15 Action-Packed SEO Audit Tips a Website Owner Will Relish


These days, the most challenging task that an SEO expert finds is, maintaining the healthiness of the website. The term ‘healthiness’ here, means to maintain the performance of the website in the search engines. Many a times it happens that something goes wrong in a website, due to which you fall out behind your competitors. You might not realize, what actually happened; but there remain some areas that need to be fixed in order to make sure your website ranks well. Here is the point where the need of SEO audit arises. The audit will look for areas that need to be fixed and come up with recommendations that will boost your website again to the top level.

In order to make sure that you follow the correct path for the audit, the following SEO audit tips might prove beneficial for your task:

1. Titles & Meta Description

The URL of your website should necessarily be unique and also in a proper format, otherwise your website might not result in the rankings. Required to be less than 255 characters, the URL must include primary keyword separated by a hyphen.

2. You Don’t Use Irresistible Words

Each page in your website should have a distinct page title and meta description, as it will help the users and all the search engines to understand what your page is all about.

3. Check for Broken Links

It is mandatory to check for dead pages or broken links on your website. Try to fix them by either redirecting them to a valid URL or completely removing them from your website.

4. Internal Linking

Remember that the pages that you desire to be ranked higher in Google and other search engines should have the highest number of internal links. Besides this, the anchor text should be both non-keyword text and complete page title. Further, the page should be linked from home page.

5. Title in H1

The page title of your website is recommended to be in H1 tag. WordPress and various other content management systems automatically add H1. But it often overrides the settings. Therefore make sure you highlight the title in H1 tag.

6. Outbound Links

Your website is likely to get affected if linked to a low quality or immaterial website, as it will lead to a poor user experience.

7. Speed of the Website

The page load time of a website should be ≤ 3 seconds, as per the SEO practices. Hence, you must analyze the speed of your website and make improvements accordingly.

8. XML Sitemap

The Search engine sitemap is basically a well formatted XML document that follows the protocol of sitemap consisting of XML tags. Thus your sitemap should be up-to-date, as the search engines will not serve your site if not following the protocol.

9. Homepage Content

The content describes the search engines, as to what the page is all about. Therefore it is necessary that your website has enough content on the homepage to help the search engine locate you. The content should be of at least 150 words.

10. Redirection check

Make sure that the internal links in your website point directly to the pertinent pages and not via redirection.

11. Static URLs

It is necessary that the URLs unfold to the search engines must be static without any excessive parameters or session ids.

12. Distribution of Anchor Text

If the anchor text will be repetitively exact match, then it will be a red signal for you from the search engines as the links would be marked as unnatural. So, try making the anchor texts different from each other.

13. Check Robots.txt file

Un-optimized robots.txt file can prevent your website from being indexed in various search engines. Make sure that the crucial sections of the website are not exempted from Robots.txt file.

14. Navigation from Homepage

To make sure that the user locates the exact landing page, make sure that every page of the website is easily accessible from homepage in maximum 4 clicks.

15. Responsive Design

Check whether your site is Mobile-Friendly or not. According to recent update by Google, your website should have a responsive design, in order to make it friendly to phone and tablet.


The healthiness and rank of your website can be easily maintained if you thoroughly apply all these tips to your website. With such awareness and knowledge, you will certainly not commit any sort of mistake.

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