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Analyze your website’s issues by Outsourcing Site Audit from professional experts of Website Audit Services India. Just as a human needs a medical check-up for his well-being, in the same way, a website too needs a health check-up, to ensure that it is perfectly fine from search and technical perspective. Therefore, we analyze the current state of your website(s) and identify any issue or weakness that may be restricting your website from working smoothly in the search engines. Not just this, we also provide you with effective solutions and suggestions on how you could overcome such issues.

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How Will This Audit Benefit My Business?

As mentioned earlier, this audit will help you identify all the issues and obstacles that would be hindering your website to perform well in search engines. This clearly indicates that the audit will help you flush out all the factors that are making it difficult for your business to compete in the online market.

You will get to know if the search engines are unable to crawl your website.
◆ Your local search results may improve by analyzing & chucking out the bad factors.
◆ You will get to know about existing rank profile and thereby make required improvements.
◆ You will be able to prepare a perfect SEO strategy that works to outperform your competitors.


What Do We Audit For?

Our team checks different technical errors that may be posing a negative impact on the website or webpage ranking. We generally audit or check the following:

Onsite Audit

Anchor Textcheck
File Sizecheck
Errors, for example 404 pages etc.check
URL Structurecheck
External Linkscheck
Broken Linkscheck
Meta Descriptioncheck
Title Tagscheck
Headings (H1, H2 etc.)check
Mobile websitecheck
Robot filecheck
Analytics/Webmaster Toolscheck

Offsite Audit

Social Mediacheck
Anchor Textcheck
Trust and Authoritycheck
Inbound Followed Linkscheck

Local SEO Audit

Review Analysischeck
Google+ Localcheck
Location Landing Pagecheck
Citation Analysischeck


Pre-Audit Consultationcheck
Post-Audit Consultationcheck


Effective Suggestions and Reports

Once the audit has been completed, we prepare detailed reports that highlight all the major areas where your website is lacking. The report includes:

All the issues found
◆ Competitive intelligence analysis
◆ Steps undertaken
Keyword research
◆ Backlinks coming to your site
◆ Recommended website strategy

This way, you are not just notified about the issues, but also provided with fruitful strategies and advices that would work for you.


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A higher ranking website is the dream of every online business owner. But, some factors can have a negative impact and restrict you from the desired results. So, if you are facing such issues, get an audit done for your website and observe the changes. Get in touch with us now..!!

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