Link Building for SEO: Why Links Are Important for SEO?


Link building is known as a powerful and popular strategy that helps to grow online. The benefits of link building are being counted in various online growth strategies around the world.

The problem is, that it’s still one of the most misunderstood strategies that are complicated and overwhelming.

At first, it is crucial to know why every website demands link building?

Link building is the way toward getting hyperlinks from different sites to your own. A hyperlink (normally just called a link) is a path for clients to explore between pages on the web.

There are numerous procedures for building links, and keeping in mind that they fluctuate in trouble, reliable link building experts have a tendency to concur that trouble which is one of the hardest parts of their occupations.

But now that’s not the case, links are also vital. Do you want to know how link building can help your online business? If yes then this post is for you.

Here, We’ll Learn:

Basics of Link building
The Analysis Of a Hyperlink
The Power Of Links In Google
How To Build Links
What is Required To Make A Good Link?
Link Building Strategies
Link Building Tools
Why Link Building is Important for SEO?
What Is The Future Of Link Building?

Let’s uncover every topic one by one……

Link building helps to get hyperlinks from another site to your own. Good hyperlinks help you navigate between pages on the internet. Search engines make use of the links to crawl the web. They will crawl the links between every page on your site, and then according to the relevance, it ranks your website in SERPs.

Not every link is established by marketers or reliable SEO experts. Sometimes, many links are formed due to an array of reasons like a famous blogger writing a new story and linking to a source, directing to your site, or a blogger who loves their new travel bag so much that they link to the brand from where he/she has purchased.

Gaining links you have never tried to have is the blessedness of SEO. If you want growth in your online business, you should be always strive for building new and quality links.

To know the necessity of link building, it is essential to first understand the essential Topics For link building, how the search engines view links, and what they can interpret from them. The Analysis Of a Hyperlink

● Start of link tag: Know as an anchor tag, this opens the link tag and shows search engines that a link to something else is about to follow.

● Link referral location: The “href” stands for “hyperlink referral”, and the text inside the quotation marks represents the URL to which the link is pointing. This does not always have to be a web page; it could be the address of a file or an image to download. Occasionally, if you will see something other than a URL, starting with a #sign.

These are local links, which take you to a varied section of the page you are already on. To identify all these things, successful link building company in Arizona.

● Visible/anchor text of link: People read a little content on your page, and on which they require to click if they want to open the link. This is the quality link-building basics. The text is generally formatted in some manner to make it stand out from the text that surrounds it, mostly with the blue color and/or underlining signaling to users that it is a clickable link.

● Closure of link tag: This indicates the end of the link to tagging the search engines.

Google has done a quite good job of scaring webmasters of late with its Panda and Penguin updates. On the back of this, many websites have been penalized because of poor onsite SEO tactics and have lost rankings for certain keywords due to bad linking or manipulative link tactics.

But, now that the dust has settled a little, people are starting to ask the question of whether progressive link building strategies are still vital for SEO in a post-Penguin landscape.

● Links Still Matter

This is a no-brainer, so people have no intention of stringing you along to the end of the article. Links still matter, they matter so much and if you are going to do well, you are going to need some links to your website.

That said, a few things have changed and some of what did work, does not any longer and if you are into the longevity of your website then you require to be a whole lot more careful with building links.

● Search Engine Ranking Factors

To put this into perspective, represent how essential links are you will review some of the evidence and every couple of years, some pals at a few agencies do a study on the latest search engine ranking factor.

This study utilizes some data from the links cape index along with the opinions and thoughts of the biggest consultants and companies in the business.

This is doubly beneficial in that it not only delivers you some feedback on just what is vital to rank a website and pages on that site but it also delivers you some historical comparison against the previous years to frame the slow, gradual changes in the ranking algorithm.

Here valuable SEO marketing done by professionals can help.

Link-building tactics are divided into 3 categories. To be honest, it should be 4 but we chose to not mention “buying links” as we don’t want any website to face the harmful consequences it has. So here are three of them:

● Add- Adding links to your page in a various manner.
● Ask- Reach out to popular website owners and ask them for a link.
● Earn- Achieving organic links from the visitors.

1. Adding links

If you successfully add links manually to a website that doesn’t belong to you is called adding links. The most common ways you can get real advantages of SEO by adding links are:

a)- Mention your site in trustworthy directories
b)- Write a guest post
c)- Start a blog

A)- List your site in trustworthy directories

There are various online directories that give you no benefit and Google has even removed them from its search results. So, don’t list your website in such directories.

But it’s also true that not all online directories are not result-driven. A directory not only provides you the opportunity to add a link to your site but also helps you share information for your potential customers is a directory you want to get mentioned.

Directory websites that are related to your industry are a good choice for getting your website listed. Having high grade directory submission makes it very convenient to get indexed in SERPs and assists people to find you online easily.

B)- Write a good guest post

There are various websites and blogs available on the internet that can accept to publish your content. But before you write content, ensure that:

● The website is niched to your industry.
● The article should be not too promotional or something related to how great your company is.
● Focus on the quality of the content.
● Always remember that a poor article can lead to a bad reputation.

It is very essential that you create links that help your business grow and not impact its ranking in SERPs.

C)- Start a blog

Don’t include just one backlink or post just one blog on your site. If you do so, it will only waste your time and nothing else. If you want your website to reach millions of users on the internet through your own blog, you need to keep it alive.

Maintain the consistency of posting blogs on a regular basis and some quality backlinks for SEO. According to your industry and client needs, start a regular blog. With time, you will see that it’s adding to your authority.

Just ensure that your content is understandable, relevant, and well-structured.

Blogs are an effective way to make sure that new users will link to them repeatedly and will land on your site. That’s how you will earn backlinks.

2. Asking for links

This is a good way to start, especially if you are a beginner. Talk to your friends, colleagues, partners, and clients that have published blogs frequently or have a website. You need to just ask them for a backlink. But ensure to get in-content links instead of links in the sidebar or footer.

Also, you can read how to get backlinks with link pages for more information.

Make sure to ask for in-content links rather than the links in the footer or anywhere else except the main portion.

Here are some link building techniques and strategies that can help you get links with this method:

Guest blogging: Write very informative and useful content for your website.

Skyscraper technique: Highlight the better resource than the one users are linking to.

● Link inserts: Insert links to indicate a resource with more relevant information on something users are searching for.

● Ego bait:Get mentioned in someone else blog in a positive light.

● Testimonials & Case studies:Ask other websites to give a positive review or feedback on your products or services.

● Link exchanges: Try to convince other websites to link to you in exchange for you linking back to them.

● Resource page link building: Show them a good resource that they can use for more profits.

Broken link building: Assist to fix their dead link.

● HARO & journalist requests: Provide a professional quote for their article.

● PR: Recommend them some attractive stories to cover.

All the mentioned strategies might be looking result-driven, right? But ensure that the backlinks come from a site that is authorized and relevant to your industry. Otherwise, it will not give you any benefit, but rather impact your site in a negative way. Here are some crucial points you need to know for avoiding every harmful consequence.

According to Google’s guidelines:

According to Google’s guidelines

Here are some examples of unnatural links that may make you offend Google’s guidelines.

some examples of unnatural links

3. Earning links

You tend to earn links when other people link to the pages on your site without asking them.

Of course, for this, you need to work hard and present something that is truly outstanding to other websites otherwise why someone will link to you.

But people can’t link to the things that are not in the search results. That’s why no matter how perfect your page is, you need to focus on investing in promoting it. The more people will see your page, the more will be the possibilities of people to link to it.

Listed below are some powerful natural link building tactics that are divided into these categories:

● Linkbait ( Maps, Awards, Infographics, Data Studies, Surveys).
● Podcasts or interviews.
● Promoting content, and so on.

Earning links is clearly the most effective to build links.


most effective to build links.




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You can’t expect every link to be equal. One major aspect of the Google algorithm is the number of links highlighting your site, but it could leave a negative impact if you ignore the quality of those links. Without giving importance to the quality, it would become way easy to gain links.

Before going deep into the details of linking pages, it is important to know what makes a good link. Here are elements that make a link of high quality.

● Authority
● Anchor text
● Relevance
● Nofollow vs follow
● Destination
● Placement

1- Authority

Authority can be divided into two categories:

● Of an entire website
● Of a specific page

Page authority is the most essential aspect of Google’s PageRank algorithm. In simple terms, the page that has more links pointing at it gets more clicks or votes. It is one of the exact advanced link building tactics.

Page authority calculated

This is the reason why there are many that strive hard to get links from old pages with strong backlinks. A link from such a page brings a lot of value in comparison to a link from a newly-published page that does not have any backlink individually.

Hence the important rule is to get links from important pages that have more chances of attracting backlinks continuously, and not essentially hunting for old pages with good backlink profiles.

● Website authority – There are many that neglect the fact that some sort of sitewide website authority metric exists in their system. But many SEO experts performing effective website SEO audit believe that link from a reputed site brings more value compared to links from neighbor’s website.

Now, a question might occur in your mind- maybe website authority is nothing but the number of authorized pages on a specific website? Well, answers could vary from person to person.

website authority is authorized pages on a specific website

Some actual worst SEO mistakes everyone does is neglecting link opportunities from low-authority websites as if they can somehow become a hurdle in the path of achieving SEO success. Just like a newly published page can get backlinks from time to time, a low-authority site can make huge difference in a negative way.

Therefore the correct way to use a website authority metric such as domain authority is to estimate effort to invest in achieving a link from a relevant website.

2- Anchor text

If you are not familiar with the term, “anchor text” then we are here to explain it briefly. Anchor text is a clickable snippet of text that holds a link to another page.

Here is an example of our blog that has anchor text niched to the main topic. Anchor text is the common strategy and proven basics of quality link building.


Anchor text is the common strategy

Therefore, it is of no surprise that Google uses the words in anchor text to understand what keywords the referenced pages deserve to rank well. Even, Google’s original patent has clarified everything about it:

Google uses various techniques to enhance search quality. This includes anchor text, page ranking, and proximity information.

So how will you control anchor text when building more links?

The more you will try to control how pages link to you and shoehorn all the correct words into the anchor texts of your backlinks, the more chances will be for Google to make your site penalized.

Apart from this, the majority of worthwhile white-hat SEO techniques don’t make you control the anchor text, which helps to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.

3. Links That Are Relevant

The word “relevant” doesn’t refer to the page the link is on, but rather it refers to the link itself. Anchor text helps Google to explore every possible topic of a page without even crawling it, and it has now become a great indicator to rank better.

Hence, you need to bring links to your website that are appropriate. You can do this by choosing to make the anchor text contain a keyword that you are focusing on and that is relevant to you.

However, caution is required here in terms of Google updates, which has a positive impact on tailor made local link building for small business and big businesses.

relevent pages gives you more clicks

We will not go much deeper into this topic as we don’t want to distract you from the actual goal of this section, but the key information to take from this is that link building with keyword-focused, commercial anchor text is way more risky than earlier it was.

Anchor text could give you many benefits but make sure you don’t overdo it.

4. Nofollow vs follow

Nofollow is a link attribute that updates Google that the linking page will not give its vote to the page it is referencing. To know it deeply, learn what are nofollow backlinks.

Earlier, Google didn’t consider the votes from nofollowed links. But today, the strategies have been changed. Now some nofollowed links can influence your search rankings.

Google also introduced two different attributes in links along with this update:

● rel=“UGC”- It should be incorporated into user-generated links like forum posts, blog comments, and so on.
● rel=“sponsored”- This is included when the link is part of a sponsorship, advertisement, or various other compensation agreement.

You should always focus on building followed links because they are the real ones that can get you a lot of votes from various authorized websites.

However, if in case you find a nofollowed link from a high-authority page, you should go for it.

A great example of this is Wikipedia where almost all the outgoing links are nofollowed. Achieving a link from Wikipedia is difficult, this is why many online business owners believe that those links are valuable from Google’s perspective.

5. Destination

When adding links to your website, make sure that those links point to three destinations:

● Your homepage.
● The pages that need to improve ranking in SERPs.
● Your worthwhile linkable assets.

Sometimes, the pages you really want to rank are also the hardest ones to get links to. This is the reason why people choose to link to educational pages where the audience can consume information for free, rather than the commercial pages that aim to sell something.

Hence, the most common question that often people ask regarding premium industry SEO or general SEO is:

How to rank boring pages?

While everyone would have a different answer for it, but the majority of them will agree that you should make your interlinking game strong to help boring pages rank higher in SERPs.

Rank Pages with Smart Interlinking

In simple terms, build as many links as you can to your linkable assets and direct all those links to the pages that you want to rank. It all can be done through internal linking.

Just remember that things like relevance, placement, and anchor text will have a great impact on the internal links too.

6. Placement

Earlier, Google talked bout how the likeliness of a link being clicked may influence how much authority it provides. And the correct placement of links is very important that can massively impact your CTR in a positive way.

For example, a webpage holds three blocks: footer, content, and sidebar. Generally, links in error free content creation get more links because the content block gets good attention from every visitor.

Keyword placement examples 2

Another thing that can affect the click-through rate of a link is how high the page appears in SERPs. Try to put links at the beginning of the content rather than putting at the end, it will increase the chances of readers following the links.

Lastly, the more links you add to your page, the more they will compete with each other for getting more clicks and authority that will be directed to other pages.

As it goes with anchor text, most white-hat SEO strategies give you good control to no control over the link placement.

But when it comes to standard business guest posting and someone else is promoting your blog, you should definitely try to convince readers to click on your links. This will not only increase the value of those links but will also give you some good traffic.

most effective to build links.




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Link building strategies are the techniques SEO professionals and marketers use to get a link from other websites back to their own.

For instance, if you have an e-commerce website that sells coffee mugs, you can write a post on various types of mugs. Another website that offers something related to coffee mug will link to your blog post so their users can find more information.

most popular and preferred link building strategies

The above list shows the effectiveness of every link-building strategy on the web. To have a proper understanding of everything here are some chapters you need to learn.




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When you need to use link building campaign, using the correct tools makes your life way easy.

While there are various link-building tools available online, the most effective one will truly assist you to make the process easy by removing the need to handle manual tasks.

1- Web monitoring tools

Website monitoring tools help to check a website in terms of its speed, availability, function, and of course performance. Some monitoring tools are set up in such a way that they will alert you only when a problem arises.

Whether you want to use a website analytic tool, website traffic monitor, or a basic performance monitor, one thing is for sure- there are various reasons to use such monitory for better performance and correct internet marketing of your website.

Listed below are some reasons worth mentioning:

● Website monitoring tool indicates on how your website is performing.

● It alerts you when some problem arises on your website so you can solve it quickly. This feature will make sure that fewer people will visit your website when it’s down, so you can decrease revenue losses.

● These tools offer key performance metrics that will show you how every aspect of your site is improving.

2. Backlink Research Tools

If you have little knowledge of SEO, you might know that studying the links of your competitors is beneficial when establishing linking building strategy for your website.

There are many free tools you will get for backlink research.

Put any URL and you will get a complete list of all the backlinks pointing to it, with many beneficial metrics and filters that will assist you to get actionable link-building opportunities.

actionable link-building opportunities

The above backlinks are done from Semrush. There are many other tools you can use according to your preferences.

3. Content Research Tools

This tool helps you to get new content writing ideas and create shareable content. You can utilize them to check out the content that has increased shares and links and make use of those content for creating new content.

There are many content research tools you will find online that help you to discover worth clickable content related to your industry. You can also use trustworthy free keyword research tools for finding out fruitful keywords.

You need to just search for a chosen topic in the titles of the pages and filter the results through referring domains. Go through those pages and their links will give you a lot of ideas on how to enhance your content even more.

Buzzsumo is another tool that can help you with similar things but the only thing is it prefers social shares more than SEO metrics.

4. Email Outreach Tools

Email outreach tool is mainly used by sales experts, bloggers, marketers, and so on to reach prospects through email. It makes the process of composing emails, sending them within a specific time period, and even monitoring the responses easier. Its biggest benefit is that it can save users from spending a lot of effort and time doing manual work.

The purpose of an Email outreach tool

Here are some major purposes of the email outreach tool:

● Giving an introduction
● Hosting a sale discussion
● Increasing brand awareness
● Getting a backlink for the website
● Creating a network of customers
● Conducting a survey

The email outreach tool provides immense versatility and scalability in comparison to every other email service.

5. Link Prospecting Tools

Link prospecting helps to find and prioritize appropriate websites to direct your links to.

The majority of SEO experts prospects their links by going through Google’s search results for an array of keywords niched to the topic of their page. Some of them are done manually through an SEO toolbar that gives you a choice of exporting search results while other semi-automate the method with tools like Link prospector.

For example-

You wrote an article on “Top 10 Best Handbags to Purchase” and you want to establish some links to it. If you search the keyword “best handbags” on any link prospecting tools available on the internet, you will find many pages that have mentioned this keyword in their satisfactory content writing for business growth.

Once you find those pages, you can get rid of low-quality pages and your list will end up a little short but still there would be many opportunities.

Link building is vital as it is a major factor in how Google ranks web pages. You can also consider a webmaster to analyze quality links. Their now-popular PageRank Algorithm changed the game. Instead of just determining the content of a page, Google looked at how many people linked to that page.

The most essential concept to know is that, as Google says, you are more likely to have your content rank higher for keywords you are targeting if you can achieve external sites to link to your pages.

1. Building relationships

Link building can regularly include outreach to other pertinent sites and web journals in your industry. This outreach every now and again identifies with the advancement of something that you’ve quite recently made, for example, a bit of substance or an infographic.

A shared objective of outreach is to get a link, yet there is substantially more to it than simply this: Outreach would help you assemble long-haul relationships with entering influencers in your industry, and these relationships would mean being able to that your business turns out to be profoundly respected and trusted. It is one of the various types of digital marketing.

2. Sending referral traffic

We’ve discussed the effect of connections on your rankings, however, shouldn’t something be said about the effect of connections on referral traffic? A decent connection from a very went by site would lead be able to an expansion in traffic, as well.

In the event that it is a significant site, odds are that the traffic is likewise important and may prompt an expansion in deals, also. Once more, in this circumstance the estimation of a connection isn’t just about SEO—it’s about clients.

3. Brand building

Great link building would help be able to manufacture your image and set up you as an expert in your niche. There are some link-building systems, for example, content creation, which would show be able to individuals the mastery of your organization, and this can go far toward building your image.

For instance, on the off chance that you make a bit of substance in view of industry information and distribute it, you have a shot of ending up plainly surely understood for it in your industry.

When you do outreach and attempt to get links to the substance, you are demonstrating your mastery and asking other individuals in your industry to help get the message out and indicate to others the same.

4. Content Marketing Efforts

Link-building efforts can be a commonly valuable digital marketing opportunity.

For instance, in the event that you make an accommodating, instructive infographic, why not lead outreach to different sites in your specialty to check whether they might want to incorporate it on their blog with a link to your webpage?

Not exclusively did this win you a capable backlink, however, the other side picks up an awesome bit of substance to draw in guests to their site. Win-win!

5. Link Set Yourself Up for Long-Term SEO

In spite of the fact that the significance of backlinks for SEO has been the theme of much thought over past years, Google has affirmed that backlinks keep on being one of the main 3 positioning components on the search engine, and you can bet links are going to continue to better in your rankings.

Not only for SEO, but link building is also important for websites.

Link building is known as a powerful and popular strategy that helps to grow online. The benefits of link building are being counted in various online growth strategies around the world. The problem is, that it’s still one of the most misunderstood strategies that are complicated and overwhelming.

First, it is crucial to know why is link building so important for your website?

a). Greater Online Visibility and Brand Exposure

With the growing popularity of link building, every agency is only concerned with it. To get an increase in search rankings website needs professional link-building solutions. It helps incredible lead generation which every business wants.

With this, you can reach out to a new audience in a different geographical territory. With the best link building packages, you can build backlinks that will help you reach a new audience and market.

Link building is highly beneficial for your business. If you’re serious about boosting your rankings, with professional solutions you can go to the top-of-mind choice for your target audience.

b). Increase in Website Traffic

Making an online presence is the major reason to attract traffic. With a better website, you can target the audience from different authority sites. Link building is the best way to do so and it is also the best strategy to be at the top of your niche.

When you get a target and relevant audiences from similar niche sites, you will also see an increase in sales. A backlink from a relevant website acts as a vote of confidence in your website.

This brings in a huge amount of traffic which is one of the most important factors to increase a website’s ranking.

c). Better Rank in Search Engines

There are various professionals that are working on proving the best strategies to grow the website. The experts believe it is one of the fastest ways to get popular online.

With better link-building backlinks, you can easily climb up the search rankings. If you have a competitor who ranks above you in search engine ranking, with professional link building company solutions you can easily overtake them.

c). Better Credibility and Reputation

It is definitely true that Google considers backlinks as an important factor to rank. It is important to note, that quality links are important to get ranked on search engines with the help of a top SEO link-building method.

This helps in increasing credibility in front of search engines and also among users as well. If a user finds your backlink from leading authority sites, they will also consider your brand as worthy to invest in.

d). Better Networking in your Niche

Google and many other search engine use various factors to rank a website. Among all the factors, link building is the most assured factor. If you want to make a better presence online and improve relationships in your niche, link building can help you a lot. With better natural link building tactics you can concentrate on building backlinks in your industry niche. It can help you in getting the best Page Rank.

Link building helps the business to get connected to several players in a similar niche. It definitely brings up greater opportunities for businesses.

6. Establishes as an Authority Voice

Every business wants to stand right at the top and it is best possible with Link Building. Link building provides the best strategy that is planned and executed well. When your website gets everything done in the best way, your brands emerge as an authority voice in their niche. When you are trusted by search engines, you will increase consumer trust too. This will lead to better sales, revenues, and branding.

Customers are more likely to choose solutions from the ones that is a better online authority. Your website presence is the brand’s voice that will be defining your business solutions.

7. Continuous Traffic

The best way to get continual traffic is to make your business established as an authority. When you keep getting traffic from the same link for a very long time, this proves to be the best way to grow.

It is far more beneficial than traditional methods of advertising and marketing. Paid advertisements can work as long as you are paying for them.

But in link building, your website can keep getting traffic as long as your content is available on the other site.

Google and search engines alike have been utilizing links to rank sites since their formation, and the significance of links in the ranking is not changing anytime soon. That’s why you need to learn benefits of link building.

Many believed with the introduction of Penguin links would be obsolete. Penguin just made it more essential to get high-quality links.

Not all links are developed equal anymore. So moving forward the relevance and quality of your links will only become more essential.

Search engines are depending on links to grade your EAT and will continue to utilize this as the core of their algorithm in the years to come.

The future of link building stands in a fabulous manner you go about developing links. Yes, you can continue writing guest posts and publishing third-party content, but you require to get your creative juices flowing.

Since Google and its competitors are giving attention to the quality of the links, SEO professionals are searching for more trustworthy sites to achieve links like magazine sites, news sites, and big niche players.

Now you may ask, “how can you get links on such big sites?” That is where creativity comes into play.

Link builders are taking the benefits of top sites to submit quotes to major publications. So, to build links properly consider hiring professionals.


Search engines have given link-building great importance in terms of ranking. Investing in a professional link-building agency is a better decision than other forms of marketing. If you have the experts on your side, you can easily reap the benefits of Link Building. The professional agency LinkBuildingCorp. can easily help your website to build a better online presence.

Our experts provide the best strategies that guarantee long-term success for your business. To talk to us, call now at +91-9205356986 or request a quick quote.

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