7 Clever Tricks to Increase Domain Authority of Your Website


Domain authority is one of the most important factors that concern the SEO experts to the maximum level, as a higher DA assures for higher website ranking and strong traffic. Many a times, you might have encountered a site that displays less information than you, but still gains the highest traffic. How does it happen? It basically happens due to domain authority. The site would have a higher DA than yours. That is why it is able to attract more visitors, in spite of less information. Hence, an entrepreneur must always ask his SEO team to considerably work on the domain authority.

Some tricks or tips below will help you increase the domain authority easily:

1. Marketing the Content

To rule in the blogging world, it is necessary to ensure that your content or blog should have a wider global reach. The more wide the content reach is, the more wide will be the chances for social shares, back links and domain authority.

2. Link Earning

You can easily earn links for your website. It is a known fact that, in order to boost the domain authority, the total number of root domain links is the major concerning factor. Hence, try to gate a number of sites linking to you. Further, writing informative and case studies will help you get more backlinks.

3. Organized Internal Link Structure

When a link in the article or blog takes you to another article within the same site, then it is considered as properly linked internally. To improve the domain authority, it is advisable to interlink all the posts. This will improve your on-page SEO activities and domain authority.

4. Remove Toxic Backlinks

It is very important to dig into your link profile, every now and then to find out the spammy links and get rid of them. Most of the webmasters do not regularly clean up their link profile. Hence, they get slumped by the algorithm penalty. Your domain authority will never increase, if you do not clean up the link profile regularly.

5. A Sound Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the core of improving domain authority of a site. Mapping out a URL structure or optimizing the robots.txt file is the most effective factor to have a technically sound SEO. In short, you need to improve navigability, site structure, word count, breadcrumbs, meta tags, URL structure, header tags, keywords, alt tags etc to improve the DA.

6. Off-Page SEO

Precise off-page SEO activities can significantly help one to boost the domain authority. Through blog commenting, social bookmarking and guest posting, you can increase a wider base of audience and even get more links.

7. User Friendly Site

Everything is incomplete on your website, if you do not have readers. Hence, it is necessary to make your site user friendly. This will help you grab more visitors and readers to the website. No visitor will wait for long, if the website takes too long to load. Avoid the ads that pop up every second. This may annoy the visitors. Increase the white space by removing clutter off your website.


Keep working on your site and you will surely notice a boost in your rankings and domain authority. Generally, it is considered that the older is your domain, the higher will be its authority. However, if the domain lacks fresh content, falls into disrepair or maintains obsolete SEO techniques, the DA will get decreased.

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