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Online Web Marketing FAQs

Want to Know Answers of Your Questions? Here, we present some important Online Web Marketing FAQs that will clear all your doubts related to web designing, redesigning, domain hosting and other allied factors. So, read the following FAQs and get a clear picture in your mind – online web marketing company india german france delhi

Q.1. What Is The Process Of Getting My Site Designed?

Answer –

The process is very simple:

◆ First of all, tell us the domain name that you wish to use.

◆ Send us a brief idea of what you exactly want, for example, features required on the website, total number of pages along with their titles, type of website you want (such as a non-flash or a flash based website) and any type of creative ideas that you want us to give maximum attention.

◆ Our team will check the availability of your domain name.

◆ After this, we will register the domain, get the ideal hosting package and then design the website page.

◆ We then, move forward to design the inner pages of the website.

Q.2. How Much Time Is Required To Design Or Re-Design A Website?

Answer –

After going through the entire project and analyzing all the tasks involved, we come up with a perfect time frame, within which the website is redesigned or designed freshly, according to the client’s needs. Often, in case of urgency, the client also suggests a tentative deadline, which is finalized after discussion between our team and the client.

Q.3. Will I Start Getting Visitors On My Website After the Designing Part Is Completed?

Answer –

Yes, you may start getting visitors or some traffic on your website. But, it would be just 10% (approximate figure) of the total visitors that can be attracted by simply promoting the website. Therefore, website optimization is always advised to boost traffic and business leads.

Q.4. Is It Necessary For Me To Buy A Hosting & Domain Name?

Answer –

It entirely depends upon your requirement. If you wish to buy the hosting & domain name, you can definitely do so. Otherwise, we will buy the same for you and it would be chargeable, i.e. you will have to pay the cost incurred in purchasing the domain name and hosting.

Q.5. Will I have the complete ownership of the Website?

Answer –

Yes, definitely. You will be the owner of the website. We will simply design the website, complete our tasks and hand it over to you.

Q.6. What is FTP?

Answer –

FTP is popularly known as File Transfer Protocol. It refers to a process, which involves transfer of the web pages from local PC to the web server. The free ftp software programs help you in updating your website pages and are easily available on the Internet.

Q.7. What Is the Cost of Website Designing?

Answer –

Depending upon what type of site you need, the cost will vary. A basic website would cost you around $99. However, if you have some other requirements, we will have to analyze each requirement individually and provide you with an exact cost. Whatever be your requirements, we can assure that our prices will be the best in the industry.

Q.8. Our Geographical Locations Do Not Match, So How You Will Take Care Of My Project?

Answer –

Geographic location is never a problem to us. No matter, where you are we will handle your project with maximum level of professionalism and dexterity. We facilitate quick and easy communication, as we are available on Skype, Gtalk and Email. We are also available via phone. You can give us a call and clear all your doubts. With constant communication, you will get to know the progress and status of your project.

Q.9. How Can I Make the Payment?

Answer –

The payment techniques are very easy and can be made using any of the following techniques:

◆ Paytm
◆ Master Card
◆ Bank Transfer
◆ Cash Deposit
◆ Skrill
◆ PayPal
◆ CCAvenue
◆ American Express
◆ Cheque
◆ Western Union

Q.10. I Have Other Questions in Mind. What to Do?

Answer –

If you still have any doubts ort query in mind, feel free to contact us at +919212342763 or 0120-4257803. You can also drop us an email at

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