10 Genuinely Clever Tricks to Top the Google Search Results


Being on the top, is what every organization desires today. Specifically, if you are operating online, then being at the top in the Google search results is of prime importance. No matter, you have optimized each and every element of your website or update the content on daily; the monstrous competition outside will still eat you up. For a complete domination, some companies go for their own branded search terms. With this the possibility of showing up at the top position increases. However, other results will also sprang up along with your site.

So, here are some tricks that may boost up the possibility to show your website in the top search results:

1. Sitelinks

Whenever a user searches for a brand, some extra links are displayed under the main URL. This helps in making the search results more admirable. Although there is no or very little control over the appearance of the sitelinks, yet the preferred links can be appeared among the search results. One such way to do this is to have a logical hierarchy in the website. You can also build an XML sitemap and submit it to Google.

2. News

If you wish that Google understands that your website contains informative news items, you will have to submit your website to Google News. Your site must be eligible to be displayed in the Google news.

3. Pay for Ad Section

One of the most effective ways is to try the paid search results. Your website will show up in the ads section. For this, setting up an AdWords account is very essential. If you are using Google Shopping Campaigns, you will be shown in the shopping section. Some factors that are taken into account, while displaying your ad will be the amount spent by you, click-through rate, relevancy of your landing page and your ad.

4. Answer Box

If your article or any website page answers the question of the user in a straightforward manner, then there are chances that it would be shown at the top in the answer box. It is not necessary that only Wikipedia articles are shown n the answer box.

5. YouTube Videos

Videos, especially those of YouTube are given highest priority. But, you must make sure that you tag your YouTube videos with utmost precision. This is particularly important, so that Google crawl the content properly.

6. My Business and Map Results

Registering with Google My Business is very important. Based on the user’s location, Google provides local search results. ‘Relevance + distance + prominence’; this is the basis of Google Maps search results. Make sure that the stock listed on your website remains updated with a comprehensive business information. This can provide you with genuine business leads.

Other parameters that you must consider are:
• Customer reviews
• Daily updates
• Opening and closing time
• Images

7. Feeds from Twitter

If you use a hashtag, you may see some search results from twitter related to some popular personalities and brands. If you have a twitter account with a huge fan following and regular tweets, then the chances are high that your tweet will be displayed at the top. However, the entire twitter account might not be indexed, thus, it cannot be guaranteed. But, you can still give it a try.

8. Utilize the Search Box

You must utilize the search box. It appears in the search results and if you utilize it properly, it would be of great benefit, as the user would be able to search for anything inside the website. Your website just needs to have a search tool of its own with Schema mark-up.

9. Images

Use good quality images to make sure that your image is shown up in the Image search results. If you are facing issues in search ranking, then you must certainly pay some attention to it. Some of the major factors that you must consider are:

• Never forget the alt tags
• The file name and image title must precise and clear
• Minimize the image size to an extent that it does have an adverse impact on the page load speed

10. User Reviews

User reviews also play an important role in boosting your ranking in the search results. This actually relates to registering with Google My Business. No matter you sell online or not, these reviews are very essential to be shown among the top results. People generally look at the rating and click the website with good reviews.


Dominating the search results is everyone’s desire. Hence, the level of competition is undoubtedly very high. So, ranking at the top search results, depends entirely on your efforts and the way you execute the techniques. Besides these techniques, organic search results also play a considerable role. So, you must make sure that you continue to excel in content marketing and on-page SEO. Keep trying..!! One day, you will surely top the search results..!!


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