5 Simple yet Productive SEO Basics You Cannot Afford to Miss


What is SEO? Is it some kind of magic? To the marketers, SEO students or the individuals who are new to this industry, SEO might definitely attract and fascinate them as a magic. But, the experienced professionals only know, how much efforts are required to reap the fruit, in terms of increased traffic, revenues and website ranking. Hence, it is said that just a little, but effective understanding of SEO can help the marketers, SEO students or newbies to grow rapidly.

Generally to predict the future market trends, brainstorm for a marketing campaign and create likeable content, the professionals perform a number of productive techniques to sail through.

But, as a beginner or a marketer, you cannot excel at all such tactics. Hence, one must keep track with the following basics that will help you succeed for sure:

1. Outreach

Outreach is one of the most important parts of SEO. The SEO professionals are generally known for cold emailing skills. Their emails are very persuasive. Hence, they succeed in attracting clients all over the world. To grab such results, you can also try cold emails. But, remember to be succinct.

Generally, the mails that attract clients are:

■ Attention grabbing – writing engaging headlines is a must for persuasive mails.

■ Value oriented – such mails must be offering some value to the client. Before you ask something in return, you must provide some value to the receiver.

■ Not copy-pasted – remember that your mail must not be a mere copy-paste of another mail. It should be properly personalized according to the client.

Another type of emails or templates that work, are:

■ Conversational – conversational mails generally do not look like spammy mails. It should have an informal tone.

■ Easy to read – productive mails are very easy to read, as they are short in length.

■ Focuses on the main point – such mails focus on the main reason or the main subject of sending the mail.

Such outreach practices are generally useful at the time of pitching a product, closing a deal etc.

2. Google Updates

Aligning with the Google updates, is something that is essential to survive in the market. A sudden change in the algorithm can completely affect your SEO strategy and the rankings. Thus, to an SEO, Google updates are like relatives who cannot stand, being ignored.

Hence, being a marketer or a newbie, one must be aware of the upcoming Google updates, in order to plan the future strategies accordingly. A simple rule that most of the SEOs follow is to follow Google.

Which tactics will be effective in future and which will be not? The answer to this question will be clear, if you follow Google properly. With this, predicting the market movements will be an easy task for you.

3. Keyword Data

Keyword data is said to be the gateway for identifying the buyer’s journey. Often it is seen that the marketers spend big amount of time interviewing the buyers, thousands of dollars in conducting the surveys and collecting the demographic data.

Thus, mapping out the buyer’s journey becomes a daunting task for the marketers. Further, most of the small businesses do not have enough resources to invest time and money into something complex like this. So, is there no way out to identify the buyer’s journey?

Yes, there is. Through keyword data, mapping the journey can be as smooth as a cake walk. To understand this, it is, first of all, important to know the three stages in the buyer’s journey that are:
■ Awareness
■ Consideration
■ Decision

The keyword data can help you get a detailed insight into your potential customers. You will be able to identify, what they think, during each stage of the buyer’s journey.

So, now when you know about the keyword data, you just need follow a simple 3-step procedure to map the journey –

■ Plan out a list of keywords

■ Now, divide each keyword into different categories: Awareness, Consideration or Decision.

■ Filter the keywords with commercial intent and low traffic from each category. The remaining keywords would be the most effective keywords.

4. Content Marketing

Reports suggest that anything that is good for SEO is also fruitful for content marketing. For example, as speed, trustworthiness and engagement work wonders in SEO; similarly, they are beneficial for content marketing.

Talking about the SEO experts, they generally create longer content, while retaining their engaging and readable quotient. Hence, if you also create a long content with quality images in it, the engagement on your article plus the ranking will be worth noticing. Additionally, social shares also increase, if your content has quality images.

Site speed is also a major factor that a marketer must pay attention to. The conversion rate, rankings and social shares would increase, if you pay proper attention to speed and engagement.

5. Specific Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are highly preferred by the SEO professionals, as traffic attracted by them is highly targeted. You will not get lots of searches in a month, but the traffic generated would certainly be qualitative.

Such keywords describe what the customer actually wants. Thus, you get to know about the customer and his needs or desires. In short, using long tail keywords can be fruitful for you, to capture the potential customers. Also, keep in mind that you create keywords in a way that satisfies the desires of the customers, for example – ‘buy king size bed online’.


It would not be wrong to say that whatever lessons are learnt from SEO, can be made practically applicable across different marketing fields. Identifying the desires or needs of the customers, creating new ideas for a marketing campaign or selling products to the customers; all can be easily solved with the help of SEO. As a marketer or a newbie, understanding and applying the above mentioned SEO basics holds significant importance. With such basics in mind, you will be able to predict future marketing trends, focus on engagement, readability and speed, know about the customer’s desires and create innovative product ideas.

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