Link building is a very important search engine ranking factor. When websites with good reputations and authority link to your content, they consider you trustworthy.

Google takes note of this trust and ranks your website based on it. If you have high-quality links, your website will rank higher on the search engine results page.

Unfortunately, this isn’t an easy technique. It requires planning, hard work, and dedication.

It is important to do prominent link building from the right sources and here are ten proven ways to get them:

1. Focus on Creating Solutions

Many people out there are looking for solutions to their problems. Doing research on your niche will help you identify the biggest problems people are facing in any industry.

When setting up websites and content, do not look at selling products to these people.

Creating solutions is a viable option that will draw the attention of many readers. Many blogs will also be willing to link to your site to help their users.

Even if your site is offering professional services (for example computer repair) and products (say, computer antivirus), a person in need of a solution as to why their computers cannot update does not necessarily need your products.

But as you can guess, when they find relevant content that solves their problems without the need to hire technicians, they will gladly want to buy your products when they need them.

The example above is for someone dealing with computers.

In any business, the solutions you provide will draw the attention of people who are already customers in your business line.

Your solution providing content helps create quality links. Even high authority websites will be glad to link to you as long as their readers get the solution they need. And to ensure all of that you need to hire trustworthy SEO company.

2. You Want a Link from Big Brands? Why not Become One?

Now I know you will say I want to confuse you. But look! Any business that is new in the industry would be frantically looking for links from popular blogs and forums they come across on the internet.

The problem is that nobody is willing to give you free links. You have to pay to promote your business on high authority blogs.

The best approach here is to create your own forum that addresses matters that pertain to your business industry. Ensure that your forum focuses on providing solutions, not just for people to post anything.

When you provide value with the help of effective link building strategies, people will start filling up to share what they have with other readers.

Other sites will also gladly start to link to you to help their readers.

3. Update Links in Relevant Posts

A similar but simpler approach to engaging with appropriate posts or topics is like providing value-added and complementary content to the original author.

First, check out all the popular posts and shortlist some of them as per your requirements.

A. Review every link to ensure they are working

With the existing content, you may find links within articles that do not work and hence give an instant opportunity to remove the gap with your own link.

Similarly, gaps may occur when links and the content they highlight become outdated or bad. Here also, you can add your own link to current and relevant content as an alternative. This is the actual basics of quality link building that you should definitely know.

There are many who run a site but don’t have enough time to check the validity of all of their links and you can help them by achieving valuable inbound links.

B. Make use of the opportunities to focus on keywords or topics mentioned

In the article for which you have or can develop more detailed support content to which the article can be linked.

In all these situations, you will require to create a message to the original content website owners or author explaining why they should choose to do linking in their content.

It will become more convenient if you have already started creating your content and share it when you are proposing for review.

4. Look for Common Questions and Provide Answers

The best kind of content is the content that answers audience questions. Such articles are more targeted and bring in better traffic. Instead of just writing content on random topics, you provide solutions for already existing concerns.

Here investing in budget friendly content writing solution can help you a lot.

This form of content is a link-worthy asset and can help build trust. You can find common questions on platforms like Quora or Yahoo! Answers. You can also browse through your social media or blog comments to find questions from your existing audience.

Craft the answers carefully and include as many details as possible in the content. This is a great opportunity to show people your knowledge and authority in the industry.

5. Check SERPs

A completely intensive and hence often ignored method of analyzing sources as well as creating inbound links through the search engine results or your main keywords.

Thinking that you have already done some keyword research, scour and grab a decent ranking in the search result for every keyword or for any not-so-competitive potential backlink resources.

Every website that is ranking in the top 50 is relevant, authoritative, and beneficial for users from the perspective of search engines.

Appropriate backlinks are like a signal to the search engines of the location where you operate. If you want more clarification, learn how do i create backlinks.

Check various opportunities to build links along with relevancy:

Association website ads, links, or directories
Video comments
Partner or affiliate websites
Local business websites
Industry publication ads or links
Blog post or article comments
Blog post or article updates as noted previously

When it comes to partners, websites, associations, and blog posts, the level of authority are not that important in comparison to products or services.

6. Build Backlinks from Broken Links

a)– Many people think that the strategy is tough and not worth the time it consumes. However, the reality is that broken link building is the most effective way to create links for your site.

The reason why many people report dissatisfying results is because of doing it incorrectly.

Before you embark on the process of searching for broken links for the purpose of link building, you have to understand the steps you should take and how to approach bloggers for attaining the proven benefits of link building.

b)– The process entails the creation of the correct content to which a dead link should point after the update.

Before you embark on the process of searching for broken links for the purpose of link building, you have to understand the steps you should take and how to approach bloggers for attaining the proven benefits of link building.

According to Ahrefs, after identifying the dead link, you need to go ahead and research the content that existed on the dead link before.

c)– When it comes to this point, many people fail. You cannot just publish a random article and ask for a backlink.

Using the Wayback Machine (Internet Archive), you can look up the content that was previously published on the broken link.

Analyze the content and get an idea of what must have attracted the blogger to give a link to the site.

d)– When you have the right information that the readers want on the broken link, you need to write the article from scratch, highlighting the essential points that will add value to your readers.

Ensure the article is compelling and of high quality, before you publish. You also have to ensure that you only do content that is within your niche, or else you will be irrelevant. Use the productive content writing tips to write more effectively.

After publishing the article, you can reach out to the blogger to ask them to link to the existing content instead of a dead link.

Be sure to sound friendly and polite in your email to avoid getting ignored.

7. Create Infographics

Most people like visual content more than text content. Pieces like infographics are easier to understand and digest. That’s one of the reasons why detailed infographics are valuable. People share them on social media and other website owners want to incorporate them into their content.

Infographics also have long-term value, which means they will keep bringing in comprehensive backlinks for SEO for years.

Make sure the graphic is well-designed, detailed, and has current information.

8. Always ensure to Respond to a Trending Article or Topic

Choosing to suggest some trendy topics is the best way to establish authority. You can respond through video, blog posts, podcasts, or all of the mentioned ones.

Begin by analyzing trendy topics through Google trends. Also, you can conduct appropriate hashtags according to the keywords through social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or many others where you can engage your audience.

Once you are done analyzing a topic to reply to or comment on, make sure that you offer complete attribution to the article author and the business or organization to which the author belongs.

Make sure that your response is very comprehensive as well as authentic with links to every result-driven content generated by you, professional content marketer or any other relevant source.

Your aim should be to provide listeners, viewers, and readers with a complete examination of the topic, which showcases your expertise, knowledge, and authority as well.

Go for distributing and publishing your opinion to relevant industry or social channels, where the hope is to get shares, links, and likes of course to encourage your contribution to the topic.

9. Create Content on the Latest Trends

It’s a waste of time and effort to create content people might not be interested in. You can avoid this by finding trending keywords and topics to create content on them. Tools like Google Trends can help you find trending topics. All you need to do is to type in the needed keyword or browse through trending topics.

Once you have a list of trendy content writing topics or keywords, start planning the content carefully.

Don’t make copies of the trending topic. Focus on making unique content on these popular subjects.

10. Focus on Building Trustful Connections

Organic authority and backlinks build trust.

You can easily build or earn links on websites where you have to built a sense of trust for the valuable content you are asking site owners or your members to link to.

Trust can’t be achieved quickly or easily. It requires a presentation of commitment to offer value over time.

Trust is like a give-and-take concept, so keep in your mind that you need to give something in return for the privilege to share your content.

However, try to avoid paying for links, as this will only affect your authenticity and influence the value of those links in a negative way. If you buy links, it can harm your online reputation and authority massively.

Trust can only be earned, not bought, and search engines are working on getting better at telling the difference.

Choosing to generate a high-quality and relevant link for others with the help of successful local link building company for local business to link can be way beneficial.

Organic search visibility, authority, network of a loyal audience with a high possibility to sign up or buy from you are all the easiest games.

Link building is more about quality than quantity. A couple of great links from well-known websites are much better than ten links from low-quality sources. It is important to avoid black hat techniques like link farms, buying links, and gaining links from fake websites. These strategies can seriously damage your reputation.


Earning quality backlinks is very challenging, but you can always handle it by making use of the right resources and methods. With the professional company LinkBuildingCorp, you can ensure that you are building high-quality links through White Hat SEO only.

Our team can handle all your SEO requirements and can help you in a journey of building an authoritative site. To talk to us, call +91-9205356986 or request a quick quote.

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