What is Google EMD Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


Google search receives billions of queries every single day. To provide better solutions to the users, Google work on bringing different updates to improve the user experience and the quality of results. For this, Google rolled out an update in which they will penalize low-quality exact match domains. An Exact Match Domain is exactly what it is called. It’s a domain name that is identical to a search phrase entered into Google. EMDs aren’t bad for SEO and site builders can take advantage to rank high in search results.

What is EMD?

Google launched EMD in September 2012. EMD or Exact Match Domains aimed to ensure that low quality does not attain a high page rank just because they have the relevant search terms in the domain names. Google states that EMD is similar to other updates but this is a new filter aimed to ensure best websites to be in relevant search.

With this update, the common misconception arises that EMD update means websites with domain names that are similar to search terms will no longer be able to rank. However, there is no evidence of discrimination. The update will target the websites that are hoping to take advantage of the domain name even with poor quality content.

The EMD update is important because it can fix bugs that might not have been left by Google in previous update releases. The aim of this update was to catch pages that were not caught before and were still at good rank online. The update will also work to even free pages that were mistakenly caught in previous updates.

How Does The EMD Update Works?

Earlier, some of the EMDs ranked good in SERPs, due to the reason that their domain name exactly matched the user query. Despite of their content quality, EMDs easily got benefit from Google’s automatic rankings boost. But now, the Google’s EMD update has put an end to these practices. This is because it was known as a cheap and easy loophole to get organic traffic without working on the content.

The Exact Match Domain update has rolled out the website that took advantage of EMDs earlier. Now, more than just the domain name will be taken into account when Google considers the sites for ranking on their SERPs. Google’s crawlers will evaluate a site against their guidelines too and check if it matches to query entered by Google’s users.

Many spammers took advantage of this fact and purchased domains consisting of key phrases. They made this work for the website that had very thin content and their entire purpose was to rank for the specific keyword online.

What Impacts The Google’s EMD Update?

EMDs update has put out those sites that have low quality according to Google. The website that is downranked simply isn’t following Google webmaster guidelines. Below are some reasons why a site with an EMD has a lower ranking than before:

1. Bad Content

As Google wants to provide the best to its users, therefore, bad content will stop your website from growing. Having good content proves that you’re legitimate and authoritative in your area.

2. Poor SEO

To grow online, SEO strategy plays an important role. If you have poor SEO, then your site will not be able to match the target audience. Also, bad SEO will make your website lose its ranking quickly.

3. Keyword Stuffing

Google algorithms hate websites doing keyword stuffing to grow online. If your website has keyword stuffing then this may make your website rank low. If you have strategically placed keywords over a bunch of keywords then this can make your website grow in a better way.

Ways To Recover from EMD Penalty

The websites that have gone hit by the EMD penalty are indeed to know the steps to recover from the penalty. When earlier Google updates were launched, many experts gave tips on how to recover the website from its downfall. However, this is not the situation with Google’s EMD update. The penalty hits very hard to the low-quality websites with EMD URLs.

Experts reported that EMD update affects low-quality websites that have the exact match domains. But later it was believed that many sites with the EMD have lost traffic that they were getting from the exact match keywords. If your website has gone hit by EMD penalty then here are some tips to recover from it:

1. Improve Website Content

It is important to take out the time and re-write your poor-quality content. This poor content may be there on your website or blog. Work to add high-quality original and fresh content to your site if you want to make your website survive and recover from the EMD update. Adding fresh and original content on a regular basis will help to recover your website if you have duplicate content. With this, also check for any sort of broken links.

2. Combine Small Websites

If you have various micro-niche websites, then it is important to make it into one authority site. Now it is no longer a nice idea to operate several small sites and blogs. To recover your website, you need to combine them into a single, authority website.

3. Increase Your Visibility

Participating in the social networking websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ ensures you are working to increase the visibility of your site. You need to work on your presence on social networking websites. This can help you to recover better and establish yourself online.

4. Getting Quality Links

Another best way to recover your website is to increase the authority of backlinks. You can attract good quality links by doing guest posting and proving blogs to the quality websites of your niche. The powerful backlink can help your website a lot. According to the experts, the new sites that are affected by the EMD update can easily be in a better position with natural back lines.

The aim of Google EMD updates is to make webmaster focus on improving the website presence. Get rid of all the low-quality content and broken links to your website. You must continue to work on good and original content to gain links. Try focusing your brand image and invest your time to promote your site on the social media platform too.

It is important to note that don’t expect a fast recovery from the penalty. If the domain value of your site has been removed then you need to build it again from a scratch.

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