What is Google Hummingbird Update? A Complete Guide and Recovery Tips


All the algorithms and updates released by Google shared a single goal, to improve the search results for users. This helps the users to easily find what they are looking for in the shortest time possible. But Hummingbird update was revolutionary for Google. Hummingbird’s main aim was to ensure that the websites in the top SERPs contain the information that the user is looking for.

In addition to the fast change in technical aspects, Google has made a major move towards semantic search with Hummingbird.

What is Google Hummingbird?

Google Hummingbird was introduced in September 2013. Hummingbird update revolutionized the Google search as it helped to bring meaning to the words that people used in the search queries. This doesn’t work on matching the exact vocabulary of the query made in the search results. The algorithm actually helped Google to understand the real meaning of the query and match it with relevant results.

Hummingbird changed the way of searching for users dramatically. The webmasters were competing with each other to prove their content worthy of high SERP rankings. The difficult task for the webmasters was to compete with the Knowledge Graph. With Hummingbird, Google got helped due to power advancements with Knowledge Graph.

Knowledge graphs work as an information card that appears at the top of the search results while making a search. These information cards provide a summary of the topic you are searching for. Here’s how Hummingbird impacted search. If you searched to pay for your bills from a particular bank, the update will bring up the homepage for the bank at the top.

Hummingbird algorithm actually works on semantic searching that is especially relevant at present. There are many users that are searching via voice and mobile. This update helped Google to provide faster query results while focusing on precision. Instead of focusing on the particular words, the search engine now understands the whole query and takes it into consideration.

Purpose of Google Hummingbird Algorithm

Google webmasters always think of providing good & related content to search intent SERPs. Therefore, Google’s prime goal is to provide the best solutions to the top position in the SERPs. For this, Google launched the Hummingbird algorithm update to provide a better user experience.

Here are the benefits of the Hummingbird update:

Hummingbird enables Google to understand the context in which search queries are written by the users.

The update has made the search more efficient for users

High relevant content to get ranked to the top position in the SERPs.

Google has a better understanding to deliver results in a more accurate way.

Hummingbird is estimated to affect 90% of all searches. Hummingbird does not penalize sites but encourages improving the content and writing according to the searcher’s point of view. If your website is not present on the search engine ranking, it is important to optimize your web pages.

What Google Hummingbird Impacted?

Hummingbird update doesn’t penalize the website like other algorithm updates. The Hummingbird update helps Google to serve users in a better way by addressing keyword searches.

In order to do this, Hummingbird impacts the sites with the following things:

1. Keyword stuffing

The Hummingbird update was launched with the aim to provide better solutions to the user on the basis of the intent, not just on keywords. This ensures the website chooses the keywords carefully. With this, it is important for your sites to be optimized so that Google’s crawlers know exactly what your site is about. If you did keyword stuffing then your rankings will be lower than your competitors.

2. Low-quality content

Google Hummingbird’s update has the purpose to sift out low-quality sites so that users can spend less time browsing the solutions. The only website with the best content gets ranked to the top in the search engines ranking.

Hummingbird focuses on the content so that user gets better solutions. It also puts deep attention to each word in a query and ensures the query is understood well by Google.

How to Recover from Google Hummingbird?

Hummingbird doesn’t hit the website by penalizing but it is important to recover or safeguard your website against this algorithm.

Given are some ways to make your website perform well:

1. Optimize your website

There are several optimization techniques that help in increasing your SEO. Use tactics to optimize your site with respect to the local search engine. This will help your website to get visible in Google when it comes to providing results based on locations. Therefore, it is important to provide a location on your content title that will help you in getting higher in SERP for the search query similar to that of yours.

2. Provide content with a fresh title

To rank on the top of SERP, the most important thing is to make fresh content. Best quality content along with a unique title can help you to appear in the search result. With this, you will be able to increase your site’s appearance on the results page. This will also help your website to get shown when the user makes a query. It is important to note, the content is easily understandable in the usual language.

3. Get inbound links relevant to your niche

If you have a blog, try to include inbound links in your post. This will help to increase your page views and increase your customer base. In this, it is important to beware that links are relevant and match your content. The inbound links are the best way to increase your traffic at a higher rate.

After Hummingbird launched, it provide the ability to users to receive better results. Most website owners have become understood of its working and therefore working on new and improved tactics to make their website rank high. While making your site friendlier for the search engines’ crawlers, you will be able to secure better rich snippets in the SERPs.

Hummingbird update has resulted in an overall decrease of diversity in search results. This is true for keywords with similar semantics. With the Hummingbird, Google gets a better understanding of the search intent of the user. This helps to provide the best-matched search results to the users quickly and accurately.

This is extremely helpful for the user as this shortens their searching time. However, this can be problematic for webmasters if they didn’t take any measure to optimize the website.

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