Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO: Decide Whether To Invest in it Or Not


Search engine optimization is the best-known solution that helps to grow the website in search engine ranking.

Although it’s considered one of the most important factors by Google to rank the website it also has some downsides.

Just like every other marketing campaign, there are various advantages and disadvantages of SEO.

In this post, we will discuss all the pros and cons of SEO that you need to know before stepping into the digital marketing world.

Advantages of SEO

SEO is important to reach potential clients. The most loved advantage of successful SEO is more ROI and extended reach to hundreds or thousands of people besides the existing clients.

1. Attracts More Website Visitors

If counted on an average scale, there are about 40,000 searches done every second on Google. That is approx 3.5 billion queries every day.

With reporting, analytics, keyword research tools, and conversion optimization, you can clearly see growth in traffic. This is a perfect way to increase your business efforts. SEO will start giving positive results and the moment you will start your SEO efforts, traffic will automatically increase.

After doing SEO, you will see more people visiting your site which will ultimately take your sales to the roof.

2. Increases Conversion Rate

With knowledgeable SEO professionals, you can even design your site to fit your visitor’s needs. Choose to design it in such a manner that has easy navigation and provides the information your visitors want.

This will surely increase the chances of converting visitors into loyal customers.

SEO is important for every online business marketing strategy. It has the power to increase your conversion rates massively.

3. Better Brand Integrity

Some assume that ranking on the first page of SERPs will turn their site into THE Brand name. But to maintain popularity, you need to work harder. There will be competitors who want to beat your page ranking.

Furthermore, the higher you get ranked on Google, the more individuals will get suspicious of your site. Higher ranking could be achieved from both on page and effective off page SEO techniques.

Therefore, to maintain your position, here are 2 important things you should always keep into consideration:

Ads are very irritating for some people and many have promotion blockers too in their programs.
Longer article performs better in search.

New changes that Google is introducing are solely to ensure they are sending traffic to the pages that are truly satisfying searchers.

4. Generates High Return on Investment

Internet is huge and the effective way to survive your business there is to secure a decent place in SERPs and other social platforms. It has the power to help your business grow and reach up to 60% of searchers who uses Google to search about any brand.

This is why productive SEO marketing is preferred by most online marketers who want growth and sales.

For example, 1000 clicks through SEO leads to 4% of those visitors that convert into a sale and a better ROI.

High ROI is one of the promising advantages of SEO that cannot be matched by other marketing strategies.

5. Helps To Expand In The Target Market

Recommendations are very important for your business’s growth. Companies can take good advantage of SEO as it helps you connect to an array of potential customers. It can massively increase your business reach.

If you are on a local or national level, your website presence can help you spread your business information to more people with right SEO keywords.

To make it short, here are some SEO advantages:

Boost website traffic.
Ranking on top of SERPs makes your website popular.
Better ROI.
Affordable in comparison to PPC and other paid advertisements.
Makes your presence among billions of websites on the web.
65% of clicks are done among the first 10 results of Google’s 1st page.
Compete and take your business to the next level with lasting results.

Disadvantages of SEO

Now that the advantages of SEO are clear, it’s time to know the downsides that will play a major role in your decision-making process. These include looking at SEO as a long-term investment, with no guarantee, competition, and lots of patience.

1. No Guarantee

With many things to execute, it becomes difficult for SEO companies to guarantee something like a high ranking in SERPs. A reputed SEO company will help you find the keywords that can increase your chances of ranking successfully on the first page of Google. But they will not make any promises and take your money.

Some companies will even provide PPC and better website SEO audit solutions to assist you to rank high.

2. High Competition

As soon as your SEO starts to become effective, your website begins ranking better compared to your competitors. But the competitors on the internet are many. So if you want to do SEO, you should also take into account that there are many competitors you need to beat.

No matter whether you are running a large or small business, competitors will always be there.

3. Black Hat SEO Can Penalize Your Site

There are some SEO practices that influence the search engine for attaining benefits within a short period of time.

These practices are called black hat SEO. It increases the chance of Google penalizing you which will result in falling positions in the ranking or the removal of the site from SERPs.

Using such harmful practices as focusing on inorganic traffic or doing keyword stuffing will bring you positive results only for a short time.

On other hand, if you choose to hire reputed and trustworthy SEO companies, you can get ranked on the 1st page of SERPs organically with actual white hat SEO.

Tip: Work with a successful SEO company that has a network of satisfied clients and does its job honestly.

4. Requires Constant Attention

SEO needs constant updates and reviews so that the progress remains maintained.

When it comes to the SEO maintenance stage, it is good to go through all those things that were done during the SEO on-page and content marketing.

Tip: Ensure to do a complete audit of your site on time in which you refresh descriptions, titles, and user experience as well.

Keep in mind that the aim is to improve the results of the big or specific small business SEO plan as well as assure that it does not lose its effectiveness and connection with the existing customers.

5. Getting First Page Ranking Takes Time

The most evident cons of using SEO is the time it takes to actually start showing you the desired results for every keyword.

The process involves getting your site indexed through search engines which could take a lot of hours, say and even weeks. If you want quick results, then you should not go for SEO. But if you want long-lasting results, SEO is the one to turn towards because good things take time.

Furthermore, you should also keep in mind that your results may not be satisfactory in terms of how you want or expect them to be. Google algorithms changes frequently, hence results can’t be expected to remain consistent.

Furthermore, to increase the chances of better results, follow local SEO checklists.

So, here are the SEO drawbacks in a nutshell:

Desired results from SEO takes a lot of time.
Increasing ROI consumes a long time.
It needs focus and effort to remain competitive.
There is no guarantee.
Google algorithm changes frequently.
If used black hat SEO, your site can get penalized.

Now after reading the above you are aware of the pros and cons of SEO. The advantages of SEO far outweigh the disadvantages.

With this, it can be also said that proven SEO techniques single-handedly can help you to grow and gain new customers and visitors. If you choose professional SEO solutions, you will grow without focusing on the disadvantages.


While every marketing strategy or investment takes good planning and several considerations, SEO is no exception. Having a complete understanding of the cons and pros of SEO is crucial to success.

However, to decrease the possibility of experiencing disadvantages, you can take help from experienced SEO companies like Link Building Corp. We give the right advice according to your website needs.

That way, we help you to increase the chances of reaping the benefits of SEO. To know more about how we can help, give us a call at +91-9205356986 or request a quick quote.

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