Everyone thinks that the link builders are people who are just looking for where to put a link to the promoted site. In fact, everything is not so simple. In this article I will try to tell you how a good link builder consultant can not only benefit the team, but also save money of the company.

Let’s get theoretical

The essence of the “link building” is the delegation of a large part of the work of the SEO specialist in terms of search for sites-donors for the promoted site, contacting site owners (or intermediaries) and discussing the details of the transaction to place the desired link on the site.

SEO isn’t a Link Builder

Always keep in mind that SEO and link builder are two different designations. Definitely they both should understand the strategy of optimization, but basically their day-to-day tasks are quite different. We prepared a short list of daily tasks your link builder will be involved in.

– Identify potential sites that should be considered as donor sites for the project. Criteria for selecting such sites, usually is dictated by SEO specialist, who is in charge for developing a promotion strategy.

– Search for sites, according to specified criteria. This means that the link builder tries to find the sites that can satisfy the necessary criteria.

– Search for contact data of the webmaster, who manages the donor site. Some sites place data in a completely inconspicuous place, some don’t place it at all. The link builder specialist has to become a spy searching for the owner of domain.

– The first contact with the owner of the site. This is also a whole science. The link builder has to correctly write the first letter (pitch) in order to shirk the chances of an answer and increase interest in cooperation from that side.

Actually the list can be quite long… All in all, the most terrifying tasks of searching and approaching, including the future communication with the owner of the site will be your link builder’s daily routine.

How to get the best one

As it was mentioned above the link builders are unique and rare specious. Most probably you will spend a few months to find the one. Nevertheless, try few strategies we are offering in order to facilitate the process.

Survey and Testing

You can distinguish five basic skills required for an effective link builder consultant.

The inability of a candidate to confidently demonstrate any of these qualities should be viewed as incompetence.

– Does the candidate clearly understand what internal optimization is?
– Is the code on the site clean and properly constructed?
– Are the keywords properly used?
– Does he posses enough patience and resiliency?

The ability to analyze, understand and quickly make changes to internal optimization is the basis of a successful link building. I can assure you, your site donors will try to get as much information about your page as it’s possible, so get ready.

The experience is must

The theory is good, but without relevant practice its value is zero. There are many pitfalls and they need to be known. Naturally, if you do not study thematic information – without this you will not be able to develop, but there are a lot of “experts” who are strong only in theory and believe, that if they studied the books and blogs, they a priori become the gurus of link building.

Initiative and curiosity

The best link builder is a curious link builder. If he doesn’t know what is currently happening in the field and doesn’t want to improve his knowledge on the topic. Be prepared to get the promotion that will never work out. Try to find out which sites deserve attention from his side and which he is counting useless. It will help to clarify this point.

Recuperate from ban

Your link builder should be skilled and experienced enough to provide the solution, if the site was banned by Google or some other web search engine. He should know which kind of campaign should be conducted, how much time it will take for the site to get recovered and which will be the consequences for the SERP.

The robots.txt file matters

Your link builder should be a guru of optimization. Ask him to read and analyse the robots.txt files. Your main aim is to find the specialist, who will be able to make an appropriate file for the indexation. If you are not sure that he correctly understands what is written in robots.txt, then you can use one of the good online validators.


Good link builders are always happy to demonstrate their skills, so do not be afraid to ask such questions and conduct the tests. If you are not willing to get someone as an employee you can always turn to a special company or to a competent third party, to compile a list of questions for specific tasks and goals.

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