What is Google Penguin Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


Google is the most trusted search engine. This is because its webmasters always work on the algorithms to provide an amazing user experience. They make several changes and bring up several updates in the algorithm to make quality sites at the top of their SERPs. In this, the Google Penguin update helps a lot by filtering out sites.

Google Penguin prevents webmasters from using unethical techniques and ensures that only the highest-ranking content gets focused.

What Is Google Penguin Update?

Google Penguin was a search algorithm update introduced in April 2012. The Penguin update was a major initiative intended by Google that helps it to fight low-quality content and black hat link-building tactics. To provide better performance Penguin has been refreshed several times and now it has become part of Google’s core algorithm.

Like several SEO techniques, link building is also corrupted over time by misuse. At its core, the Google Penguin update is meant to optimize Google’s search engine. Now the updated algorithm looks at links in terms of quality, rather than quantity. The better and more relevant links pointing to your website, the more authoritative your website will become. Also, the more authoritative your website becomes, the more links your website will attract.

The main aim of Penguin update is to stop manipulative link-building techniques such as link schemes and keyword stuffing from growing. These techniques referred to as ‘black hat,’ techniques have taken many advantages of the limitations of search algorithms. Earlier the website used to rank well in search without necessarily providing meaningful content that serves the interests of the searchers.

If your website is following the right ethics to grow then Penguin works to reward websites that foster high-quality content and meaningful backlink profiles. Also, if your website is using black hat tactics to grow then Penguin does more than just punishing websites.

How Penguin Algorithm Works

Google’s users get annoyed if a website is using spammy links or an unnatural amount of anchor text. To provide better results to the users, Google makes use of the Penguin update. It’s normal for the website to have links. But if you’ve got the excess amount of links, that’s a problem, according to Penguin. Penguin is a page-specific update and if the mentioned issues are present on your site, you’ll notice a sharp drop for specific keywords.

Penguin is not made for punishing the website all time. If Google identifies good content for the website, then Penguin will help you to achieve a higher ranking. If you’re doing the manipulation to boost rankings, you’ll get hit by Penguin. This will result in a drop in your ranking.

How To Discover If You’ve Been Hit By Penguin?

First, it’s important to differentiate between Penguin and another manual penalty. Penguin is a Google filter that applies to all websites whereas a manual penalty is for a single website. The manual penalties may be the result of being reported by Google users for spam but Penguin is Google’s update.

If you are still confused, here are points that indicate you are hit by Penguin:

First, check your organic traffic. You can use various tools to see the graph of your website’s organic traffic. If you see a sudden drop after the date of the latest update then you’ve most likely suffered a penalty.

The next step is to go to the incognito mode for the browser and search your brand name. If your business doesn’t appear in the search results, then it is considered as the sign that you’ve been hit by the Penguin update.

You can also search some of the keywords for which you have ranked high in the search results. If your rank for particular keywords dropped suddenly or your business is not present in the first 10 pages, then you need to take Penguin penalty removal actions.

If your website’s analytics show a drop in rankings or unexpected traffic fluctuations, then you need to be cautious. If your analysis proves that your website has been hit by Google’s Penguin update, you need to follow recovery tips to get to a better position.

How To Recover From Penguin

Recovering from a Penguin penalty is very important if you want to regain your rankings and organic traffic. You may find it difficult to recover once you have identified that it is a Penguin penalty. However, if you follow the necessary recovery actions, you can get to see better results.

To recover your website from the penalty, follow the given steps:

• Conduct a backlink analysis

It is very crucial for your website to get back into rankings. For this, you can have quality, useful websites to link to you. This can provide the fantastic rankings themselves. If your website was getting links from un-authoritative sites then it may be difficult to grow. To check the quality of links you can make use of the software to analyze by yourself. For better results, you can also choose to hire someone professional.

• Perform link removal

After doing analysis, if you get the list with all the bad links then it is advised to remove them all. This is not an easy task. This process takes a long time as it depends on the number of bad links you have.

• Build new links

When you have put out the old and bad links, it is time to build new links. When you’ve got rid of the links that Penguin targeted, work on building better and relevant links. Make sure the links that you are building come from legitimate and authoritative sites.

For this, you’ll need to create great content that makes other brands to share it with users.

Recovery from the Google Penguin penalty is very hard. However, if you plan and execute the recovery procedure properly you will likely get your rankings back. To make the best links, it will be better if you take help from the professionals for the fantastic experience. They work on building links by creating top-quality content which will further increase your rankings.

Since the release of Penguin, many webmasters have understood what good linking building is and why it is important to cultivate quality links. Penguin helps all algorithms to purify the Google search. When you create your unique content, build quality links, Penguin can help to provide good page rank and authority to your website.

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