Top 7 Reasons Why SEO Ranking Dropped Dramatically – With Solutions


Thinking about the reasons why your website SEO ranking dropped dramatically? Here are some easy solutions that will certainly help. We all know that Google ranking of any website defines its credibility. How genuine the website is, how much trust it has gained (in the eyes of Google) and how may subscribers the website has etc. combine together to give a top position to the website. In simple words, when you are on the right track, your website gets ranked in the first page of Google. But, if you do something wrong or in other unavoidable situations, the rankings can drop at a very sharp rate.

So, here are some top reasons why your site’s Google ranking dropped dramatically, along with productive solutions –

1. On-Site Problems

Before the launch of the website, there may be some redirects and dead links, which you might not have fixed earlier. Due to this, your rank may drop by one, two or more. To eliminate such problems, you just need an SEO audit, which will check for any dead pages on your website. Also, if you have a good knowledge of Google Search Console, it will speed up the recovery process.

2. Gaining and Loosing Links

Both gaining and loosing too many links is a bad sign for your website rank. You need to understand what Google loves and what not. Unnatural links are one of the bad actors in Google’s list. Losing a huge number of links within a very short duration is a sign that links were unnatural. This is the major reason of drastic Google rankings drop, which in turn, may result into more loss of links.

Now, coming to the gaining part; gaining too many links is also a huge matter of concern for the search engine. This can actually crate link spam and penalize the site in worse conditions. Often due to a viral content, the links can grow in number. So, it is your responsibility to check if the link sources are trustworthy or not.

3. Google Update

Changes in Google algorithm are very common. Hence, if you are wondering why did my website drop in Google, an algorithmic change can be the potential answer. After the sudden advent of a Google update all the SEO companies remain stunned by the outcomes and may face sudden drop in website traffic as well as ranking. Your website can even get penalized. But, there are always some solutions for Google penalty recovery. Experts say – try to keep your online marketing strategy as organic as possible.

4. Robot.txt File

Problems with Robot.txt File can be another reason for the ranking drop. When a user types something in the search box of Google, the search corrects the misspelled words. However, this isn’t the same with Robot.txt file. In case of any spelling errors, spiderbots may be directed to the wrong place. So, before you submit your website to Google, it is better to check your Robot.txt file thoroughly.

5. Drop in CTR

Broadly speaking, this factor is not a major factor to affect your site’s ranking. But, in case of competitive keywords, you can be pushed back by one or two positions by the search engine. The only solution for this is to check the CTR for the last 90 days and identify any significant losses, so that they can be worked upon.

6. Competitors Rank Higher

While you were thinking about why does my Google ranking keep changing, your competitors showed a proactive approach and ranked higher in the top SERPs. This is also one of the most significant reasons for the loss of ranking. You were simply doing what you used to do. But, your competitors did something extra fruitful, which made them stand at a higher position than yours. To curb this situation, you must conduct a thorough SEO competitor analysis, which will help you outperform your competition.

7. Target Audience Search

The way your target users search on Google is a major concern for the website ranking. Earlier, it was acceptable to stuff your content with different keywords. But, at present, you need to be very specific what keyword you use and how you use it for better search queries. The users today generally search in long phrases. So, just use the right keyword at the right place and in the right frequency.

Monitor Site Activity

The ideal way to ensure that your website ranks well is to continually monitor site activities. Always remember that being proactive and keeping the website sound, in terms of SEO is the ultimate ‘mantra’ of success. If you follow this, you will not have to worry about anything, no matter what comes your way.

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