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There are almost millions of posts on how to rank your website at Google and everyone will come up with different set of solutions. But still even we red so many article, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting the better ranking. The possible reason s that we focus on so many searches related ranking factor that we forget on the quality. the worst case scenario is that most of the bloggers do is that they started those illicit things that are strictly against the guidelines of Google and in most of the situations that get penalized and their website also gets banned.

1- Avoid Unethical Practices

Here are the thing Google hate Black hat practices to rank instead they welcomes only those practices that are purely legit and compliance as per their guidelines and algorithms. One must understand that all Google is trying to do is bringing out the most relevant results to interest their users. This is the only reasons that they have 80 percent of the market share.

If you try to rank higher y tricking or spamming measure that you won’t get far as they are highly strict is keeping the standard and will surely penalized your site. Majority of startups companies are taking advantage of certified SEO Services  that undertake only that is legitimate.

2- Make Your Web Page More Relevant

Make your website structure more relevant so that Google can properly rank you without facing any crawling blunder. One must put the relevant keywords in web blogs and pages to optimize it so that search engine can find and place you easily.

Make sure that you consider these necessary points:

The Site URL
The title and the meta tag
The Page body
Post and Page Headline
Image alt Tag
In the Site architecture
Along with the internal linking structure of your site
In the outbound links
HTML code of your Website

Keywords are highly essential that put you in front of your audience. But it is very important that you optimize it in correct manner. Only then you’ll be able to succeed in terms of online visibility and traffic.

3- Do Emphasize On Quality Backlinks

Google laid emphasis on the quality back links form other relevant sites of your niche that help in boosting the ranking factor to your site. Most of the new website owners don’t focus on creating a quality backlinks and even if they create mostly they are inappropriate. The best manner to do is:

» Understand Your Website Niche
» Select The Website Of High DA And PA Of Your Category
» Creative a quality guest post or article to be submitted
» Check the one way linking and search engine indexing of that site

The more links of the relevant website the better the chances to rank higher and gain visibility. The whole concept of search engine is depended on voting. Higher the links results into higher voting and places superior among others. One must make sure that you choose the platform of your own business category. Let’s say you have a website of restaurants and you are placing link on technology that there’ll be huge chance that you might create a sense of unrelated. Though getting the right link might be a hefty task at initial but later you’ll easily get to know about its fruitfulness.

4- Make Sure That Your Site Has Clean History

Make sure that you don’t purchase domain that was already preoccupied by someone. Google consider the age of the domain and the history. If you are purchasing the preoccupied domain that you might don’t know the links that is associated with it.

Beside if you are purchasing a domain then make sure that you register for long period of time. Although search engine says that age doesn’t matter but it is important to tell anyone that you are sticking around for period of time.

5- Create A Unique Content

One must understand that content is the king and will be the king in near future also for better ranking. Instead of repeating the same content over and over again, one must focus on creating some exceptional content that is one of its kinds. Countless of website face a problem where they focus on framing intuitive structure but they never focus on creating writing material that could entire users. If your content is not worthy and quality then it won’t be able to rank.

Coming up with content is a daunting task but one can easily do this by:

Analyzing Target audience
Examining your business niche
Using of infographics, images and videos
Analyzing your competitor
Going with the trending news as per your niche

One must also not copy content from other websites. It’s better to enroll with reliable content writer for starting to get the finest blog post and articles to enhance the credibility of your site.

6- Keep On Updating

You need to make sure that your website is existed for long period of time. The best way to do this is continuously updating site with latest norms and guidelines that are bring set by Google. Also do make sure that you bring out fresh and unique content on regular basis.

To all the new loggers that are thinking to rank at top position, take advantage of all above mentioned points that will help you to get finest results. The ranking will not come magically at ease; it requires a tremendous amount of efforts and updation on continuous basis.

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