On an average position #1 result in google has 3.8 times more backlinks than position #2 – #10.(source: Backlinko)

That’s how important it is to have link building strategies in place. There are numerous benefits of link building.

What is link Building?

Link building is basically getting other websites to link(hyperlink) to your website. It’s one of the ways to optimize your content. If you own a website and want traffic from search engines you must know about link building. It’s marketing, sales and everything your website needs.

Backlinks have been the most important factor for page rank and this has been since the inception of search engines. SEO Experts have been talking about link building and its impact for a decade.

So, before you just start taking shots in the dark. Like any other business a strategy needs to be in place that incorporates planning, skills, resource allocations to ensure great results.

I speak from experience, when it comes to backlinks there is too much information on the internet about link building for websites but as you start working on it, it’s a mess.

The basic principals of link building will always remain the same “Quality Content”.

By quality content, I mean that whatever you choose to write should always aim at adding value for your visitors.

Nowadays, Link building is about outreach and content, not just link farming and link exchange as it used to be earlier. The process of link building is a work of patience, it’s a combination of quality content and relevance. Reaching out to websites and asking for a backlink, it’s not for everyone.

1. Infographics

Yes, you heard it right infographics are great and easy to share you should just know how to use them for link building. While you start writing a blog post search for related content or top pages use their information based article to create infographics from them.

While you use these infographics on your website make sure you link back to the sources. Always let them know that you are linking back to them this not only helps you build a relationship but also adds a little bit of traffic to your blog post. Then you are more likely to get a backlink while you ask them to link to content that is relevant to their post.

How to use Infographics for link building?

Find a list of websites in your niche that are ranking and have some great statistics or information that you can use to create infographics. You can do this by using tools like ahrefs or Buzzsumo.

Steps for using infographics for link building –

■ Start with creating infographics.
■ Find topics/blogs in your niche where the infographics can be used.
■ Pitch infographics that add value to their content.
■ Be polite and request for a backlink.

find content that performs best_image

To create infographics Canva has some great templates and is easy to use.

2. Link Round-up

Link roundups are daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts that share amazing content that exists on the web.

The plan here is to get your blog post on these round-ups.

To-do so you need to follow these 3 easy steps:

■ Create Quality Content.
■ Find Link Roundups.
■ Pitch your content.

How do I find link roundups?

Some examples to help you find them –

Use the search engine page to find such roundups

“Keyword”+ “link roundup”

“Keyword”+ “Weekly roundup”

“Keyword”+ “Weekly link”

Another way to find such roundups is through twitter. Twitter is an amazing tool for promoting content and I feel at times it’s underutilized.

To find link roundups on twitter use Twitter advanced searches use keywords and search for link roundups post. You will large number of roundup opportunities.

Link roundups are great and it’s for your greater advantage to build a relationship with these people, it increases your chances of being on those roundups.

So, don’t just pitch them each time you write a blog.

Ensure that your pitch is customized and doesn’t look spammy.

3. Newsjacking

This method has been there from ages since the inception of media there is newsjacking. Newsjacking is putting your content and idea inline with a breaking news story and utilizing the media coverage. Writing newsjacking blog posts, if promoted properly can do wonders in the form of traffic. But as a service or business, you need to be very careful while using this method because at times you could end in a bad light and end up losing customers.

How do I do newsjacking?

The SEO way of doing it is basically focusing on breaking news, finding relevant keywords being searched for a specific topic and creating a well-written content that answers the query people are searching for.

It’s content marketing where rather than you promoting your content, trending news does the job for you.

As long as it last, utilize internet based life for speedy and viral content keep in mind newsjacking is temporary where timing is very important.

Here’s an example of how oreo used the #Area51 which was trending. They simply put out a tweet and this got people talking about, with brands reply to the tweet.

source: Hubspot

4. Host/Sponsor an event

You could host an event and other websites would advertise it for you, this is one way to add backlinks. Host events in your niche that would help you build a brand via sharing insightful content and having influencers on board.

Your brand value increases when other people talk about you, rather than just you continuously posting on your website. That’s the reason backlinks are still worth what they are.

Sponsor events in your niche to build trust among users. This will help you increase brand value amongst the community. Sponsored Links from high authority domains will ensure you have a trustworthy band.

This is surely going to cost you more than other link building strategies but if you have a budget and you are looking for some easy PR. This will generate a ton of traffic coming your way. Now, It’s totally over your marketing team on how well they utilize the traffic.

5. Guest posting

This is one of the oldest tricks in the book.

If you are an expert in your niche and website is obviously around your field of interest. Guest posting is 100% for you. Having your own website filled up with content is easy. Writing for someone else, sharing insight and information is only possible if you have an understanding and experience of what you are writing about.

Guest posting not only gives you some link juice & traffic. It also builds your profile as a consistent  guest blogger and making it easier for you to reach out to people as you continue to write for a couple of them.

How do I find guest posting sites relevant to my niche?

You can simply use google to help you find guest posting sites. Just put in your keywords and search.

■ Keyword “Guest Post”
■ Keyword “Submit Guest Post”
■ Keyword “Accepting Guest Post”

There are multiple reasons why you should focus on guest posting.

Source – Problogbooster

6. Business directories

Online directories are an easy method to link building. It’s just a replacement of the ancient Phonebook. You can look out for business directories online and start listing your business. It helps you get the most relevant form of traffic. Many of them are free while some of them are paid but these surely help with traffic & business.

The benefit of business directories is that you reach the target audience & these sites are generally high ranking.

The whole purpose of adding your business to business directories is to increase the odds of your website getting seen by more number of clients and it will help develop customer trust in your business.

How do I find business listing directories?

Search with your industry specifics on google

You can use these strings to find directories –

■ “Industry” directory
■ “Industry” intitle: directory
■ “Industry” inurl: directory

Similarly, you can also search for location-specific directories.

■ “City”intitle: directory
■ “City”inurl: directory
■ “City industry” intitle: directory

7. Broken Link Building

Nobody likes broken link on their webpages, this strategy still works only because you are helping someone fix a broken link on their website.

How To Do Broken Link Building?

Go through websites in your niche and using a chrome extension Check my links which is a free tool you can analyze pages that are relevant to you.

For example, a blog where you feel your content could add value and it has an old outbound link that doesn’t exist anymore you could simply inform the author about the broken link and ask him to replace it with yours.

Another way if you are using paid tools like ahrefs, using site explorer you can

easily find where your competitors are getting backlinks from go out there and

Follow These Steps –

✓ Check for broken links – With check my links you could scan a webpage and look for broken links but there are other options as well. Using ahrefs site explore you can just filter out the broken links on a specific page or the website. This is a lot easier than searching and scanning pages. While check my links is a free chrome extension, Ahrefs is a paid tool.

✓ Reach out – Reach out to the website using their contact us form or via email. Emails work great in the link-building industry. Don’t ever start spamming people over DM’s for backlinks.

✓ Ask them to replace it with your link – Be genuine with what you are looking for and how your content adds value to their readers. It works!

Congrats! You Just added a Backlink.

8. Online Forum Communities

Forums have always been an important aspect when it comes to marketing. Online forums haven’t evolved much but they are significant because there are many forums that still give you a do-follow link.

The trick lies is know where to find forums relevant to your niche and how to use them for your website.

You need to ensure that you are active within these communities and keep sharing long-form content along with links that not only help you but also add value to the community. That’s the whole purpose of being part of an online Forum.

Here an example of a very popular online forum “Stack overflow” where people interact with each other and exchange information.

How Do I Find Online Forum Communities?

Prepare a list of competitors.

Go to Ahrefs Batch Analysis tool. (you can add up to 200urls her).

You will get a detailed backlink report for all these URLs.

Select one link per domain > Type “Forum” in search field > add filter “url of referring page > Hit Enter.

That’s it! The filter will only get you forum lists your competitors are present on. Export and data and start working on it.

Why being Active on Forums is Important?

Helps you build Brand Authority.

Build Relationships within your community.

Discover New Ideas.

That’s enough reason already to get you active on forums. New ideas bring up new discussions in forums and with the ever-evolving market, you don’t want to feel left out.

9. Journalist Source

With this link building technique look no further than HARO(Help A Reporter Out).

HARO is a service that connects reporters with sources all the big media outlets turn to this source for information. As a marketer, you could sign up as a source and you have journalists coming to you for information.

It gives you an opportunity to build a connection and backlinks for your website.

Media sources generally have a high domain authority and this is what help’s your website. These links are of high quality and authority.

Services like these make life easier for both journalists and marketers.

The basic subscription for HARO is free but you will have a limited approach which is still better than nothing.

10. Spy on your competitors

Your competitors spent a ton of money and a lot of time building those backlinks for high ranking. If you are a small business competing against them it would be very difficult to succeed.

By doing this first you have a list of all the website your competitors are getting backlinks from and second you could analyze those links and decide whether those links are worth your time and resource.

How do I find my Competitors Backlinks?

Make a list of your competitors.

Use link explore on Moz or Ahrefs Site explorer you can pull out all your competitor’s backlinks.

Export the list of URLs.

Open each link and analyze them for backlink opportunity.

You can analyze things like how they got these links, you also get a content idea while going through them.


Link building has always been an important metric in ranking factors and still continues to be.

While using any link building strategy the goal should always be to bring in aspired audience to your website. You have to try different methods and figure out what works for you best.

Backlink building, similar to some other advertising methods should be arranged and executed effectively.

Analyze these tips carefully, yet do your exploration first. Set up an arrangement that works best for your business, industry & timeline.

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