Is Backlinks Affordable for Your Business? [6 Crucial Facts]


If you are a small business you probably do not have the budget to gather prospects to your website with expensive digital ads. This means you have to be strategic about handling the fundamental pillars of your digital presence. So, is backlinks affordable for your business?

So, you have started your new business and just developed a great site. You need to increase your SERP rankings but your digital marketing budget does not call for outsourcing to a company. Any business owner searching to solidify their small company SEO techniques, will need to familiarize themselves with backlinks. A backlink is an effective SEO technique that digital marketers exercise to increase the ranking of the website in the SERPs. The more quality websites link to your site (backlinks), the greater your website’s value will be achieved by search engines such as Google. Thus, scaling it higher. A great indicator of this quality or value of a website is its domain authority score. Digital marketers have different backlink tactics up their sleeves, but not all of them are convenient on the wallet.

Nonetheless, there are techniques provided by affordable SEO packages that startups can prefer while alleviating their budgetary tensions.

Ways to Acquire Affordable Backlinks

1. Join Startup and Entrepreneurial Communities

There are different sites online that support company owners in various ways. Platforms such as Young Entrepreneur and Entrepreneur Council assist new companies to connect with each other. They offer access to resources and they also have the chance for you to make informative guest posts. You can submit posts between 500 to 1000 words as well as share your new perspective and experience to assist your peers. You will achieve a link in your author bio field for your business site. And in this manner, you will slowly but efficiently create links from high domain authority sites to yours.

Keep in mind that your aim should be to develop beneficial content for your business peers. And not to create promotional material across your own business.

2. Directory Submissions

Web directories are the convenient and quicker method of getting backlinks to your website. General listing directories or even industry-targeted directories will mostly involve a link back to your website. Achieving a link from these directories includes setting up a profile with them as well as submitting a profile with business information for approval. Once approved, the profile will be there on the net with a backlink involved. Here, professional link building services Australia can help massively.

Startups can aim to list from a wide range of free directories available on the internet.

If you have run out of free directories to submit and have some amount to spare, paid directories should be your next option. If practicing this option, ensure to pay for the worthy directories. Run the website via a domain authority checker. The higher the DA, the more link value the website holds. The high DA directories are most probably to be more expensive.

3. Create an Infographic

Infographics are images that showcase complicated data in an engaging way. Well-made infographics are very interesting for people as they deliver beneficial content. And they turn complex information into small facts and pictures as well. An infographic is a top-most linkable thing. Including one that is beneficial to your audience would not just give you huge traffic, it will also get you more backlinks. The first step to develop an infographic is doing thorough research. Analyze interesting topics and top questions in your niche. Then begin gathering information from different sources. This is a great way to learn how to build backlinks.

Work with a good design tool to establish your infographic. At the same time, use colors that match your brand in your infographic as this will assist your brand to become more memorable. You do not have to just represent factual data in an infographic, you can also generate guides using the same format.

Include your infographics on your site and promote them effectively. Ensure that you develop a call to action asking people to share it. If it is well made and assists people, you should go through many backlinks to your post over time.

4. Evergreen Content Sharing

No, here we don’t mean a feature article across global warming issues or regarding any social topic. Evergreen content is the type that remains fresh or relevant for a longer period of time. This means, if a reader had to look back at content a few years later, it would still be as appropriate then as it is nowadays. While this rules out news articles as well as a blog post. Evergreen content can be an infographic, a video tutorial, or a slideshow.

The target here is to offer new learning for the audience with this content. Some questions to think about: What are the major takeaways from the infographic? How will your slideshow assist audience X and Y solve an issue a and b? If you take some time to research as well as add new data into the content, it is more probably to have fabulous appeal. Invest some time on stats and other industry trends to observe what’s happening in your industry nowadays.

Besides increasing your rankings in SERPs through backlinks, such though leadership content can also establish your brand as an industry leader and boost sales of your business. If read thoroughly, this can be the most ultimate backlinks guide.

5. Create a Statistics Post

A survey post is a blog post or an article that holds factual detail across a topic. Generating a statistics post is very challenging but beneficial as you will provide your audience with important information that is backed by real research.

Once you have established a list of essential statistical information, you have to then settle them appropriately for best effect. For instance, here is an image of a statistics post established around the use of forms on sites. It becomes very clear that organizing and representing statistics provide people practical concepts on different ways to enhance their marketing efforts in various areas.

6. Next-Stage Tactics

The following backlink techniques may not be appropriate for every medium or small business out there as it relies on their current brand exposure as well as industry relations. However, if your business can add any of these techniques then they can yield great outcomes.

Local Link Building: Enhancing relationships with nearby companies and other local SMEs can give an advantage to both parties with not only backlinks but also exposure. Reaching out to regional publications to achieve backlinks placed for some articles could benefit other regional SMEs.

Brand Mentions: A brand mention is a reference to your business on any other site on the web. Once you source a list of these mentions from the internet, you can contact them and ask them to link that mention of your company’s name to the site. This may generally include an exchange of links or solutions. As a startup, you may not have many of such mentions.

Partner/Suppliers: Do your suppliers, partners, or any company you do partnership withholds testimonial sections on their site? Representing them with a testimonial and achieving its places on their site, can get you a backlink with you showcased as the testimonial provider.

Competitor Link Analysis: Everyone should begin from somewhere. Therefore why not find out where your rivals began from? Once you don’t have any plans for link acquisition, it is always worthwhile to scope out how your rivals are achieving their backlinks. Analyzing websites linking to your rivals will permit you to source directories, new link acquisition techniques, and guest posting websites which you might not have thought about.

Backlinks from trustworthy as well as famous sites mainly boost your website’s authority. They are also fabulous for exposure and assist you in increasing referral traffic. According to your available business resources, generate backlinks utilizing effective link building strategies. Avoid receiving links from spammy sources.

Wrapping It Up:

Work on these various techniques and you will observe achieving backlinks. And ensure you hire experts to assist you to track your company’s progress and growth. Do you need assistance in building quality backlinks to your website? As a professional SEO company, LinkBuildingCorp can develop a link-building plan for your company that increases your presence in search, enhances your SEO, and boosts site traffic.

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