not get the right solution that we’re looking for. This is where Google rolls out an update. Whenever Google releases an update, it impacts the search results.

Google’s Fred update has put a stop to the website traffic that has the purpose of maximizing revenue only. Fred helps to provide a better user experience and doesn’t allow non-user-friendly websites to rank higher in the search results pages.

About Google Fred Update

Google launched Fred’s update on March 7, 2017, in order to make an adjustment to Google’s search ranking algorithms. With its launch, many SEOs and webmasters get into a panic when they examined their analytics data. Fred’s update shook up the entire search marketing media ecosystem. Many webmasters believe that the primary factor behind Fred’s update was content. This also made clear how aggressive monetization tactics used by a few websites can negatively impact the experience of its users.

Google Fred Update punishes sites that are filled with ads and focus on ad revenue. This makes it complicated for users to view content. The Google Fred update works on penalizing these sites. In a recent analysis, it was said that the majority of websites affected by the Fred update shared similar characteristics. All of them were less content-driven and featured aggressive advertising placement.

Fred targets low-quality websites that focus on ads for generating revenue. The website that places excessive affiliate links is also likely to be hit by Fred.

Why Was The Fred Update Created?

Google doesn’t want its users to get tricked by websites that use poor SEO techniques and provide a bad user experience. The aim of Google is to place the website with quality content on the top position in the search results. For this, Google brought Fred Update to benefit their users by ranking best and user-friendly websites to the top. A user-friendly website is the one that provides relevant information to the users based on their search queries.

Fred update can have a negative impact on the websites that are heavily relied on the ads. This means the Fred update affects websites that increase revenue with the clicks on the ads. With the launch of Fred, Google is successfully working on trying to eliminate these low-value content sites and establish a new standard according to the user’s expectations.

What Does the Fred Update Penalize?

Websites that are affected by Fred’s update had two main aspects in common. The first factor is the content. If your website lacks in providing valuable and informative content, then you are likely to get affected. According to recent Google’s standards, given are points that indicate low-quality content:

Content stuffed with irrelevant and excess number of keywords
Sites having hidden content
Content written to improve search engine ranking, rather than informing the users
Websites with either little or no original content
Site that gets into irrelevant or low-quality affiliate programs

The second major factor targeted by Fred is low-quality backlinks. Your site may have good content but if you have low quality backlinks then also you may get penalized. The low-quality links also include paid backlinks. According to the experts, low-quality content and bad backlink seem to go hand in hand. Bad backlink comes from unrelated, untrusted sources that don’t go with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.

Is Your Site Affected By Fred Update?

If your website is getting strong fluctuations in general search, then it might have been hit by a Google update. Because it’s unlikely for the website owner to be aware of an update, the best way to determine if Fred hit you is to see how other websites have got affected. You can also get to know if your website got hit by the Fred update by looking at Google Analytics.

Seeing a significant drop in your website’s overall ranking is a major concern. Experiencing a sudden and unexplained drop in ranking is more the case of getting penalized by Fred’s update. Of course, you may find it difficult to pinpoint the root of the problem in this situation but you can take help from professionals.

With the analytics platform, track your organic traffic too. The graph will help you to know if your traffic has been affected by the Google update. For this, you can also take the help of a professional audit to determine it in a better way. If you have got hit by Fred, then there are some ways that can help to improve your site.

Strategy To Recover From Fred Penalty

With the launch of the Fred update in the SEO industry, several websites lose 50% of the organic traffic. Not only this, few sites have seen more than 90% loss. The Fred update is focused on quality and useful content. If your website has been affected this time, given are some tips to recover from Fred penalty:

A) Don’t Use Duplicate Content

Google algorithms can easily identify if you’re using the same content on multiple pages. Using original content can help your website to not get downranked. Invest in fresh and original content so that your users feel happy to stay on your website. Also, good content can help to keep your rankings high.

B) Check Ad-to-Content Ratio

The major reason for getting red flags by the Fred update is when a site is filled with ads. This is one of the important things that you need to address. Make sure when the visitor comes to a page on your site, he shouldn’t be overwhelmed with ads. Don’t make your users scroll down your page to get to your content. Make your site ready to provide content where the advertisements don’t overtake the pages.

Fred punishes sites that are largely focused to make money from ads. You need to do what is right according to Google. That means you’ll need to continually audit and edit your website to ensure your content is relevant and helpful.

Using black hat SEO tactics will eventually lead to a Fred penalty. With the Fred update, the website now knows the things they should and shouldn’t be doing, with regards to SEO.

Once you understand Fred’s update, it becomes a lot easier to work around and even attract the target audience. You need to create great content, with high-quality links, while following Google protocols. This will help you avoid Fred penalties and ensure a better ranking in the search results.

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