What is Google Freshness Algorithm Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


Google keeps working on constantly updating its algorithm with the major aim to serve users with the best accurate content. There are several important factors considered in the algorithm when it comes to ranking in the SERP. To make the SERP with fresh results, Google Freshness Algorithm is brought up.

Google Freshness Update is a major update that brought a significant ranking algorithm change. With these, the search engines will show up relevant results for the required search queries.

After this update was launched, it was introduced to make search results more precise as well as responsive.

This update hasn’t changed the regular guide to SEO basics but made webmasters more focused on implementing the best strategies to stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

Google Freshness Update has a lot to do with new results and let’s know more about this update.

Today we’ll read:

1. What is Google Freshness Algorithm?
2. Determination Of Freshness
3. Check Your Website SEO Freshness
4. How to Optimize Website for The Google Freshness Algorithm?
5. Conclusion

What is Google Freshness Algorithm?

Google Freshness Algorithm was brought out by Google at the end of 2011.

The major aim of this update was to provide greater emphasis on the updated content.

This content can be related to areas such as news, events, politics, etc.

Webmasters who are in need to learn SEO for beginners know to precisely work on providing the best information, and with this update, the most current information was being presented.

Google measures freshness by using its QDF.

QDF is called a query deserves freshness that determines whether or not a particular piece of content is relevant for a particular search query that requires up-to-date search results.

With Freshness Update, the Query Deserves Freshness queries suddenly became very popular at one point in time as compared to its normal activity.

In this, Google notices the keyword and provide related fresh result onto that to its visitors.

So, to provide this, Google addresses this situation and analyzes the websites related to that keyword and shows results based on the freshness they’re carrying.

Determination Of Freshness

After this update rolled out, several professionals working in high-rank SEO companies in India started working on the determination of freshness.

The one method that Google uses to determine freshness is by using the Quality Deserves Freshness (QDF) algorithm which is also mentioned above.

The QDF is trusted to work according to the main objective and to decide when users want new information and when they don’t.

The QDF algorithm works when there’s a trending topic creating a buzz or when there’s a rise in specific search queries. In this, Google monitors:

● Trending search queries in specific topics of a particular area

● Google News

● Blog updated

When the website’s blogs follow the latest SEO techniques or users’ search related to a certain trending topic, this QDF algorithm remains active and notices the behavior.

This further helps Google to favor fresh results for that specific topic and push it to the top of SERPs.

This is done to satisfy user searching needs.

If you are thinking about how Google tends to categorize the content topics, see the following ways:

a)- Frequent updates

Google check the frequent content update that keeps occurring. This includes talking about some latest trends.

b)- Regular updates

These topics are that Google expects to have regular updates for the events that happen. This includes content related to such political elections.

c)- Hot topics

Hot topics are the ones that trending topics and everyone is talking about them.

Those who understand what is Google SEO know how to work with the content.

Content is full of keywords and users are actively discussing all over the web.

You can work to make your content fresh and give it an advantage over older potentially outdated pieces of content.

Updating your content with trending keywords help Google determine what kind of content doesn’t need to be updated so often to remain relevant.

Check Your Website SEO Freshness

When you are working or creating SEO fresh content, this depends largely on whether your business or content exists in a space where freshness is important.

The major truth is having fresh and relevant content. Not every website is dragged down by the Google freshness update.

The major thing to do here is to ask yourself how well you maintain your website to  various Google Algorithm Updates.

If your business works in an industry where customers required staying updated, then check your content and see how your site’s content can help your customers well.

How to Optimize Website for The Google Freshness Algorithm?

You know about the basic concepts of the freshness algorithm. Let’s figure out and see how you can work to provide rank by the freshness algorithm:

a)- Content Production

If your website has to deal with the field of news, cinema, music, and other events, then they should always try to provide the user with the information.

Working on creating fresh content will help your website well to get indexed.

b)- Update Existing Content

When you are working to update your website old content this makes your content able to rank in a better way.

To get the best results, you can seek content writing solutions in USA that help you in working on your older posts and making them new.

With the help of professionals, you can improve the content and see better results.

c)- Work With Time Stamp

Timestamps are needed as a part of Google’s search results which is a major reflective of the importance of freshness.

If the algorithm detects that your content has been recently updated or any searcher has recently landed upon your page, you will see the good results.

When you update and publish blog posts this help in better content management.


With the recent update, Google has made a major ranking preference towards fresh content.

This applies to certain categories that have to deal with the latest content regularly such as news sites, etc.

If you want to make your website perform better, it is best to get with effective SEO link building solutions that help you to work on your solutions in the better way.

To optimize for Google Freshness Update, professionals will update your content regularly.

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