7 Signs You Need Professional SEO Help: Everything You Need to Know


In this digital age, businesses need a strong online presence to gain more clients and that’s possible with good SEO. But, do you need a professional’s help? Let’s find out.

Many business owners are familiar with the concept of SEO and trying to shoulder every responsibility rather. While others trying to force their employees to try their hands-on SEO even when they don’t know.Successful brands are not wasting their time trying these tactics. They are more inclined toward taking professional SEO help. From auditing your website to leveraging industry-leading trends, powerful SEO solutions can bring you a lot more competitive edge in global markets.

But, when is the right time to talk to ask for professional SEO help? Keep reading to get the well-explanatory answer.

7 Signs You Need Professional SEO Help

Is your website struggling to get a good ranking or even not ranking at all? Is your site facing a hard time capturing sufficient traffic, generating leads and enjoying qualified conversions?

It’s time to take a glance at the signs that indicates that you need professional SEO help:

1- Your website doesn’t show up on SERPs

When you want to know if your website needs SEO help, firstly you need to check if your site ranks for target keywords that are valuable to your business.

For instance, if you offer PG on rent, you’ll expect your business to show up on the top of results when people search “ PG on rent in [your location].”

If your website doesn’t rank in the top five search results, it’s a major red flag and the most visible sign that you need professional SEO help who know how to improve Google rankings.

2- Your Website has Low Traffic

Getting the website ranked in the top 5 of search results is to drive customers to your sites, where they can perform some actions such as request a quote, fill out the contact form, or make a purchase. But, not any one of these actions can happen if you’re not even getting sufficient traffic to start with.

As SEO professionals have the know-how of optimizing your site to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions among target audiences.

3- Your website isn’t secured

In the year 2018, Google began labelling non-HTTPS sites as “Not secured” in browsers.

If you need consumers to feel fully comfortable and secure browsing your website, you have to make sure that it shows a “secure sockets layer” or SSL certificate. Websites with SSL certificates show up with closed padlock icons next to their URLs and add “HTTPS” vs. “HTTP” in the URLs.

If your website isn’t HTTPS secured, you need to look for professional help to improve your result driven website SEO.

4- Your website isn’t mobile friendly

Today, around 60% of online searches come from mobile devices.

Even if your website ranks in SERPs, you may begin losing good leads as well as revenue if it isn’t mobile-friendly.

Mobile-Friendly Test_image

To make sure each user has a positive experience on your website, irrespective of the device they utilize to access it, you want to make sure that it’s highly responsive.

5- Your website faces technical glitches

Also, you will need to consider SEO help if your website faces technical issues.

Besides, correcting your website’s code, you’ll have to work on the following technical SEO elements.

a)- Site speed

Did you know, 40% of users will like to explore your website and spends longer time than only 3 seconds to load?

If you need to see higher rankings, it’s advisable to take up SEO help to speed up your site by applying proper on page SEO techniques.

Page Speed at GTmetrix_image


b)- Robots.txt

This file aims at alerting search bots about the website areas you don’t need indexed. If you think it is helpful for effectively blocking areas of your website from showing up in search results, you also have to be very careful to simply avoid a site-wide block.


c)- Duplicate content

When your website has duplicate content, search engines find it difficult to identify which version of the content to immediately index as well as display in SERPs. This decreases the visibility of pages because search engines just select one version to display. Besides, Google even can penalize you.

d)- XML sitemap

An XML sitemap improves the indexing process of your website. If you want help making an XML sitemap and submitting it to Google through your Search Console account, it’s good to take a skilled white hat SEO help.

6- Your website offers a poor user experience (UX)

Taking your website on top of search results is possible by providing a positive user experience (UX) for visitors.

If people can’t get the useful information they want on your website faster, they’ll go leave your site and move to your competitor’s website.

It is crucial for you to provide a good UX to keep people engaged. For this, you’ll need to consult an SEO specialist as soon as possible.

7- Your site doesn’t have many backlinks

Search engines like Google consider paying more attention to the number and quality of backlinks pointing to your website.

When your site gets links from other sites that are authoritative, Google considers those links as “votes” that work in the favor of your website and also give a positive reputation.

If you want quality and relevant organic link building, professional SEO help is needed.

Final Words

These are some of the signs that clearly indicate that yes you need professional SEO help. But, hiring the right SEO provider may require your careful attention to the respective company’s portfolio, testimonials, and response time to your questions.

If your website is suffering from such signs of poor SEO, then you can consult a professional SEO company like LinkBuildingCorp. Here the SEO experts can diagnose your site’s health issues that are impacting your search rankings and apply industry-leading SEO fixes to quickly restore relevant traffic.

Our SEO company is here to provide you with the best solutions. Call us at +91-9205356986 or request a quick quote.

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