Google Algorithm Updates

A Complete History About Algorithm Updates & Changes

Google search algorithm is highly affected with latest Google updates. To make your website perform well in Google SERP, know about recently rolled out Google updates to implement better growth strategies.

Google Update #1

(February 23rd, 2011)


Google Update #2

(April 24th, 2012)


Google Update #3

(June 19th, 2012)

Page Layout

Google Update #4

(September 27th, 2012)


Google Update #5

(June 11th, 2013)

Payday Loan Update

Google Update #6

(August 20th, 2013)

Hummingbird Update

Google Update #7

(July 24th, 2014)


Google Update #8

(April 21st, 2015)


Google Update #9

(October 26th, 2015)


Google Update #10

(March 7, 2017)


Google Update #11

January 10th, 2017


Google Update #12

August 18th, 2022

Helpful Content

Google Update #13

Core Algorithm

Google Update #14

Product Reviews

Google Update #15


Google Update #16

Big Daddy

Google Update #17


Google Update #18


Google Update #19


Google Update #20

Algorithm Update

Google Update #21


Google Update #22

Google Update #23

Google Algorithm Update #1

Panda Update (February 23, 2011)

This update came with the purpose to reward high-quality websites. This helps in diminishing the low-quality website’s presence in organic search engine results. If the website gets affected by Panda penalization then there will be a sudden drop in the organic traffic or search engine rankings.
Google Algorithm Update #2

Penguin Update (April 24, 2012)

The Penguin update is directed against the webspam to optimize search results. This improvement was done to enhance the quality content that improves the technical performance of the website. If the website gets affected by Penguin, it should prior link-building efforts and analyze all possible ways to minimize consequences.
Google Algorithm Update #3

Page Layout (June 19, 2012)

The Page Layout Algorithm Update is considered as the big change to Google’s ranking algorithm. With this, Google aimed to pay attention to maintain a balance between content and advertisements of a website. The website may get punished if the balance turns out to be in the favor of the ads. If this happens, the website has to experience a drastic loss of visibility.
Google Algorithm Update #4

Exact Match Domain Update (September 27th, 2012)

Exact Match Domain or EMD update is a type of filter released by Google. EMD is a domain name that accurately matches a search query to drive traffic to your website. This ensures that low-quality websites do not get to a high Page Rank or rise high in Google’s SERPs.
Google Algorithm Update #5

Payday Loan Update (June 11, 2013)

The Payday Loan update was launched with the aim to improve search results and provide spam-prone searches. Later, Payday Loan update 2.0 was rolled out in May 2014. In the latest update, it primarily aimed at webspam techniques and other techniques of related searches.
Google Algorithm Update #6

Hummingbird Update (August 20, 2013)

Google Hummingbird update revolutionized Google search and helped to bring meaning to the words that people were typing. Instead of matching vocabulary in the query, the algorithm works to understand the meaning of the query to get matched with relevant results.
Google Algorithm Update #7

Pigeon Update (July 24, 2014)

The Pigeon update was earlier released in the year 2013 and redesigned later. This was the first time that Google had redesigned its algorithm to enhance its focus on the local results. The Google Pigeon update is the most significant change to the local search algorithm and helped to improve local companies to get ranked in organic search.
Google Algorithm Update #8

Mobilegeddon (April 21st, 2015)

Google released its mobile algorithm update Mobilegeddon to provide mobile-friendly websites a boost in smartphone search results. This update not only put an impact on searches of mobile devices but also gave a boost to a mobile-friendly page.
Google Algorithm Update #9

RankBrain (October 26th, 2015)

Google introduced RankBrain for the machines to determine the most relevant results to search engine queries. To optimize the site according to RankBrain, you need to create content that includes keywords and phrases that people often search for.
Google Algorithm Update #10

Fred Update (March 7, 2017)

From the time Fred update was announced, since then it has affected Google’s search engine in a great way. It is designed to target tactics that are connected to aggressive monetization. It also looks for low-value content, excessive ads, and websites that offer very little user benefit.
Google Algorithm Update #11

Google Pop-ups

The pop-ups include smart targeting options that allow displaying the ads on specific platforms. Google doesn’t penalize non-intrusive interstitials. But, if the pop-ups are intrusive and diminish your UX then this could be punished under a future update.
Google Algorithm Update #12

Google Helpful Content Update (August 18, 2022)

Google doesn’t appreciate this practice and search engines will work on bringing updates to improve user experience. Google Helpful Content Update is to ensure the searchers don’t get frustrated and land on the right web pages to get desired content.
Google Algorithm Update #13

Core Algorithm Update ( September 12, 2022 )

No updates needs to go unnoticed, and core updates get major attention because people notice their effect on search results. When Google makes significant and broad changes to its search engine algorithm and systems the update becomes important.
Google Algorithm Update #14

Product Reviews Update (September 26, 2022 )

Almost every customer that thinks to buy online first looks up for user reviews or product reviews before making a big and expensive purchase. If you run an affiliate website, with this update you have to focus on publishing more in-depth reviews and providing detailed information about the product.
Google Algorithm Update #15

Core Florida Update ( November 16th, 2003)

ack in the 2000s, Google announced an update that will have a significant change in the search results and Google’s Florida Update was one of them. This update is considered the first major Google algorithm update that is filled with massive updates.
Google Algorithm Update #16

Google Big Daddy Update (December 1, 2005 )

Google Big Daddy update had a major impact on the overall quality of the search engine results pages (SERPs) at the time. When it comes to the algorithm, the only constant changes by Google are to update their user experience and to improve the quality of the search results they deliver.
Google Algorithm Update #17

Core Jagger Update ( September 2005)

Whenever Google comes up with an update, it often creates havoc for webmasters. Google Jagger Update is another algorithm change where small business placements seem to have vanished overnight.
Google Algorithm Update #18

Google Vince Update (December of 2009)

Google Vince was able to help the bigger businesses rank better on the search results page. But many started asking questions about Google favoring big brands.

Why is Google’s Algorithm Update Important?

Google’s algorithm dictates how you can appear on any given SERP. The way the algorithm works are on the number of calculations that dictate a certain behavior. Google algorithm updates introduced in the past years are those that changed SEO forever. This has impacted various SEO trends and experts have to make the best SEO strategies to get a better online response.

Google algorithms are written code that is used to scan the Internet and check the sites to rank accordingly. Therefore, Google algorithms are the one that decides the rank of the websites and check how they will appear for searches when made by users online.

To make your business grow in the best way on the Internet, you need to consider Google’s algorithm and its update seriously while implementing premium SEO techniques. Every website owner needs to view the algorithm as something that can help to connect businesses with interested customers and clients in the best way. According to SEO experts, SEO techniques will work best if Google algorithm is well understood. This way it is possible to help people to provide best information based on their queries.

Some business owners might think that landing a second-page spot is not bad, but it is. Imagine the number of times you have clicked on “next page” on the Google results. Chances are rare and to make a good place online you need to compete. When you stay informed about Google’s consistently changing algorithms, you’ll always work on SEO strategies that eventually lead to better results.

About Google Algorithm Updates

The reality of bringing these updates includes teaching online marketers major things that are considered ethical in terms to get ranked on Google. When you make your website follow Google updates, then your website gets rewarded for your hard work & efforts.

Google updates over recent years are constantly trying to keep up with the quality solution they provide to its users. Google is focused on providing relevant results every time a user searches. Due to the competitive nature, various Google ranking factors need to be considered that help you to ace to top the market.

Google updates works on changing its algorithms so that only the information from the required websites is presented to the users. Thus, while considering the Google ranking factors, the websites must update and refresh their content to get chosen by Google to display to the users.

To make your website ready concerning to changing algorithms, you must know how to improve Google rankings in this competitive environment. This process includes a lot of trial and error but when you get it done in the right way, your website will get positioned on the top page of Google’s SERP. With this, you will gain the reputation of a trusted company.

When Google place websites on the first page of SERP, people automatically see that the website’s information is reliable. Therefore, following and staying in touch with Google algorithm updates is very important when you want to ace the competition.

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