What is Google Product Reviews Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


A few times back, Google announced the “Google Product Review Update”. Product review updates address the specific world of online product review content. You need to know about this update and investigate more to know how it might impact your local SEO.

Almost every customer that thinks to buy online first looks up for user reviews or product reviews before making a big and expensive purchase.

If you run an affiliate website, with this update you have to focus on publishing more in-depth reviews and providing detailed information about the product.

If you really want to make your products serve the majority of customers online, you must be working on raising your content to attract organic traffic.

So, one of the major Google ranking factors includes working on reviews and thus you must not take this update for granted.

Let’s read to know more about Google Product Review Update and see how you can gain an advantage in your local digital marketing with this.

Today we’ll read:

1. What Is The Google Product Review Update?
2. Is Your Website Impacted By Google Product Review Update?
3. How To Write Google Product Review?
4. Other Major SEO Practices To Make Best Product-Related Content
5. Link Building Practices To Make Best Product-Related Content
6. Conclusion

What Is The Google Product Review Update?

Google’s new product review algorithm update is designed specially to reward high-quality product review pages that share data in depth.

People who follow beginner guide to SEO basics  know how important it is to give product reviews. With this update, Google classifies the product review pages and looks at the type of content that summarizes the information.

Whenever a user searches for a product review, he always aims to see true reviews. Google aim wants to surface the product reviews written by people that have personally tested and experimented with the product.

According to Google, this is not a penalty against your content. It is just rewarding sites with more insightful review content with rankings above yours.

Is Your Website Impacted By Google Product Review Update?

If you have nothing to do with the product reviews on your website, your website will not be impacted by this update.

If your website has to deal with a product, then you must how is SEO still relevant in making product reviews.

If you have the possibility to add reviewing content in future, it is worth investigating and knowing more about this update.

Websites that publish product reviews should monitor fluctuations in the organic traffic and rankings after this update. Additionally, this can make you observe the evolution of your impressions.

Google is not fully transparent about its algorithm but you must keep a check on these changes to see if you have been affected by this update.

Google must have indicated multiple times that you need to improve your overall website. Working according to google’s advice is necessary while you are working to implement SEO techniques.

So, if you have ignored the indication, your website may have suffered due to this update.

The advice for you is to take the overall product review update and see how you can work on it.

How To Write Google Product Review?

If your website has suffered due to this update, it is better to work on making your best efforts.

According to Google, you should consider the following questions when you are creating product reviews:

● Try to evaluate the product from a user’s perspective.

● Work on providing knowledgeable facts about the products reviewed. Try to simplify it and use expert terminology and clearly mention the strengths and weaknesses of each feature.

● Add evidence such as audio, pictures, and links of the product that you have experienced too. (while you are working on quality content, you must know how do I create backlinks that help your content to look promising to Google).

● Share various quantitative measurements about how a product measures up in various categories of performance.

● Try to explain each point that makes the certain product stand out from its competitors.

● If the company is launching its second model of the product, describe how the product has evolved from the previous model and why it is helpful for the users to make the purchasing decision.

● Identify key decision-making factors about the product and how the product performs in those areas

● Describe key points beyond what the manufacturer says and that you have evaluated yourself.

You must follow the practice that ensures there is enough useful content to get your website ranked.

You can also choose to learn SEO free which helps you in making the best content for the recommended product.

When you follow the right SEO techniques, you will see the update have not affected websites. So, look for practices for generating higher-quality reviews that can provide more information to gain better reviews.

Other Major SEO Practices To Make Best Product-Related Content

When you are working on the product review update content, Google will look at how high-quality, user-focused content you have created.

Here’s where brands need to know how to create the best, SEO-rich content.

To provide better product information, top practices also include getting with the trustworthy SEO company that helps you in providing content for the product review in the best way.

Google highly relies on accurate and trusted product data. So, by implementing best SEO practices you can work well to describe the products precisely.

This will widely help you to get ranked to gain better results in regular search engine results pages.

Link-Building Practices To Make Best Product-Related Content

Google aims to recommend solutions for businesses that are focused on content and provides clear information. In this, you have to work to provide exact product names, structured data/schema, quality photos, and more.

In this, you can grow more by using link-building solutions.

Link building needs to be done carefully and you can choose the premium link building experts that help you to gain the best advantage of the content, especially with backlinks.

A good link-building practice will help you to get the best backlinks. This will highly benefit you as Google will see your website as an automotive website.


Google product review update aims to favor content that helps you to seek information online in the best way.

Google will not directly punish product reviews if they have followed best practices.

You can work with a specific SEO link building company that helps you make your product review rank high.

To make your websites get rewarded with more visibility for product descriptions, contact us at +91-9205356986 or mail us at info@linkbuildingcorp.com

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