A backlink refers to a link within your website’s content that helps to connects back to another website or page. Several Marketers just want to improve the rankings by using cheap backlinks for their websites. But are they right?

Various companies are following the common practice of loading their website content with several backlinks, regardless of their quality.

The addition of backlinks is done to boost the site’s rankings on search engines.

However, it is important to add a better quality backlink if you don’t want to drop your website down to the bottom of the search results page.

If there are growing Ecommerce SEO Services, then getting cheap backlinks is not a good idea.

Many website owners initially go for cheap services as these services might look tempting and you may get ready to spend your dollars to get multiple backlinks to your site in return.

In reality, getting cheap backlinks can actually prove to be very costly. They may harm your business in the given ways.

Risks of Cheap Backlinks Solutions

1- Inheriting Bad Image

You may don’t want to manipulate any ranking algorithms, but poor-quality backlinks have the potential to cause great harm to your website. The sites linking to one another is a problem when something wrong with one of the sites, will generally pass to the other.

The top SEO experts in malaysia believe the quality of backlinks is important to consider before getting them added to your website.

Good backlinks establish credibility which is a very important aspect of your SEO strategy.

2- Penalties

Earlier the SEO practices were easy than it is now. You can easily stuff keywords and buy backlinks and search engines may not do anything but now the scenario is different.

Now, there are guidelines that forbid the use and manipulation of the system by purchasing links to increase the ranking higher in the SERPs.

By purchasing links you may increase the risk of the penalty.

This may result in the removal of your site from the search results. Search for the ways how to execute high-quality links to the website.

3- Losing Money

Cheap backlinks may not cost you much initially but whatever amount you spend on getting cheap backlinks is actually a waste of money.

These cheap backlinks include poor longevity and are provided in the mass sale. These links will either end soon or they may get sold to almost everybody.

The worst situation is when the same backlinks get sold to your competitor.

• Reduced Website Traffic

The major side-effects of purchasing cheap backlinks for your site reduces the traffic to it.

With this, there are also chances of penalty incursions or even reduced DA. When you purchase the cheap backlinks you’ll notice your traffic level declines and keep declining.

There are several web bloggers who have shared their experiences with cheap backlinks which is a disaster for them.

With cheap backlinks, you lower your search engine rankings, the decline in the new visitors, and reduced revenue. You will only get high traffic through backlinks of the high quality.

4- Toxicity of a Cheap Backlink

Getting a cheap backlink may lower the domain of trust. This is according to the number of backlinks from trusted domains.

A low rank will generally show the site’s domain score that is artificially inflated.

Also, if there are similar pages on multiple sites that are linking to you, this may also warn the search engines to see the link building of the website.

Search engines want to provide the best results to the users. Getting cheap backlinking can make the visible text to HTML low. This will show the linking page as poor quality.

Do It In Correct Way

The reason behind the several bad things happening to the website is due to purchasing low-quality backlinks.

The reason is that it’s not included in the best practices. This may result in big punishment to the website. If you want to take benefit from backlinking, then you need to add good quality backlinks.

You must create value for the niche so that authorities want to link back to your content.

It is very important to understand how backlinks and their quality affect your website, both positively and negatively.

You need to take the time to clean up your site and remove any backlinks that are of low quality and might be hindering the ability of the website to climb up the SERP ranking.

Removing all the backlinks can help you to see the increase in the traffic that was not that much initially.

Think for massively increase website traffic and you will see a whole new opportunity to grow your traffic in the best ethical way.


Now, you might know how cheap backlinks can harm your business. To know a better way to use backlinks, consider LinkBuildingCorp. LinkBuildingCorp can help you to get the high-quality backlinks that are important to attract more traffic and increase your ranking in the search engine.

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