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The growing necessity to enter international market has prompted entrepreneurs to develop multilingual websites for their specific target customers. From a tiny needle to clothes or books, everything can now be sold online. But research evidence shows that the web users prefer to direct their searches in their own native language. This can also be witnessed by the increasing numbers of non-English search queries on the internet. This trend resulted in the rapid growth and demand for international SEO practices, especially by the hi-end global brands. There are number of global brands that operate multilingual websites for their target markets around the world.

The global websites list is dominated by premium brands such as Coca Cola, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble and so on. Studies show that the average number of languages that is supported by these websites is now 23. It was just 11 languages in the year 2005. With the vast increase of international market, the most popular brands like these, also switched to adopting multilingual or internal SEO services.

“International SEO strategies or methodologies build upon the existing local SEO strategies by deploying similar tactics albeit in the target language or target country”Need to Conquer New / International Markets

● If your internal (domestic) market is not assuring an increase from your previous business volume, then the natural and profitable gateway is to conquer new markets, i.e. international markets.

● As a business entrepreneur, your motivations would definitely be fueled by expanding your business reach. But as a consequence of the current economic crisis, you might not be achieving your target, as of now. Thus, it is advisable to engage in a globalized market.

Attention-Grabbing Queries

Before implementing the international SEO strategies, the queries that interest the entrepreneurs to the maximum extent are:

● How do the search engines treat the issues associated with multi-lingual sites and multi-countries?

● How can a company come in, attack, and finally conquer the foreign market?

Listed below are the solutions to the queries related to the nature of International SEO and how these practices really work:-

1- Country Code Top-Level Domains

According to a survey, using Country Code Top-Level Domains (ccTlds) is a reliable way to reach out to a wider audience as well as boost website ranking. While using these domains, make sure that you have already developed websites for the target country that links to your pages and domain. For example, if you are targeting India, then make sure that all the websites with the domain ‘.in’ are providing you backlinks. If your SEO campaign is targeting multiple countries, then Country Code Top-Level Domains can surely help you.

2- Sub-Carpet Domains

Sub-Carpet Domains can also be an ideal choice for your firm, if you target a general language market, like Spanish but not a specific country, like Mexico.

Amazon uses Country Code Top-Level Domains, while apple uses Sub-Carpet Domains, as the needs of both the firms are different from each other. Thus, go beyond your regular SEO practices while choosing between these options.

3- The Local IP Issue

This is the most classical issues witnessed while adopting internal SEO tactics. If you are using a ‘content delivery network’, make sure to examine where the servers are located and check whether one or more of the servers are in or close to the targeted countries. This is basically not directly related to SEO, but to the Page Speed issue. Page loading time determines the success of your SEO practices (website ranking).

You can utilize a proxy local IP from your own server. Hosting solutions can be a real pain in certain countries; therefore many companies host their clients’ sites in servers that are located in another country. Create separate sitemaps.xml files, if you choose the sub-folder option.

4- Translation

If you wish to build quality links via International SEO, then the first problem you might encounter, is translating the website content into the target country language. To accomplish this, you should always trust a reliable translation agency that is experienced enough to deliver quality results for multilingual websites. Make sure that your translator is bilingual, for translating both the source and target language.

Never go for automated translation services, such as ‘Google translate’, as they may not discover that some countries possess certain peculiarities in dialect expressions.

For proper optimization, as per the foreign target language, provide the translator with a detailed list of appropriate keywords by which they will:

● Translate the website content according to the target language and culture
● Utilize them in the translations for increased website ranking

5- Link Building, Inbound Marketing and International SEO

Now, when your site is completely optimized, it is the time to market and advertize your product/service and employ ways to escalate your website ranking. If these activities cost you more, then you can hire a dedicated SEO expert for your specific optimization needs. Once you have localized the website content, you must also localize your content marketing activities to promote your site.

Modern-day link building is not just mere dofollow comments, directory submissions or forum signatures. It has emerged as a sophisticated art that uses content marketing as its fuel and social media as its reliable ally.

Thus, building links for international SEO has some technicalities, but you need to use them if you wish to target a foreign country and enter into the global market. If your budget and other resources do not allow you to conduct such activities in-house, then you should trust a leading manual link building agency for your specific requirements. To accomplish International SEO Practices effectively, LinkBuildingCorp is truly a brand name that can assist you in reaching out to multilingual audience.

LinkBuildingCorp as Your Allied Partner

LinkBuildingCorp is a renowned firm that derives comprehensive solutions to boost up your website’s influence in the business community. With tremendous knowledge in the domain, we assist and guide our clients throughout, while rendering quality link building services. The sole aim of our company is to escalate the clients’ website ranking and list the proposed website among the top 10 search results in any search engine. The company offers a wide range of services:-

● One Way Link Building Services
● Press Release Submission Services
● Directory Submission Services
● Manual Article Submission Services
● Social Bookmarking Services
● Authentic services by a professional SEO Expert

Besides, providing you phenomenal link building services, we also provide pristine translation services to our clients. We have a team of adroit translators, who are versatile enough to translate multiple languages.

Thus, collaborating with LinkBuildingCorp, you can save a lot of your money and other resources, as each and every need to flourish in the international market will be fulfilled just at one place. Right from translating your website and other marketing collaterals to building quality links, we can serve all your purposes in a nick of time.

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