How To Optimize Voice Search Results For Your SEO Strategies


We all are familiar with the voice search, it has been used widely from the time it was released. A research has said that the counting of voice searches has increased much more than it was when at its release in 2008 and it is assumed to be increasing much in future.

If you are neglecting voice search optimizing in your SEO strategies, you may be neglecting a huge traffic that may become to your website. In 2018, voice search optimization has become unavoidable to achieve your business goals. It was found that about 60% of web searches are from the mobile devices. With such a big hike in mobile users, it has become easier for the users to search the web using voice search instead of typing on the screen.

● Use of long-tail keywords:

Nowadays, the users use the voice search like they are talking to their mobile phones or asking them questions.

For example, some people search like where to go to watch the movie Anabella in Delhi? Or where I should go to have delicious food in Delhi?

That means people are searching via voice search as if they are talking to someone in real, which implies that the keywords you use for voice search, must be according to what people can ask in real about your business.

What you have to do is observe your customer’s questions about your business while talking to them on call or anywhere. Collect all the information that your customers want to search for your business and use them in your keywords and the content about your services you provide on your website.

● Mobile optimization:

As I have mentioned earlier that mobile devices are preferred more for web searches, it would look silly if your website doesn’t look and work well on mobile platforms. Voice searches are coming from mobile devices so make sure to have a mobile-friendly website that can provide a better user experience to the customers.

Google itself has given a research implies that there are more chances of bounce rate on the mobile devices than the desktop. which makes it essential to take care of the mobile site not only about how the website look on the mobile device, also the slow speed of the website can increase the bounce back rate. People hate waiting and it was found that 5 sec delay in page loading can increase the bound rate by 90% than the page that loads in 1 sec.

Go for the Google’s Mobile-friendly test and check whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

● Focus on local SEO:

People usually search like “the best restaurant”, “the best store near me”, or “the cheapest salon”, for results of these kinds of searches, Google My business page will be opened which will show all the nearest stores by taking the location of the user.

Must provide your address, location, working timings or other contact information of your business accurately so that people can reach you easily and Google can show you on right search results.

Just imagine if a customer search for a Chinese restaurant to order food and click on your website and find that you have provided your contact number incorrect, you will surely lose your customer. So make sure to provide each and everything accurately that will beneficial for your customers and for Google to crawl your website.

● Make your Metadata impressive:

A snippet of a website helps Google to know what the website is all about. A rich metadata with all the necessary information can be helpful in ranking higher and also helps to make a good impact on the customers.

Try to make your content simple but informative so that the users can read them easily. Provide the content in various font sizes, use bullets or lists to make it look more impressive.

As Voice searches have grown much and is ready to grow more in future, there is a big need to include voice search optimization in your SEO strategies to get more traffic through voice searches also. Try to make your answers to the questions asked, more easily readable for the users so that they can understand everything about you easily. Follow the tips given above and get ready to get huge traffic from the users using voice searches.

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