How To Use Google’s Guide To Improve Quality Score Of Your Website?


Webmasters and SEOs must go through the newly-released Google’s search quality guidelines to understand various SERPs algorithms and plan their SEO campaign accordingly.

The purpose of the web page can vary it can be either to share information on a specific topic, promote products and services, share videos, images, to entertain or express views. Search quality evaluators are assigned the task of classifying web pages by Google. Along with a URL, questions can help in identifying the page types whether it is information-based or just for entertainment.

Regarding web content, raters were adviced to categorize content into main content, supplementary content, and advertisements. The main content is obviously the most important information, news articles or info on current affairs.

There Are Several Factors To Rate The Quality Of Web Pages

1. Clearly Define The Name Of The Owner Of The Website

Your website can be considered spammy or unreliable if you have not included clear information about ownership. You can reasonably build trust by creating a contact page. How well-structured your webpage also matters a lot. Webmasters must see that website is functioning well as well as content and images are accurate and updated. Positive feedback, testimonials, and user reviews can give a clear picture of website’s reputation.

2. PQ Rating Scale

Google’s guide states high-quality pages are those which are well-structured, have sufficient information, user-friendly page design, high-quality content and good reputation. If the website is not functioning properly and the content is outdated or inaccurate, Google will rate it low. Malicious or hacked pages are lowest quality pages on the web. They deceive users and mostly have scraped content.

3. Mobile-Friendly Site

Keeping in mind the mobile phone users, Google search quality guidelines give priority to a mobile friendly interface. With the growing number of smartphone users, it is essential for the companies to understand their needs and develop mobile-friendly websites. Mobile devices have small screen sizes so you should optimize your site for mobile.

Voice search rather than type search is encouraged so you would have to understand mobile search queries to enhance search results. There are various interpretations for mobile inquiries like common, dominant and minor interpretations. Search queries are also classified into 4 types namely know query, Website query, Do query and Visit-in-Person query. Know query is to get information on different topics whereas Visit-in-person query is to find out specific business or company.

Needs Met Grid To Meet The Requirements Of The Consumers.

You should always create fresh and highly relevant content to meet the query demands. Potential customers mostly love to go through reviews before making a purchasing decision. To buy products and services, they either opt for Do or Know queries. If you are really interested in improving your website rankings you offer your visitors high- quality content, make certain that website is mobile friendly, have user-friendly design and good reviews.

YMYL (Your Money Or Your Life Pages)

It was for the first time Google talked about YMYL pages. These web pages or sites create an impact on customer’s life. Web pages related to health, financial or legal matter must be high quality as in this person’s life or money is associated. If the quality of pages is not good enough it may have a negative impact on searcher’s health and fortune.

Also, the search engine considers shopping portal or online store under “Your money Your life pages” for ratings. So, webmasters must ensure that sales process is completely secure. If a searcher doesn’t feel safe ordering from the online store or filling personal details asked, then the raters might not rate well.

Sites or web pages which fall under YMYL category have to be designed with extra care and must be supported by references and additional content. The website associated with online banking or financial transactions, financial information, investments, health, medical and legal-related information falls under YMYL.

E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, And Trustworthiness)

Search Engine repetitively stresses on putting high-quality content on YMYL pages than others. Website’s value can be analysed by E-A-T i.e. Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. These are the three things on which behalf readers can gauge the overall quality of any particular site that falls under YMYL category.

It is important for any business to figure out what efforts can be taken to increase E-A-T value. If your web pages have high E-A-T value then a visitor who lands on your page will more likely love to share or recommend it to others. Lastly, see that your website has bit more information about the company, and include a contact form so that potential customers can contact you.

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