Twitter Marketing Services: Enhance Your Popularity

We can ensure the best guidance when it comes to marketing your business on Twitter. Our social media experts at Link Building Corp will assist you not only in establishing your online presence, but also in maintaining and safeguarding it for long-term success. Our Twitter marketing services in India will help you market your business online on a single, worldwide platform and reap lots of high-quality customers.

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Want To Reach Your Prospective Customers?

Represent What You Stand For With Twitter Marketing Services

The number of monthly active users on Twitter is more than 330 million, giving you the opportunity to reach a large audience and form enduring connections with your audience. Twitter marketing services involve the creation and implementation of Twitter marketing campaigns on your behalf. Among the services provided by Twitter marketing are account monitoring in real time, content creation, audience growth, and reporting. With Twitter management services, you will no longer have to worry about managing your Twitter accounts.

It is also beneficial to use Twitter marketing services in order to keep up with the latest Twitter marketing best practices. While running a successful business, it can be difficult to keep up with all of the new tips and tricks on the rise with Twitter. By utilizing the most effective marketing tactics, our Twitter marketing specialists will ensure that your campaign is a success.

Who We Are?

Depending on your requirements, Link Building Corp’s social media marketing services are available as part of a rolling monthly subscription or on-demand. In partnership with your brand, channel partners and vendors, your social media strategist plans out your Twitter campaigns from start to finish. However, it still allows flexibility to adjust and optimize tactics as needed. In addition to managing your social media channels, Link Building Corp can manage the entire process on your behalf.

Take Advantage Of Our Twitter Expertise With The Following Services:

● Get a Twitter account set up for your business.

● Create a new Twitter profile, or optimize an existing one.

● On-demand or recurring social posts can be generated.

● SproutSocial and HootSuite, along with Twitter, can all be managed in one place.

● Metrics measurement and reporting.

● Coverage of on-location and remote events via live tweets.

● Respond to direct messages and customer service inquiries.

● Utilize social listening tools to monitor and manage brand mentions.

● Utilize follower pushes to reach out to industry influencers.

● Creating, tracking, and managing contests, hashtag campaigns, and other interactive content.

● Curate and produce short social engagement videos.

● Target high-value users with social media ads.

● Target high-value prospects and active users on competitor social media accounts.

With our professional team, you’ll be provided with the above services with an aim to push your brand forward in the race of success.

How Can Businesses Gain
Popularity With Twitter Marketing?

Twitter is a social media platform that allows businesses to reach a large audience quickly and easily. Businesses are now increasingly using Twitter as a social media platform. In addition to being free, it allows you to share content and promote your brand through tweets. The tool can also be used to find your competitors and find out how they use Twitter marketing if you want to learn more about them. By using Twitter marketing services, businesses can increase their visibility, attract new customers, and build brand awareness.


For Small Websites

8 Post on Page
Billed in advanced every months
Story Highlights
Initial Review & Analysis

$150 Per Month


Small to Medium Websites

16 Post on Page
Billed in advanced every months
Story Highlights
Initial Review & Analysis

$225 Per Month


Medium to Large Websites

24 Post on Page
Billed in advanced every months
story Highlights
Initial Review & Analysis

$300 Per Month


For Large Websites

32 Post on Page
Billed in advanced every months
Story Highlights
Initial Review & Analysis

$425 Per Month

What do we offer in our Twitter Marketing Packages for your business?

Using Twitter marketing packages, we enable our clients to reach a wide range of potential customers cost-effectively, customized to their business needs, and result-driven.

Twitter Marketing

Plan Details Starter Standard Advanced Premium Platinum
Pricing 12,000 INR / 150 USD Monthly 18,000 INR / 225 USD Monthly 25,000 INR / 300 USD Monthly 35,000 INR / 425 USD Monthly 50,000 INR / 600 USD Monthly
Background Picture Creation
Hashtag Research
Cover Pic Creation
Creation Of List No No
Creation Of Moments No No
Following Industry Related People No
Twitter Analytics Monitoring No
Creation Of Poll No
No. of Tweet 2 Per Week 4 Per Week 6 Per Week 8 Per Week 10 Per Week
Twitter Ads Set Up No 1 2 4 6
Ad Set No 1 2 3 4
Ads No 1 3 5 8
Tweet Engagement Ads No No
Website Conversion Ads No No
Video Or GIF View Ads No No
In stream Video View Ads No No
Follower Ads No No
Audience Creation
Awareness Ads No
App Insatll Ads No No
App Reengament No No
Monthly Report

How Can Our Twitter Marketing Services Help In Building Online Presence?

We provide you with an organic and paid Twitter marketing strategy that will boost your bottom line through our Twitter marketing services. Through engaging in trending topics and Twitter chats, scheduling curated and original tweets, engaging with your followers and creating highly targeted paid advertisements, our Twitter marketing strategies drive brand awareness and meet your social marketing goals. Here are some ways that can help businesses to build online presence effectively:

Using hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to reach a wider target audience on Twitter. By using hashtags in your tweets, we will make it easier for users to find your content and interact with it effectively. People in your industry will be able to connect with you.

Regular tweets

It’s important to keep the audience updated with tweets every day to ensure your brand is at top of mind. Your followers will be more likely to engage with your content if you stay visible to them. We will follow this strategy to introduce your brand.

Partner with influencers

Partnership with an influencer can be a powerful tool for reaching a larger audience and gaining credibility. Therefore, the main focus of our team will remain on increasing your sales by collaborating with influencers and attracting new clients.

Audience engagement

As a relevant social media platform, Twitter is about engaging with your followers. You might respond to their tweets and ask for their opinion that will grab their attention. Follower relationships can be strengthened by showing your appreciation.

Ads on Twitter

With Twitter Ads, businesses can target specific audiences and promote their content to a wide audience. The best way to reach new customers and increase brand awareness is through advertisements on social media as it will help in generating leads.

Assist immediately

It’s not just about reaching potential customers with Twitter. In terms of opportunities, Twitter is a very powerful platform. Additionally, it is an excellent way to establish a rapport with your followers and to build credibility with them as well.


It is imperative to understand that Twitter marketing services can be a valuable tool for businesses looking to increase their visibility and attract new customers. All of these ways make it possible to boost your online presence with twitter.

Why Choose Us As Your Twitter Advertising Provider?

It is estimated that Twitter has nearly every age group on the platform, but those between the ages of 30 and 49 make up a staggering 27 percent, and those between the ages of 50 and 64 make up 15 percent of the platform’s large audience. In order to reach your ideal audiences, we will integrate the latest industry insights and platform tools into your marketing campaign. Our goal is to generate the best results possible by utilizing the industry’s best practices.

Personalized Twitter

The key to Twitter success is to have a plan, and sadly, many business owners start tweeting on your behalf without one. Developing a tailored plan for your business helps us reach your goals by getting to know you and your business. In order to plan an effective strategy for your business, it is crucial for us to know the goals of your company. Having knowledge of what Twitter marketing is and how it will change your business into a success will make Twitter marketing much more valuable to your business.


We offer Twitter marketing services that include the creation of unique content as part of our services. Your pages will not be updated with recycled articles if you use RSS readers to read them. In the Twitter marketing world, there are many services available, but we are the only ones that are not automated or robotic. In order to ensure your business gets the attention it deserves, you can trust our Twitter specialists to come up with customized tweets that are customized to your followers’ interests.

Twitter's real

With our Twitter marketing service, we align our efforts with the goal of getting you a return on your investment. Neither do we buy “fake followers” nor do we use Twitter bots that can automatically delete your account. In order to increase followers and engagement for your business, we implement Twitter strategies that have been proven to work. The Twitter marketing campaigns we carry out are further enhanced by robust software that allows us to provide advanced insights into the marketing campaigns.

The complete

We offer more than just Twitter marketing services at Link Building Corp. Whether you need help managing Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or any other social media campaign, we can help effectively. In addition to offering a variety of services, our company also provides email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing to make your business stand out from the competition. As a Twitter marketing agency, we can take care of all your needs when it comes to online marketing.


We can assist you with your Twitter advertising management needs if you do not have the time to develop strategic advertising campaigns, analyze Twitter insights, and make adjustments based on those insights.

Why businesses must invest in Twitter Advertising Services?

If you are looking to implement your digital marketing tactics, Twitter is a great place to begin. Twitter is a fast-growing social media platform with a diverse audience. Your business’s marketing goals can be met by using Twitter ads. The following are some reasons why you should use Twitter’s advertising services:

Twitter's user base

With a monthly user base of more than 336 million, there is a good chance that you will find your ideal audience on Twitter. You will find that reaching your potential clients is much more feasible on this site because it has such an extensive user base. Also, it will be highly beneficial for your business to share relevant content and get quick responses through twitter. This will help you in getting more leads with great traffic. You will be able to enhance the reputation of your brand by this way.

Time and resources limited

Most businesses operate under a fixed budget, and they want to make sure that their advertisements are delivered to their target audience effectively. Twitter is a cost-effective tool that can be used by companies of all sizes because it provides ways to get quick results. As a result, you will also be able to analyze the performance of all activities on your account in relation to your business. The advantage of this approach is that both time and resources will play an equal role in the process.

Reduced cost:

Twitter advertising services are one of the cheapest forms of marketing available to most of the businesses today – so any size of business can use them to establish a successful marketing campaign. In spite of the fact that social media marketing campaigns are expensive, marketers have been able to find ways to decrease these costs while reaching a larger audience.A business can take advantage of many of the free tools provided by Twitter in order to improve its performance, results and growth of sales.

Usage of social media

The use of mobile devices is greater than the use of other devices, as everyone knows better. It has been estimated that the average user of social media spends more than two hours a day on social platforms, according to statistics. Due to the fact that you’ll reach your target audience on these platforms as they actively use on a daily basis, your advertising efforts are less likely to go unnoticed. As a result of this, you will be able to make your brand a global presence that is worthy of its value.


You won’t regret investing in twitter marketing because all these factors will raise your business to a great height.

How professional Twitter Advertising can benefit your business?

You can keep up with the latest trends and conversations on Twitter, one of the most popular platforms for keeping up to date. As a result of using this tool, you are able to find out the brands that people are following, what the most recent trends are, what the social media challenges they are taking, and so much more. Learn more about the benefits your business will take advantage of through twitter advertising.

Targeted Marketing

Locating Twitter users who share similar interests, you can find your real, potential customers using Twitter advertising. With this custom audience, your Twitter campaign will definitely boost conversions as people are always looking up for what you’re offering to them.

Ensure professionalism

You should be able to reflect your brand’s thought leadership in your tweets. Relevant and transparent brands are more likely to be followed on Twitter. It is possible to establish your business as an expert by sharing informative content by following the content strategy.


The best way to promote your brand on Twitter is to sign up for a free account. Marketing your Twitter profile won’t cost you anything. Start-up companies and small businesses can reach their relevant target audiences all around the world without spending a lot of money.

Enhance brand awareness

With Twitter, you’re able to instantly share information with your target audience as well as initiate conversations with them. There is a greater likelihood that your audience will find your tweets and content useful, and will then share them with their followers as well.


In order to run a business successfully and ensure that you win your competition in the same industry, it is extremely important to take advantage of Twitter marketing benefits.

Why is Twitter Marketing important to your business?

As one of the leading social networks, Twitter is known for being used by celebrities as a way to update the public on how their lives are going, but it is also an amazing tool for businesses as a way to reach their current and potential clients. With over 330 million monthly active users on Twitter, businesses will have the opportunity to connect with a large pool of people who are interested in their services.

As a business owner, using Twitter marketing for your business is one of the best things you can do for your brand as well as your business. In order to define what kind of voice your business has, it is important to post updates about your business frequently. As long as the content you are producing is useful for your targeted Twitter users, as well as useful to your business, it can help build trust within your company as well. When you have a business that has a great deal of trust from your potential customers, it increases the likelihood that they will be willing to make a purchase from you.

Twitter Marketing: How Do You Create A Plan?

Most businesses may find it difficult to create a Twitter marketing strategy. However, if your business uses the following tips, you can create a smashing Twitter strategy that will bring you success. Take a look at it.

1. Twitter Voice for Your Brand

To promote a brand on Twitter, we need to understand how the brand should use its “Twitter voice”. Creating an organized and well-defined brand voice is key to your Twitter strategy. You need to convey your brand’s message with a fresh, original voice on Twitter.

2. Embrace automation

Your Twitter posting and social media management can be automated and scheduled with the right tool. Social Champ can also be used to schedule tweets. The Twitter dashboard allows you to manage your business profile and schedule tweets. Learn how you can schedule tweets on Twitter.

3. Engage in Twitter chats

Using Twitter for marketing is about conversations and engagement. Make sure your brand gets a healthy mix of replies, organic tweets, retweets, Twitter takes, and Twitter ads. Chats on Twitter are also good for growing your following. Join the chat and reply quickly.

4. Twitter Verification and Follower Building

Focus on increasing the follower count while designing Twitter marketing strategy. Get the blue tick on your Twitter business account to establish your credibility as a trustworthy and authenticated partner. A Twitter strategy that succeeds also requires checking the performance of competitors.

Using Twitter to market your business can yield excellent results if done correctly. It is, however, quite time-consuming. However, consistency can work wonders.

Why Do You Need To Choose Twitter Marketing Services?

Despite its popularity, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, with millions of users around the world. In order to gain a great deal of exposure, businesses have to view these users as potential customers and market to them accordingly in order to make the most of the opportunities.

In order to engage their consumer base effectively, businesses can take advantage of a platform like Twitter and engage their consumers in a cost-effective way. As a result, they are able to reach audiences across the globe, as well as be able to connect with customers in a more personal way than just continuously promoting their products to them.

Consumers can act as brand ambassadors for a business when they have an established Twitter presence. This way, the business can keep a close eye on its competitors and take action quickly if anything goes wrong. With the right use of Twitter, businesses can build their brand and multiply their marketing efforts.

Types of Twitter Ads

To decide whether Twitter Ads will work for you and/or your client, you need to determine whether there are many objectives that you can choose from on Twitter in order to achieve your goals. Here below are the objectives as follows:

● Reach

● Views of in-stream videos

● Views of videos

● Installs of apps

● Clicks on websites

● Interactions

● Number of followers

● Reengagements on apps

After you have a clear idea of the targeted approach that you are going to take, and that you have decided what your goal is, you now need to decide what type of ad type will help you achieve the goal you have set.

1. Promoted ads

Boosted posts on Facebook are similar to Twitter’s Promoted Ads. A small ‘promoted’ tag appears at the bottom of these tweets, which look like regular tweets.

Twitter’s promoted ads are flexible. How about five images of your new product or a link to a video? Yes, you can.

Promoted ads come in five formats:

Featured Image Ads: Highlight your brand or product with a single image.

Featured Video Ads: Use a short video to promote your products or team.

Carousel Ads: Promote multiple products or views with six videos or images.

Featured Moment Ads: Put tweets together to create an immersive experience.

Promotional Text Ads: Expand your reach with text-only tweets. These ads look like other tweets (except for the promoted tag).

2. Follower ads

You can expand your brand awareness and reach by growing your Twitter followers. On Twitter, follower ads promote your account in the “Who to follow” section. You can target follower ads to reach only the most qualified users.

3. Twitter Takeover

Want to make it big? Premium Twitter Takeover ads can generate massive results. Advertise in these channels only if you’re an enterprise brand. For these ads, you’ll need to contact Twitter!

Takeovers come in two forms:

Timeline Takeover: Users will see your ad at the top of Twitter as soon as they open it.

Trend Takeover: Showcase your brand alongside trending topics.

Taking over Trend Takeover will give your brand massive exposure on both mobile and desktop.

How does Twitter help businesses to convert followers into customers?

Once you have a dedicated following, you can commence converting your followers into paying clients. Here are some pointers.


Millennials expect companies to be equally socially responsible. Understanding and interacting with your fan base will help you market the products more efficiently.


Make new products available on Twitter before they go on sale. Use great photos to attract your followers’ interest so that you can turn them into your customers.

Providing services:

First-time deals and discounts will drive the majority of Twitter sales. Give your followers a deadline and instructions on how to take advantage of the services.


Come up with interesting competitions to grab your audience’s attention. Promote it by using a hashtag to invite certain individuals to follow you on social media.

In your Twitter profile , you can also include links to your website, blog, and product sites. Last but not least, publicize your Twitter account elsewhere. Include a social sharing button on your website to make it Twitter-friendly. Sometimes asking for followers is the quickest method to obtain more!

Selecting Twitter Marketing Plans According To The Budget

The benefits of using professional Twitter marketing services are numerous, and those who use one can expect to enjoy a wide range of benefits. Social media success also depends on the cost of the services. Prices vary greatly despite social media being a cost-effective service. Marketing packages for Twitter are priced based on your business requirements and the experience of your experts. Rather than working with low-cost freelancers, working with professionals yields better results. Professional experts provide high-quality services at lower costs. You should invest your money if you're considering hiring an agency. Quality is ensured despite high fees. Providers sometimes offer fixed-cost packages as a way to ensure predictability. There are also other plans. You can maximize ROI by customizing Twitter marketing packages.

Top 10 Crucial Steps Required For Twitter Marketing

Twitter’s power lies in its ability to connect brands and users 1:1 and communicate more conversationally, whether you’re building communities, sparked conversations, or participating in viral trends. The way your audience consumes content on Twitter should be tailored to how they consume it on Instagram and Facebook just like any other social media platform.

1. Don't stop testing!

You can improve your efforts over time by utilizing your successes, failures, and everything in between. Is your message resonating with your audience? Which copy, images, or hashtags lead to more sales? You can take notes and learn from these things.

2. Tweet Evergreen

We recommend storing a large collection of Evergreen, approved Tweets in addition to your daily content schedule, in case you need a little extra content, for whatever reason. This will help in keeping on top of things and will be easier with this tip!

3. Make a Content Theme King

Crowning a different content theme every few days is another great way to gain leads with your audience. Observe mindful Mondays, share your opinions on Tuesdays, and be studious on Saturdays. It will also be easier to plan and schedule content this way!

4. FAQs to Improve Response Time

The title says it all. Get lightning-fast response times from your team thanks to questions that have already been answered and earn more trust and care points from your audience.You can keep everything organized by saving them in a Google spreadsheet.

5. Reviews should be encouraged

For staying up on trending hashtags, relevant conversations, and opportunities, as well as keeping an eye out for mentions, you’ll be able to connect with people and grow your following. It will be beneficial for businesses to keep themselves up-to-date.

6. Establish a clear brand voice

Establishing a conversational or personified brand voice can be especially beneficial for B2B companies who want to incorporate Twitter best practices. A lighter with a casual tone can liven up any technical content and allow it to stand out in the feed.

7. Stay up to date

Yet the fact that trending memes and hashtags seem to be a B2C thing, B2B brands shouldn’t shy away from using them, either. You can engage with your audience and know their interests through this type of content as long as it’s appropriate & relevant.

8. Customer service plan

Twitter is a conversational platform, so users often visit a brand’s page to ask questions about your product. Consider having a dedicated team that can deal with these questions and concerns if they arise (social media managers already have enough to do).

9. Accessible and inclusive content

Enhance your content’s accessibility and inclusivity to ensure it can be reached by all. To make your copy more accessible, use the title case when writing hashtags. This will enable readers to correctly pronounce words if the first letter is capitalized.

10. Keep hashtags diverse

Research which hashtags have impression rates on Twitter before copying and pasting the hashtags from your Insta post. Check hashtags on Twitter to see if any of them apply to your brand. Twitter recommends keeping hashtags to a maximum of two per tweet.

Marketing channels like Twitter are popular because of their effectiveness. Having a basic understanding of how the platform works will make reaching people easier.

Reach your audience!
Reach your audience!

Compared to other social media platforms, Twitter has the ability to grow a following quickly. It’s also a great way to promote thought leadership and get your brand message across using a subtle and persuasive soft-selling approach. Its beauty lies in its 240-character content limit. As a result, the message is conveyed quickly and concisely. Your main goal with Twitter will be to open up conversation and increase engagement. As a result, leads and sales are generated through “word of mouth” promotion. In a way that feels personal, we create content to communicate with your ideal audience. Through Twitter, we engage people and keep them interested, revisiting your Twitter page and your brand’s products.

Discuss Your Project With Us

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    Twitter Marketing FAQs

    Q1. In and beyond 2022, does Facebook marketing still have value?

    Answer: Twitter Marketing Services is a collection of tools and resources offered by Twitter to help businesses effectively advertise on the platform and reach their marketing goals. These services include tools for targeting specific audiences, creating and managing ad campaigns, analyzing ad performance, and more.

    Q2. How can I use Twitter Marketing Services to benefit my business?

    Answer: Twitter Marketing Services can help your business reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and drive conversions. By targeting specific audiences and creating targeted ad campaigns, you can effectively reach potential customers and drive them to your website or other online properties. In addition, the analysis tools provided by Twitter Marketing Services can help you track the performance of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions about your marketing strategy.

    Q3. How do I get started with Twitter Marketing Services?

    Answer: To get started with Twitter Marketing Services, you will need to have a Twitter account and a credit card to pay for your ad campaigns. Once you have these things set up, you can access the Twitter Ads platform by logging into your Twitter account and clicking on the “Ads” tab in the top menu. From there, you can create a new ad campaign and choose your targeting options, budget, and ad creative.

    Q4. How much does it cost to use Twitter Marketing Services?

    Answer: The cost of using Twitter Marketing Services will depend on your specific ad campaign goals and targeting options. Twitter offers a variety of ad formats, including promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and promoted trends, and you can choose the format that best fits your marketing goals. The cost of each ad format will vary based on the specific targeting options you choose and the amount of competition for ad space in your target audience. You can set a budget for your ad campaigns and adjust it as needed to stay within your desired spending limits.

    Q5. Are there any best practices for using Twitter Marketing Services?

    Some best practices for using Twitter Marketing Services include:

    ● Clearly define your marketing goals and target audience before creating your ad campaign
    ● Use compelling and relevant ad creative that speaks to your target audience
    ● Test different targeting options and ad formats to see what works best for your business
    ● Monitor the performance of your ad campaigns and make data-driven decisions about adjustments and optimization

    Follow Twitter’s advertising policies to ensure compliance with their guidelines.

    Q6. What is Twitter advertising?

    Answer: Twitter advertising is a paid service offered by Twitter that allows businesses and organizations to promote their tweets and profile to a targeted audience.

    Q7. How does Twitter advertising work?

    Answer: Twitter advertising works by targeting specific audiences based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. Advertisers can choose to promote their tweets or their profile, and can set a budget and duration for their ad campaign.

    Q8. Can I advertise on Twitter with a personal account?

    Answer: Yes, you can advertise on Twitter with a personal account as long as you have a credit card on file with Twitter and your account is in good standing. However, it is recommended to use a business account for advertising on Twitter as it provides additional features and analytics.

    Q9. How much does Twitter advertising cost?

    Answer: The cost of Twitter advertising varies depending on the type of ad you choose, your target audience, and the duration of your ad campaign. You can set a budget for your ad campaign and Twitter will charge you based on the number of impressions or clicks your ad receives.

    Q10. How do I set up a Twitter ad campaign?

    Answer: To set up a Twitter ad campaign, you will need to create a Twitter Ads account and link it to a payment method. Then, you can create a new ad campaign and choose your target audience, budget, and ad type. You can also use Twitter’s ad creation tools to design and customize your ad.

    Q11. Can I track the performance of my Twitter ad campaign?

    Answer: Yes, Twitter provides detailed analytics for your ad campaigns, including metrics such as impressions, clicks, conversions, and engagement. You can view these analytics in the Twitter Ads dashboard or by using third-party analytics tools.

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    Valuable feedback that keeps us going.
    • They timely manages everything in providing me complete online solution and creating a buzz of my product launch date. They handled search engines, email marketing and social post in a preeminent way by keeping the standard of business.

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      Paul Frank
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