How To Make A Killer SEO Campaign To Dominate Online Search Engine Results


The year may be half way over but it’s not too late to reach your yearly campaign goals. With the help of this article, you can learn some killer techniques to skyrocket your SEO campaign.

The world of marketing is constantly changing, SEO techniques included. It can be an overwhelming ride to try and keep up to date with what is trending.

Table of content:

1)- Goals and Strategy
2)- Engagement
3)- Keyword Research
4)- Internal and External Link Building
5)- Overall

Are you itching to find out how you can get on top of your game? Read all about what it takes to really help you out on your next SEO campaign.

1) Goals and Strategy

The first and foremost thing you should be concentrating on is the plan. Like everything else you do, planning is always a good idea. Figure out details like how are you going to measure your progress and what is success to you.

Your goals should be realistic; instead of thinking big like “I want to rank on Google,” dig deeper.

What steps are you going to take in order to get there? Who is my target niche? How am I going to measure my progress and achievements toward my goals?

Start by recording your progress weekly, monthly or every few months to keep track of everything.

2) Engagement

In terms of SEO, it is a measure of the amount of time spent on a page. Improving your engagement on your website can really rank you high.

Create pages that are informative and useful for those searching on the web. When you Google something, you hope to get the best answer at the top of the search results, right? That said, if your site gets more engagement, Google will probably push your site at the top.

So how can you improve your engagement? Consider these top 5 techniques to give you a boost in search engines:

a)- Format your posts for easier reading

● Shorter paragraphs – Nobody wants to land on a page with SO MUCH writing. It’s an instant turn-off and will only decrease your chances of engagement by a lot. Try to limit each paragraph to 2-3 sentences at most.

● Shorter sentences – Try not to make your sentence a run on. Breaking your sentences to much shorter ones will make a big difference.

● Sub-headers – By nature our eyes scan pages on the web. That said, when you include sub-headers to your pages, it makes scanning easier and clearer. If you want to bold some words or sentences that you feel are important. The ultimate goal here is for your readers to easily get a “gist” of what you’re talking about just by scanning.

● Bullet points – These are a great way to break down any facts, stats, ideas and examples.

b)- Breaking your content with images

High-quality images – the best way to make your content attractive and engaging is to include images to your pages. It’s necessary to make sure you include only professional, high-quality photos and not grainy ones. Photos can easily increase your site’s engagement. They are a great way to show an idea and not just tell it.

c)- Write in the inverted pyramid style

Inverted pyramid style of writing – this technique is when you start off with the most valuable information at the top of the page, and end with the less important information. Most readers tend to only scan what’s at the top of the page and rarely make it towards the end of it. So when you do this method, you are giving them what they want as they land on the page.

3) Keyword Research

SEO may have evolved in the many years, but keywords still remain as an important factor of search engine marketing. Here are the different types of categories you should think about –

a)- Learn more about the topic – when people search the internet for something specific, they are looking for more on that topic and for a solution or answer to their question/problem. When you choose your keywords, do your best to be as specific as possible. Using long tail keywords should include words like “how to,” “do I need” or “what is”.

b)- To evaluate their options – for the people who know something about the topic and are now weighing their options – deciding on which product or solution is right for them. The best keywords to use for that are phrases like “review,” “top 10,” and “best”. They are also using words like “affordable” and “deals”.

c)- To complete an action – this action can be about making a purchase, signing up for a service or creating an account. These are the people who already made a decision and know exactly what they want. The end goal is to directly land on the landing page.

When you decide on keywords to use for your own, do some research and find words that can dominate and help you bring the most traffic. Try to be very specific; for instance, instead of using “Vernon Hills Westfield Mall,” use “Vernon Hills Westfield Mall shopping mall” or “Vernon Hills Westfield Mall that offers shopping and restaurants.” When you use this technique it will get you higher traffic results you want.

4) Internal and External Link Building

It’s important to link the pages within your site and include external links from trustworthy sites as well. Here’s why:

a)- When you include links within your site you are notifying search engine robots to visit the other pages on your site.
b)- Internal linking is the best way to get your top pages more by sending more links towards them.
c)- Including links can also increase the amount of engagement on each page.
d)- When you include external links from authoritative sites, it allows your website to be more credible.

5) Overall

Here is a list of a few more general tips –

a)- The older your domain is, the better
b)- It takes time to start seeing search engine optimization results to kick in
c)- Always track your progress!!

Are you ready to take on your next SEO campaign? Use these brilliant tactics listed above and you’ll get the results you want in no time!

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