Backlinks are the supreme ranking factor for most search engines. Traffic has a direct relationship with the quality of backlinks that you have, and hence it is good to have highly authoritative sites linking back to your website if you want to get a higher ranking. There are several SEO ranking factors, but Google represents the most important one. Getting high-quality backlinks is not as easy as you may think, but this should not be the case. Here are ten smart ways to earn backlinks to your website.

1. The Broken Link-Building Technique

This method works perfectly in creating one-way backlinks. The approach allows you to contact a webmaster to report the broken links on his or her website. You will also recommend other sites the replace the link. Now that you are doing a favor to the wen master by reporting broken links, you will get high chances of backlinks back to your website. To use this method, you need to find relevant sites in your niche that have the resources page. You can use the search quarries in Google to find them. When reaching out to the webmaster, introduce yourself and be friendly. Inform him that some of the resources he is linking to are no longer available. Give him the exact location of the broken links and provide alternatives including your page. Be helpful and not greedy if you want to get high-quality backlinks. This technique will always work, but there are a few cases where the webmaster may refuse to link back to your website.

2. Use of Infographics

Infographics is a popular method to bring traffic to your website and gain valuable backlinks. The good thing about infographics is that they are easy to share and understand. No wonder there has been a considerable increase in the demand for infographics globally. The infographic that you choose should have an interesting and unique story for your audience. Use trending topics and statistical data to create the infographics. Also, get someone who will make the content to go viral if you want to win more. You can get some good designers with great portfolios online. You will get people linking o your infographics within no time. You can use online marketing tools to evaluate the performance of your infographics.

3. Guest Articles

Guest blogging is an effective way of reaching out to a new audience. All you need to do is publish content on other popular websites, and this will expose your content to new readers and help you to win more exposure. Apart from backlinks, you will also increase your online reputation and social media followers. Guest blogging will help to expand your audience and leverage your relationships. If you are not sure where to start, even google accepts guest contributors on the Google Analytics blog. Link the guest post back to your site and use the available online marketing tools to analyze its performance.

4. Spy Your Competitors

It is good to understand what your competitors are doing online if you want to get high-quality backlinks. Understand the techniques they are using to build links and the sites that are good at increasing visibility. You can get a lot of insights from their approach to business.

5. Build Internal Links

Internal links are critical to the running of a successful blog. A good structure of internal links will help your users to navigate easily through your website and increase the overall experience of the user. Some online marketing tools can help you in creating internal links to your blog. Its more practical if you are running on WordPress but you will have to do this manually.

6. Promote Your Content

You may have great content, but it will not earn you backlinks unless you promote it in the right manner. Email outreach can help you to promote your great content. You can also contact websites that run monthly or weekly roundups or bloggers. Send a link with one of your best guides or tutorials to webmasters, and you will earn some high-quality backlinks.

7. Write Testimonials

Write testimonials for the websites that you are using and you will earn high-quality backlinks. You may only use a few minutes and earn a link from the homepage of authoritative sites. If you are a customer for that product, you can quickly get a link in exchange for the testimonial.

8. Contact Important Bloggers and Journalists

Spreading a word about your brand will help you to earn links to your site. An email outreach to influencers and journalists can help you achieve this objective well. It can be challenging to get someone’s’ email address but you can find some tips online. All pitches should also be short and to the point. People don’t have time for boring and long emails from strangers.

9. Donate

Donating to non-profit organizations can earn your backlinks. It is a quick and straightforward method. Get websites in your industry that accept donations and link back to the sites that you donated.

10. Get Interviewed

Currently, online interviews are a hot trend in the market. It is an easy and great way of earning backlinks to your website. Just become an authority in your niche and you will get several interview invitations. However, you have to begin with the initial steps before achieving this status. Search for websites that run interviews and request for participation. You need to inform them the kind of knowledge that you can contribute.


With this information, you have what it takes to earn backlinks for your site. Use a few of them and evaluate your results in the available online marketing tools. You can be sure that the results you get will be amazing.

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