What is Google Payday Loan Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


We all have come across various unwanted stuff on the internet. It’s true that nobody wants to ruin their experience of surfing the internet. Google doesn’t want its users to get frustrated while searching online. Some queries made online are more prone to spam. Google realized this and decided to roll out their Payday Loan algorithm update. Google launched Payday Loan Algorithm that completely changed the user’s experience on the internet.

This update helped Google to clean up the websites that use the incorrect way to get instant traffic and rank.

About Google Payday Update

Google launched the Payday algorithm update on June 11, 2013. This includes a set of different algorithm updates with the main purpose to identify and penalize the websites that uses search engine spam techniques. There are a lot of websites and pages that operate illegal SEO tactics in order to get instant traffic and top rank on famous search engines. With the Payday loan update, the main goal was to raise the quality of the search results and reduce the websites with relatively high spam rates.

Google’s payday algorithm is working to filter out low-quality websites. A lot of spam is being targeted by Payday algorithm updates that include topics of loans, gambling, drugs, etc. Google Payday penalizes low-quality websites or spammy websites so that the quality websites can get the best position in the Google search results.

After this update, the internet is now a better place where users can make a safe search. Also, it is useful for the website owners that have a high-quality website and deserves to be on the top but couldn’t due to spammy websites.

How the Payday Loan Algorithm Update Works?

Ranking on search engines takes a lot of effort but using illegal ways is definitely not a good idea to rank high. The Payday Loan update target spammy sites that use Black Hat SEO tactics to boost their ranking numbers. If a site has spam content and uses manipulative SEO to hit the ranking, then this is not going to work at all now. The spammy sites are generally affected by the Payday algorithm update and see a setback in Google’s SERPs.

Before this Google algorithm update, SEO was centered with significant amounts of manipulation. This manipulation is not applicable as Google is working hard on its algorithms in order to provide relevant and quality solutions to the users. Payday Loan update work with the aim to remove spam from Google’s SERPs and give users the quality results that they expect. With this, the SEO experts have started placing more stress on Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, and trying to avoid using black hat SEO methods to grow.

Benefits of Google Payday Algorithm

You might have seen some websites that are gaining more traffic illegally. This has not only made the users to have a bad online experience but also decreased the quality of the search results. Therefore, the Google Payday algorithm is the much-wanted update from Google.

Here are some benefits of the Google Payday algorithm.

Remove low-quality websites that use spam techniques to get high ranks and traffic.
Place high-quality websites on high rank.
Enable users to access solutions without coming across unwanted or irrelevant stuff.
Helps the best quality website to get more audience.

The Payday algorithm is amazing and made the internet a better place. Google’s payday algorithm helps to clean up the websites that use the incorrect way to grow online. The goal of the algorithm is to raise the quality of specific search results by lowering the spam rate.

Which Websites Suffer The Impacts of Google’s Payday Loan Update?

The primary objective of Google’s Payday Loan update is to remove the attention from sites with high spam rates. Due to this, the Payday Loan update actually affected approx. 0.3% of search requests in the US-American market.

There are two primary reasons that can make the website suffer from Payday update:

1. Bad Ranking Techniques

When the second update of Google’s Payday loan was introduced in 2014, the focus was more on spammy SEO techniques. The second update has affected the majority of websites. This is because the spam websites use CPC keywords and high-volume keywords for getting more traffic to their website. If websites use unethical tactics to manipulate the search engine results, Google will penalize them through the update.

2. Spammy Websites

Sites are considered spammy when they are more controversial and use black hat SEO tactics to grow. They are the primary targets for the Payday algorithm. This means that you may rank higher by using web spam techniques, however, you won’t be able to stay up there for long.

Google uses the Payday Loan update to target search requests where there is an excessive amount of spam. This is the reason why it is not liked by a lot of webmasters who were manipulating SERPs. Google obviously wants to place the quality pages to rank on top and not spammy ones. With the help of the Payday update, Google is able to provide better results to the users.

Ways To Recover Your Website From Payday Loan Update

Most of the ways to recover from the Payday Loan update is to simply practice ethical and honest SEO tactics.

Here are some ways to recover your website from the Payday Loan update:

1. Remove Transactional Links

One of the major triggers for this update is the presence of paid links on the website. If you have them, try to get rid of them. Google Payday update punishes websites using paid links and this may set your pages back in the rankings. To get quality links, you can choose link-building solutions. This is an easy way to make sure your links are acceptable. This will help your website to get out the bad links and provide better rankings.

2. Check the Comments

If you see your website online ranking is suffering, the Payday Loan update might have found something questionable in the comment section. Sometimes, spammers get into the comments section of a blog site and may post spam links. This will make your website suffer the consequences. If you find questionable comments and links that are questionable then, it’s spam, and delete them.

3. Avoid Black Hat SEO

Earlier, SEO was largely seeing manipulation due to the use of Black Hat SEO techniques by some webmasters. To protect your website from penalties, you should avoid using manipulative SEO tactics. Your website will be safe if you follow the Google guidelines properly. This will prevent your website from getting into any kind of risk.

You don’t need to worry about getting a hit from this update, if you properly follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. But if your website got hit by this update, then recovering isn’t impossible. By making a few changes to the website and following the right SEO strategies you can easily recover your website.

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