How Many Backlinks Do I Need To Rank? – A Detailed Analysis


The moment individual decides to execute SEO for their site, the first question that comes in the mind is, How many backlinks do I need to rank on the first page of Google search results?

Since backlinks are something that plays a huge role in SEO ranking, you obviously need them to climb the ladder of search engines.

But, the question still remains, how many backlinks would be sufficient to rank on the first page?

Well, that totally depends on what you are planning about and what kind of keywords you are trying to target through your SEO campaigns.

If you are planning to target low competitive keywords, you won’t need as many backlinks to rank on the first page. Even, there are uncountable sites that don’t have too many backlinks but are still at the top of Google search results. Every online business owner should know the importance of link building

Have you ever wondered, how’s that possible? Because they are targeting keywords that have comparatively lower keywords difficulty.

Here’s an example:

Bike on demand, a UK-based bike rental provider, is ranking on the first page of Google for keyword “bike car rental UK”.

Let’s insert this URL into Ahref’s Site Explorer to check it’s backlinks.

As here you can see that the page has only 1 backlink, but is still ranking on the first page of the search engine. This is possible because the keyword “monthly bike rental UK” has a lower keyword difficulty.

Looking at the above example, you can conveniently rank your pages with a minimum number of backlinks if your targeted keywords have less competition. Adding to that it is also important to know how to earn links.

However, that doesn’t always mean that competition is the only factor that represents the number of backlinks you will need to rank on the first page.

Some of the other factors that analyze the number of backlinks include:

Backlink Quality

When it’s about building backlinks, you should always consider quality over quantity. Why? Because Google encourages backlinks that have high quality, i.e., backlinks build from prominent and authority domains.

It is worth noting that one high-quality link will have the same value in comparison to 100 bad-quality links.

Therefore, a website with ten quality backlink outranks the site that has hundreds of low-quality links.

This is the major reason, why it is always suggested to build quality backlinks from suitable sites, especially when you are planning to shield and sustain the position in SERP. Not only do links help you to rank on the first page of Google, but there are various benefits of link building.

While we are discussing it, let’s have a look at the factors that make a backlink high quality.

How to Determine the Backlink Quality

Listed below are the factors that will assist you to decide the quality of backlinks.

■ Relevance

The sources from where the backlink is developed should be pertinent to the site.

For instance, if any website design service provider links to a blog that holds content about web design development, it would be considered pertinent.

On the other hand, if it links to a page that’s about tips for buying property, it would be considered irrelevant.

Let’s have a look at another example.

LinkbuildingCorp is a website that delivers SEO services.

Here’s what the backlink section of the website looks like.

As you can see that all the backlinks here are related to SEO. This can be counted as the secret tips to get quality backlinks.

■ Domain Authority (DA)

When you achieve a backlink from a site with high domain authority, it will automatically become high-quality link.

The reason behind it is that high DA means that the site falls under the section of authority domains and is considered trusted sources by Google.

It means that while crawling your site’s backlink section, Google will look at your site as an authority and will boost its position towards the top.

■ Anchor Text

The anchor text means the clickable part of the link, also presents the quality of the backlink.

When your anchor text is similar or exactly the same as the targeted keywords, the backlink quality will increase automatically.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that you should always utilize the ‘exact keywords’ as the anchor text while building quality links. Adding to that, you can also consider natural guest posting services as with this your site can get 100% quality backlinks which will help you to rank higher.

It is always a great strategy to utilize keyword variations.

For instance, if you are trying to rank for ‘ best online clothing shop’, the anchor texts should have a combination of phrases such as ‘ online clothing site’, ‘ best online shop’, and so on.

This will assist you to form a strong backlink profile for your website.

On-Page SEO

You might be thinking that I have got little off the track. So, let’s get back to our main topic and that is, how many backlinks do I need to rank?.

The second aspect that showcases the number of backlinks is on-page SEO. For executing it more effectively, you can consider the latest link building techniques also.

If your site’s on-page aspects are perfect, you will need a fewer element to rank on the first page of Google. This is because a poorly optimized site is difficult to be crawled by Google.

Moreover, the authority that you will bring by building quality links will also get affected if the on-page elements of the website are not optimized.

This is the reason why every SEO professional executes link building and on-page SEO side-by-side to make sure there is a proper balance of links and familiarness of the site.

Listed below are some tips that will assist you to perform an on-page SEO for your site.

The page title and meta description and description for every web page should be generated for the targeted keywords.

The site speed should be generated, i.e., none of the web pages should take more than 3 seconds to load.

The content on every page should be optimized by the keywords variations and target keyword, also known as LSI keywords.

Ensure that your site provides easy navigation to the visitors.

Competitor’s Backlink Profile

To get a rough idea of how many backlinks you will require to rank for specific keywords, take a glimpse at your competitor’s backlink profile.

The amount of backlinks, that the competitors have built, is what you will require to rank for the same keyword, considering you build backlinks having equal quality.

Although, it is not necessary to hit the same number of backlinks as your competitors have. If you build quality backlinks, you can accomplish the preferred rankings even with a fewer number of backlinks.

However, checking the competitor’s backlinks profile is a good start to analyse a rough estimate of the number of backlinks you will require. But before all this, you should learn advanced link building tactics.

Should You Buy Backlinks?

People mostly buy backlinks just to increase the quantity. According to the dofollow link building guide, buying backlinks is not healthy for your website because success doesn’t come with a short cut.


Selling or buying backlinks is against Google’s guidelines. In case, anyone is caught practising such activity, Google is most likely to lower their website ranking or even penalize the site.

And, in case you assume that Google cannot analyse the difference between bought and authentic links, you could not be more wrong.

The search engine has become very smart over the years, more than you could even imagine.

Therefore, if you assume that you can get away with selling and buying links, get ready to be surprised by Google’s abilities.


Till now you might have got clarity about what does quality link building mean? While building links, it’s not good to set a particular target in your mind. You should continue to build high-quality backlinks even if you are ranking at the first position of Google search results.

In case you stop building links, your competitors are most likely to outrank your site, which you might not prefer. It is also worth mentioning that only a strong backlink profile won’t take your site’s position. It is also important that all other factors of the site are optimized as well.

Therefore, it is always good to hire SEO professionals from top SEO service agencies who have good experience in handling SEO campaigns for various websites. And when we are talking about SEO professionals, no one can deliver you better service than LinkbuildingCorp. We are the best when it comes to delivering result-oriented and affordable services. With our powerful link building services in the USA, you will be able to compete with your competitors and safeguard your position on the first page in SERP. At Tridindia, we work with experts who know how many backlinks a website needs to rank and how to maintain its visibility and generate more sales.

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