Top 10 SEO Techniques To Improve Your Website Ranking


Looking for the latest SEO techniques to stand out in the crowd? The game of first-page ranking is just like a job, where there is only one vacancy, but applicants are thousands in numbers. You need to adopt creative ways and avoid old-schooled tactics that are no longer considered to be effective.

In 2019, SEO competition is going to be tougher. So, what you have planned to rank your site higher in the search engine result pages? Here we have enlisted 10 best SEO techniques to improve ranking on organic search.

1.Understand What Users Are Looking For

You can better serve online users if you know what kind of information they are searching on the web and with what intent. After understanding what your target customers want, you can create content that attracts them and keeps engaged for more.

Important Tips: Gather relevant data about your potential users’ interest and their feedback by analyzing the value of the most popular pages in Google Analytics. Participate in questions & answers, community discussions, and forums such as Quora to determine what topics they talk about. See which posts people are sharing the most and listen to readers’ comments on your blog post.

2.Focus On Voice Search

With the biggest hits of voice-activated solutions such as SIRI, Alexa, Google Assistance, and Cortana, more and more people have started using a voice search option. About 70% of mobile users search for information using smart speakers. In 2019, voice searches are expected to increase a lot. Thus, optimize voice search results for SEO strategies.

Important Tips: Users generally ask questions through longer voice search. So, add FAQ section on your site ensuring your content answers their questions. Use long-tail keywords with about 8 words on an average and a conversational tone. Target structured data snippets and mobile-friendliness of your site.

3.Make Full Use Of Featured Snippet Opportunities

Featured snippet provides zero ranking at the top of the first result page. This is what gains the user’s attention quickly when search any term on Google.

This is a snippet for a keyword ‘best tips to write an essay’. When a user makes this search, he or she is more like to visit on this site. So, it is the best SEO technique to rank higher in 2019.

Important Tips: Include optimized page content by adding graphs, FAQs, tables, and pictures on your site. Focus on keywords that appear in the Google related searches and people search box.

4.Write Minimum 1,890 Words

According to several experiments and studies, an average first-page search result contains a site with about 1890 words. Regularly publishing informative and shareable content with 1890+ words results effectively with increased organic search traffic.

Important Tips: Create readable content on one topic with top-searched keywords, facts & figures, examples, infographics, bullets & numberings, and tables to make every part valuable for readers.

5.Update, Upgrade, And Reuse Old Blog Posts

Someone has rightly said, “Old is Gold”. This is true in terms of blog writing. Updating and republishing the existing blog post with some new pertinent facts as per readers’ search queries helps in improving the traffic by more than hundreds of percentage.

Important Tips: Add some new points with appealing titles, headings, lists, images, and quality links to a related old post. Re-promote it by sharing on social media and sending an email to your newsletter subscribers.

6.Mobile Indexing Will Always Be A Priority

Mobile phone users have taken over search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo by a storm. Google has already announced about the use of mobile first indexing. It uses a mobile version of a site for indexing and ranking to provide an improved experience to its mobile users. According to a research report, more search traffic comes from mobile devices than desktop. More than 60% of daily searches are performed on mobile devices. So, it is highly important to optimize your website for mobile devices to survive the long run.

Important Tips: To make your site look good on mobile devices, create your website with responsive web design. It helps in re-aligning the same content perfectly for a smaller screen for easier scrolling and reading. Use the free mobile testing tool of Google to determine if your site is mobile-friendly or not.

7.Reduce Bounce Rate Of Your Website

Bounce rate refers to the ratio of online visitors who click your website, but leave it without accessing other web pages. Google does not rank sites with a high bounce rate due to the inability to provide an effective user experience. Thus, focus on the bounce rate of your site to ensure better audience engagement.

Important Tips: Produce high quality, informative, and concise content with relevant keywords, links of other pages, and compelling CTAs (call to actions) to persuade readers to view more on other pages. Thereby, keeping a lower bounce rate of your site.

8.Don’t Forget Technical Optimization

Keyword and content can’t alone rank a site higher at search results. It is important to optimize the website for search engines without any technical issues. Consider technical aspects of a website for quality conversions and better ranking in 2019.

Important Tips: Grip on your technical SEO by making your site secure through HTTPS and improving site speed through integration of CDN (content delivery network). Enable AMP (accelerated mobile pages) by including HTML tags, AMP cache, and AMP JS library. Correct semantic markups to tell Google’s spiders what your webpage is all about.

9.Use LSI Keywords

Find LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords and use them as per Google guidelines to rank a website higher. LSI is basically a word relationship building algorithm that finds similar patterns between several words by searching and matching the meaning of all those words. For example, users search for the top school in Noida with similar phrases such as top 20 schools in Noida 2018, top 10 schools in Noida 2018, top 10 schools in Noida 2019, etc. So, you have to use these keywords instead of doing keyword stuffing with one keyword.

Important Tips: Focus on similar meaning words, synonyms, and words that appear in related searches. Use LSI keywords in a way that Google prefers i.e. table, rich snippets, images, headings, FAQs, and lists. Remember that LSI keywords are generally long tail sentences.

10.Competitive Analysis

Don’t forget that there are many fishes in the sea using the effective SEO techniques to rank higher. Thus, do a perfect competitive analysis to determine what your rivals are practicing to rank for certain keywords and what you can do to outrun them?

Important Tips: Identify your competitors for a specific keyword, for example, top real estate developer in Delhi’. Find out which websites are appearing on top positions. Determine the DA of those websites, content quality, and their backlinks to understand which one you can easily and quickly beat.


SEO is changing a lot year by year with new algorithm updates and guidelines of Google. Whether you are a digital marketer, site administrator, or a business owner, you can use these 10 sure-fire SEO techniques to get higher ranking in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

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