How To Get Quality Links For A New Website Link Building?


Have you designed a responsive website for your business and get quality links for your new website? Have you started with effective link building campaign, still does not receiving the links your competitors are having? You have searched a lot about the best tips and tricks, but getting more confused in deciding which one work perfectly for you?

Well, there is no one way to get authority links, but in this post, you’ll find some proven tips that surely work.

13 Best Ideas To Get Natural Links For Your New Website

Before we’ll start discussing link building campaign tips that work for 2019, we want to tell you that there are some strategies that are fruitful in previous years, but no longer exist today. Since they don’t have any value in the current time, there is no benefit of using them nowadays. Directory submission, forums, design by links, and many more techniques are considered outdated. So, say bye to them and follow result-oriented link building tips as mentioned below to make your new site link-worthy.

1- Check Your Content Quality First

Always keep one point in your mind that online visitors prefer just unique, concise, and clear content that address their queries. Thus, examine what is already present there on the web and what you can compose to appear different and better than others. Evergreen content is one of the top 13 content marketing trends for 2019 that never go out of style. This is a type of valuable content that will reward you good links.

2- Link Your Social Media Channels To Your Site

Since you’re a beginner, it requires time to draw the attention of the myriads of visitors. But, you can speed up this process by promoting your articles, blog posts, or other pieces of content on social media channels. So, add links of your social media accounts to these content.

3- No 404s

Use powerful and reliable tools such as crawlers and Google Search Console to identify broken links that affect the usability factor. Make sure there will be no 404 error or broken link.

4- Examine Your Competitor’s Link Sources

It is good to leverage your competitor’s efforts, but never ever copy them. This is because it may be possible that they might have some poor quality links. Hence, do a comprehensive competitive analysis through their website URL. Find out how many backlinks they have, how good they are, and from where these links are coming. If there is any link that could benefit you, then go for it to get a backlink from the same authoritative website.

5- Online Communities & Forums

Your target audience is already present on different platforms of the internet world. So, get found everywhere they are hanging if you don’t want your competitor to reach them before you could. Participate in group discussions, question & answer sessions, forums, or online communities to get some new content ideas. These are the ultimate ways to choose trending topics for blog posts, that will great for ranking and traffic. Quora is the best place to start finding what is in the discussion these days and develop your authority.

6- Talkwalker Alerts

Imagine that users have found your website, but they immediately turn towards others because your site does not contain any link. To allow online visitors quickly reach you, add link everywhere your site is mentioned. Use Talkwalker alerts to find the excellent resource in your niche and ask them for backlinks.

7- Proper Indexing

Despite creating the most impressive website designs, you would not be able to bring your web pages on the search engine results. It may be due to indexing issues. There are some cases when a page is blocked by robots.txt not for some days or weeks even months, but years. Thus, let your site indexed and crawled completely.

8- Guest Blogging And Posting

A marketing strategy that increases search engine ranking and online traffic is guest blogging and posting. Today, most of the marketers and influential bloggers are using guest posting in India to generate inbound and authority links, build a loyal audience, and improve brand visibility. But, it is recommended to do a maximum of 2 guest posts, not more than this as it will take you overboard. Up to 2 guest posts are enough to get traffic and increased numbers of clicks.

9- HARO – Help A Reporter Out

Online journalists always hunt for the most useful sources to provide the best information in their articles. Therefore, by reaching these reporters and offering them what they’re looking for, you can receive some quality links.

10- Produce Multi-Format Content

SEO content writing is not limited to articles, blogs, or press releases, but there are different types of content format with their unique potential. Do you know that 90% of the information that reaches the human brain is visual in nature? More than 40% of the audience give more preference to the visual content than plain text. So, use other types of content format as well such as infographics, case studies, videos, images, webinar, podcast, and etc.

11- Interview Top Influencers

Take an interview of some interesting personalities on your site and ask them questions that were never asked before. It would benefit you with the opportunity to get even hundreds of links. After interviewing any influencer, compose a readable and high-quality article that people will link to, and can improve the standing of your personal brand more quickly.

12- Broken Link Building Opportunities

Much like a dead fish that spoils the entire environment of an aquarium, any broken links on your site can affect its online presence, performance, brand visibility, and credibility. Look for broken link building strategies such as use secondary link building tactics, keep a track of the URLs, etc. It will help you identify and remove the broken link from your site.

13- Online & Offline Connectivity

What kind of relationship you have with the internet world does not mean the same in the case of the offline world. For example, if you are new to the online kingdom, then it does not necessarily mean that you are a newbie to the offline realm as well. Before developing an online relationship with any brand, business, individual, or a company, find leading names you have linked with or work with, in the offline world. People will more likely to share links with you when they are aware of you, what you do, and how trustworthy you are.

The list of ways you can use in order to get quality links does not end there, in fact, you’ll receive so many exclusive links earning and building methods. For example, go local to gain the much exposure to several networking opportunities, give stuff away, do some offline branding, sponsor local groups or team, break lengthy content into small digestible parts, and lots more.

As now you understand the ways that offer quality links for your new business website, start implementing these tips and track a record of its results to examine the effectiveness. One thing you should never forget is that quality links cannot be earned and built overnight, but it takes some time. So, keep using these tactics along with taking some patience and get as many links as possible.

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