There a number of strategies and techniques that are used in SEO to make top visibility at the SERP. Link building is a very common and widely used technique in SEO. Almost everyone opts link building in their SEO strategies, so there must be something unique that can take you to a higher ranking than your competitors.

Link building is very much essential in SEO strategies as Google focuses on the links any website have to make it rank higher or lower. A website with 2000 links will surely be at much lower ranking than a website having 20,000 links.

Firstly What Is Link Building?

Its the strategy in which you have to make links to your website from other websites. Seems easier? Not that much, the links must be from the well authorized and trusted websites so that you can get quality links and Google can consider them accurately. More the links you get higher will be the ranking and also you can also get the traffic from the websites where your links are given.

In this article, many tactics are discussed that will make a huge hike in your ranking and make your SEO strategies more effective.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting refers to posting your content on some blogging website or any website that allows others to post blogs for them. Through this trick, not only the links will be built from other sites, also a huge traffic will be generated from the users of the website where you are posting the content. Just make sure to find out a blogging website that has huge traffic on it and also which is related to your services.

You can simply find out the most popular or high profile websites which have a huge traffic on it and allows guest posting. Look at the guidelines they have provided to write blogs for them and start writing it. Make an interesting, unique and high-quality content that they can approve.

Then send it to them through an email and they will post it on their website and you will get the links to your website in return.

Is not it a simple trick through which a lot of links can be built easily and a huge traffic will also come from the users of the website to which you have posted the content. A little effort will definitely be made in searching for good content but the reward will be quite pleasurable as you will get links and traffic both.

Use Of Infographics:

Infographics are still pretty popular in 2018. They provide a great visual experience and easily understanding the content to the users who are in found of some information.

But how will it help in link building?

Well, in today’s time people love sharing each and everything they find interesting on their social media platforms. And also Infographics has more sharing power than any other form of content. As they look good and let the users have more knowledge by reading a less content on it. More sharing means more links to your websites.

It is simple to get an Infographic, you can make the Infographics by paying only a few dollars to some third parties and get your Infographic ready. Or if you don’t want to pay for it you can make it by yourself by using any tool for making Infographics.

They were always loved by the users and in future, they are going to be loved more than before.

A search has suggested that people pay more attention to the images containing the text rather than the simply written text.

So infographics are overall interesting for the users and help in generating more traffic as well as more linking by sharing them more.

Start Accepting Guest Post:

Guest posts are usually beneficial for the person who wants their post to be published on your website but it can benefit you as well if you make a condition in front of the person asking to post their content.
here’s how?

Whenever a person asks to post a guest post of their’s on your website, you can ask them if they can make a link to your website in their relevant content related to your services. They will surely be agreed as they also want you to do something for them.

Also, you will get fresh content on your website in this way and all in free.

Broken Link Replacement:

It is not a new technique in link building but it’s an effective technique.

What you have to do is, just search for the top blog according to what your services are and check out the blogs to find out the broken or dead links in it.

To find broken links, you can use any tool like Dead link checker or link checker to scan the page. If you get one, it’s great! You can check for a related content that can replace that link or if you don’t have you can write a related article which can be replaced there.

Now, you can tell the blogger by an email that there is a broken link in their content that you noticed while reading their blog. Then ask them that you have a related content which they can use in replacement if they want to.

Also, don’t forget to provide the link to your content in the email and don’t try to force them to post. Just simply ask them about it like “if you need a replacement, I have a related article for you” and that’s it.

This technique will surely work as no one want to have any dead links in their content and also their time will be saved in finding something else.

Just make sure the content is quite interesting and of high quality.

According to some marketers, this technique is dead but I don’t think it was dead at any time or it is is going to dead in future.

Mention Influencers, And Get Shares:

Influencers are the individuals which are quite popular and their thoughts and ideas usually influence people for anything.

How is it going to help you?

You only have to mention them in your article and write about them so that they can share your article and it will reach to all the people following that influencer.

For example, if you are writing an article on “top 10 businessmen in Delhi”. The people you are mentioning in it will feel good about it as you have written something good about them and will surely love to share your article which will lead in getting what you exactly want i.e.links to your website.

But the article you write must be worth sharing including high-quality content and well-researched data. Make sure to mention the information that is accurate. Because providing some wrong information is not going to help you at all.

Post The Data Which Is Hard To Find:

Almost in every field, new trends come every day and all the information is not easily available.

What you have to do is, find out which aspect of the services is less available on the internet, that’s it just start writing the content on that topic. You may get difficulty in finding the data about it but you can get some idea from the net and give your own insight on that data or topic.

This will surely end up in being something unique and new content to get interested in the customers and will definitely get shares by them.

Include The Words Like “Top” Or “Best” In The Heading:

We all want to have the best in each and everything and also loves to be at the top or we like the things that are at the top or have popularity at the peak. They also want to have the best advice regarding everything so post the articles or blogs like this which are about the top things or the best they can get.

For example, people may search for “top IT companies in India”, “best institute to learn SEO”, or “top 10 ideas to get more traffic on the website”. These type of queries are generally searched by the people on the internet and you can get many links through it to your website with such posts.


Link building is surely an essential thing to get a higher ranking.

The above-mentioned techniques will surely help in building more links to your website. Guest posting is an easier way where you don’t need to beg for the links to someone because you are also providing them something in return. Infographics and rare content are loved by users and they find it worth sharing, also influencers will share your articles if you do everything perfectly. High quality and unique content is the key to all kinds so focus on it hard. You can share your views in comments and share any other trick that you find useful in building links.

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