Organic Link Building: An Ultimate Guide to Build Organic Links


Increasing competitors’ business can sometimes be the most unwanted happening which no one can digest and knowing their strategy to drive organic link building can give you the recipe to serve exactly the same even tastier dish that search engines and your audience like to taste.

What say?

Definitely, one who fails to reach where he would like to rank his business when it comes to search engine ranking, ought to know the influence of prominent link building techniques which can make a huge change to his business reputation in audience opinion.

Why Link Building Matters To Your Business?

To understand why links are important to your business, you need first to understand why links are important to search engines.

Search engines use links:

● To Crawl Your web page- If you’re in the business of rapid growth and proactive marketing, the best strategy would be to aid search engines in the discovery of your website pages. The more links you get, the quicker your web pages will get indexed.

● To Determine Your Ranking- As a marketing specialist, your goal is to be positioned on the very first page of a search result. The best testament you can do to place yourself on the first page of SERPs is to have quality external links to your site, i.e. credible backlinks for SEO.

Driving tons of traffic via organic way is included in every marketing specialist’s strategy diary. But very few are able to notch its concept. The reason is their lack of awareness and incompetence in dealing with such a demanding concept.

Since the process is not that much complicated that you as a proficient link-building consultant can’t perform to drive potential traffic to your client’s site.

All you need to do is to post rich quality content that is worth sharing with your readers or followers and constantly update it on a regular basis.

You can insert links to your website within the content of the article or list them as a reference at the end of your elite content creation to get indexed by popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing.

Techniques to Gain High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are all about quality, not quantity. Low-quality backlinks will work against you and can even penalize your website.

Here is how you can build quality backlinks:

a)- Add Backlinks In Guest Blog Posts

Most of the websites accept guest post submissions and generally have a page focused on explaining the submission guidelines with in-depth details. Some will support you to add your links to the content, on the other hand, some will need the payment for conducting the same process.

If you want your conclusive guest posting to be effective and influential for gaining backlinks, you have to create top-notch content. An incorrect content can become a toxic link, or the website may not accept your submission.

Plus, you can use linkable assets you have already published to increase the value of your content.

Blogger outreach solutions assist websites without a guest post and resources to build outreach teams. When you hire candidates to create such teams, you will need to educate and train them as well as give tools like analytics and email management software.

Tip: Write for the audience and not for yourself. Focus on writing regarding popular content writing topics that your readers are searching for while incorporating your website’s niche too. The topic you will choose should have some aspects of the industry your site is regarding and the niche of the site you will be writing for.

b)- Develop High-Grade Content To Gain Editorial Links

Editorial links are the most beneficial links you can earn. If you publish linkable assets that are high-quality, the possibility of getting editorial link increases.

This is where all your focus on developing good content and an attractive website comes into play.

Other websites will also feel like including your site’s link to their content because of the value of your posts. Google values such types of links and they can increase your actual websites visibility.

c)- Build Links As Per Relationship

Networking inside as well as outside your industry is the best element for your website. Although your goal is to add your links to their website, don’t ask for your link directly. You need to build a good relationship with them, and this might take some time.

You can approach various renowned website owners through their social media accounts, email, or personally over a meeting. First, you need to do something for them. Building their trust in your and providing some benefits is a great way to begin establishing a positive relationship.

Promote their site, tools, or products on your website. Also, you can support their mission and vision. This way, you can ask them to give you something in return, like a high-quality link back to your website. Possibilities are that they will add your link without even asking you and help you in standard link building.

d)- Build Links Through Niche Directories

Online directories are an old strategy of link building. Today, they have started losing their value. This is the reason why it is best to do general directories but rather focus on ones that have specific niches.

One of those directory websites is Yelp. Yelp supports food-related businesses and home service companies. They get a lot of organic traffic every month. So with them, you know you are going to get the exposure you have wished for.

Its high DR will give a positive signal to Google that if your business is on Yelp, you are trustworthy and valuable. You can submit all the information required on the website and get approval within a couple of days.

Ensure to submit the updated details to the online directory website. Don’t spam the site with your submission. It can get you rejected and can affect your fruitful digital marketing strategies.

e)- Build Backlinks Through Badges

Badge abuse is not something you would be interested to do if you don’t want to get your site penalized. As long as your badge aims at branding and is not essential, you are in a good place. This is because people pay more attention to images, and badges are one of the best methods to get exposure.

However, you should limit the alt texts within the badges otherwise the links with them will be considered spam.

Plus, you should not provide incentives to readers or websites when they share your badge. This would become a type of paid linking.

f)- Replacing Broken Links With Your Own Content’s Backlink

Finding broken links on someone’s website is a complicated task, but it can be very awarding later on. Broken links can affect your website’s SEO negatively, so it is essential for websites to regularly fix and check broken links for reliable broken link building.

Once you have a broken link on the site you are looking for it, update them that you have found one and offer them a working link to your site that has content similar to theirs.

This way you will get an automatic organic link and also goodwill from the target site.

How To Gain Organic Links

If your competitors are also focusing, or serving a similar audience, you can ask them for a link or guest post exchange.

If you have added a link to a site in your blog posts, you can move further with relationship link-building.

Encourage their good work and provide convincing reasons why you included a link to their website.

If the relationship grows well, possibilities are their site will also link back to you.

Have you made media files that are informative as well as valuable?

You can social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to expand your target audience. When you have added trustworthiness and reputation to your brand name, your ranking will automatically increase, leading to more organic links. This way you will get major benefits of social media.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. You need to keep in id your brand, your niche, and your resources as well.

Getting organic links is not just about external content and building relationships. If your own website is not good, no one can provide you with valuable backlinks.

More Ways To Drive Quality Drive Organic Link

In the context of your content, you confidently post on your site with a prospect to get links is the one side of the story but not enough to get a huge success.

There is a lot more need to go an extra mile in order to get your posted content gets all over viral and this vision can only be possible by putting content on other sites too which can give your business more value.

● You can place content with your links on other blogs with guest blogging.

● You can use article directories and post great quality content.

● Content can be placed on Web 2 and social networking sites.

● Publishing to Wikis can help you with top ways to build links.

● Blog commenting and forum participation in good as long as you do not spam.

The focus should be on the quality and importance of link building for SEO in order to generate the volume of traffic to cherish a competitive advantage in your favor. Still not convinced?

Ok not to worry there’s a lot more to come for organic link building which compels you to get most of its advantage for your website too.

Tips To Create Linkable Assets

If you have gained enough information about your readers, it’s time to create your content. The content you will create should be a unique and linkable asset. It should not be copied from a post you can find on every other website.

Linkable assets attract more backlinks. If done properly, they will also influence social media users to share your content. The secret behind creating linkable assets is to make them unique, relevant, and shareworthy. This will help you in successful link building for SEO.

Listed below are some tips to create linkable assets:

People prefer to read facts and figures. If you provide content with relevant and trustworthy data, possibilities are that other websites will link back to you.

On many websites, you will find accurate statistics on almost everything. However, various high-authority sites will also use these websites, therefore searching your own data is a perfect way to get valuable organic backlinks.

For example, you could begin with surveys or you can also go to social media for collecting fresh data.

a)- Connect Emotionally With Users

As you know, humans are emotional creatures. If you can connect with the readers emotionally, you can be assured to get backlinks from them. The professional backlinks help in growing your website globally.

You can share a story that has examples of real-life events. Tragedies or issues, as well as success stories, are always the center of attraction. Explain to people how your offerings will benefit them.

If you want to handle negative comments, you can even tackle a controversial topic there is a possibility that you might offend any reader, so be very careful while creating such content.

b)- Include Valuable Solutions in your Content

The wisest solutions can also bring your organic backlinks. Whether your site is focusing on home-based providers or business owners, your readers will appreciate you if their issues are being solved.

Other sites will also want to use your problem-solving idea for their audience. The possibilities are really high that you will get a mention on their site. After some time, you can also search for unlinked mentions to you, reach out to other websites, and ask them to link back to your content developed with actual website content writing tips.

c)- Develop Original Content For Your Site

Lengthy content is very effective, and Google might even rank you higher for it, but here is a truth- many readers will not read the entire article. This is where medical files come into play.

Media files include videos, images, slideshows, and so on. These files add more value to your content and can also attract readers from various corners of the world. Your customer personas will inform the type of media you should develop, whether it is an infographic or an instructional video for a listicle.

Media files can help you gather a lot of organic backlinks, specifically on social media. Ensure to have someone expert who can help you with specific social media marketing tips.

d)- Include Links Of High-Authority Sites

You can get valuable information to add to your content from another website and offer links in return.

For example:

You have created an article regarding SEO techniques for websites. A renowned website has also an article regarding the same topic. You need to focus on including a link to that article published by a renowned website as this will increase your site’s authority and your content’s credibility.

e)- Provide Free Trials, Demos, And Tools On Your Site

If your website deals in selling products or tools, you can choose to offer free trials to potential customers. The better quality and usability of your product, the more chances are that other websites will add it to their list and provide you with more organic links for your website. This is one of the best advanced link building tips.

Now that you know how to create linkable assets, it’s time to know which low-quality organic links you need to avoid.

What Type of Low-Quality Organic Links You Need To Avoid

Low-quality organic links are those that cost more than they are worth or affect your ranking in a negative manner. You can get many sites on the internet that use these low-quality links, but you need to avoid them if you want to protect your site from getting penalized.

a)- Spinning articles for links

Article spinning refers to the process when you create new content by refreshing content that already exists. You would never want to do this, specifically when doing guest posts. The websites you are writing for want you to deliver new content, and will probably reject articles that are developed by spinning an already existing content. This will not help you in worthwhile local link building for local business.

Also, Google will tend to penalize your site for spinning content, not to mention that the practice is just an effective manner to do business.

b)- Paying for more links

Paid links are still a very common practice among many websites, rather than being scowled upon by Google. The majority of websites that accept bad-quality content in return for money have already got penalized. This is the top-most reason why many of these sites have lost a lot of traffic after algorithm updates

While here we are talking about paid links, this does not require money to be involved. Links are often exchanged for favors or various other items that can be also considered paid links.

c)- Placing links in a site’s sidebar, header, or footer

There is nothing wrong with such types of links, but they do not have any extra value. More than ever, they won’t help you in increasing your ranking.

If you have a lot of links in these places, it is effective to ask the website to remove them. Header, sidebar, and footer links can be beneficial if done correctly, but it’s still better to avoid risky placement.

Also, ensure to check whether its quality dofollow and nofollow backlinks during the link building process.

d)- Spamming comment sections with backlinks

Never spam your comment section with your links.

There are many websites that have tools to avoid spammed comments from getting through, and you will only be wasting your valuable resources by pursuing this type of link.

e)- Sourcing backlinks from general directories

Keep in mind that niche directory websites are your ultimate targets.

Basic directories have been used by many websites for backlinks, which has led to spammed content. These directories will not influence your ranking in a negative way but will cost you time as well as resources. You are also more probably to get a Google penalty for being listed there.

Why You Should Optimize Your Website For Better Organic Links

It doesn’t matter how great your content is, you won’t get any benefit if your website doesn’t look trustworthy and professional. Optimizing your site is important for getting the exact benefits of link building.

Just think that you have your own bakery with the most loved food items, but your location is not good for many. Potential customers will not even have a bite of your baked goods to make you win over your competitors. The same idea goes for your website.

The design of your website can either make or break when it’s the matter of giving your customer a memorable first impression. If you are not sure if your site looks good enough, ask some people you trust for their honest feedback.

You need to concentrate on the UI and UX web design. UX means user experience and shows how conveniently your readers can navigate through your website. UI refers to user interface and concentrates more on aesthetics or looks.

Also, you need to work with professional web developers that have trustworthy website development ideas to increase your site’s loading speed and other factors that can affect your reader’s experience.

The most essential thing is to make your website easy to use as well as professional. Ensure that all the assets that are linkable have a comfortable home for readers and other websites to link back to you.

Numerous Benefit Of Link Building

● Links enhanced your business popularity among millions by increasing awareness, reputation, and visibility of your website.

● Organic link building helps you get wider search engine exposure

● Each organic link you get from the trusted site is a vote in your business’s favor

● The more organic links you earn to your webpage, the higher will be your page rank.

● Renders great way to get known in your field/niche.

After analyzing such incredible advantages one thing definitely stands out link building not just leaves a huge impact for today but will matter the day after also. You just have to provide great stuff and present it uniquely. And that’s all you are ready to attend to the billions of potential visitors’ queries and cherish this honor for lifelong.

Now that you have read the complete guide on building organic backlinks and know why are backlinks important, it’s time to start your own quest to acquire a high position in SERPs.

Not every technique will succeed all the time but don’t always view that as a failure. Even the most popular marketers stumble upon it now and then, it is all part of the learning experience.


Organic link building will always be an important aspect of achieving a high ranking. If you are planning to opt for organic link building then you should ensure you have a professional team that is specialized in this area. LinkBuildingCorp is one of the reputed and experienced link-building companies that help businesses gain a higher position in SERPs.

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