On one hand stands the quality of the backlink. Marketers all across the world are arguing that all you need to worry about to increase your ranking’s quality, which is the quality of the backlinks you are generating.

There is no need to worry about the number of backlinks so long as the ones you boost are from high domain authority sites.

But are they profitable?

On the other hand, stands those who struggle for the number of backlinks.

They say that the quantity of backlinks you boost is way essential than the quality of those backlinks. Even, they would assume that the quality of the backlinks matters very little.

But are they thinking prominently?

Well, that is what you will see here. And here the aim is to clear everything about the quality and quantity of backlink.

But before we get into it, first let’s know what are backlinks?

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Backlinks are links that transfer from one website to another. They can come from directories and social media sites, but they mostly come from the content of other sites and blog posts. And when it comes to content, you don’t have to worry, if you hire content creation services from a reputed company.

Basically, those links come from other pertinent websites that are in your niche and industry.

Marketers like you are muddling to create these beauties as they enormously enhance your rankings on Google. If you have numerous high-quality backlinks, then your statistics might end up appearing something like this.

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And that is what every marketer wants. Right?

Every online business owner wants quality backlinks to increase the ranking of their websites which will automatically boost the traffic. And this traffic will consistently increase every month.

That is probably the dream of every only marketer.

But should you concentrate on the quality or quantity of backlinks? For that you need to know about quality link building basics.

While the two different sides are struggling, let’s dive into the ins and outs of each, and then you will reach to the final verdict.

Quality backlinks

First, know about quality backlinks.

What is the meaning of quality backlink?

A quality backlink is a link that develops from a high domain authority site that is trusted by searchers and search engines.

If discussed in other words, not only do the robots believe the site, but actually people also trust the website.

Advocated for this side would present that the more reputed the website and the higher domain authority, the high-quality the link will be.

To analyze the domain authority of a site, you can consider the website authority checker.

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Then you will be able to enter either the URL of your website or the URL of a domain from which you have received a backlink. The latter option will provide you an idea of the real importance of link building.

The higher the domain authority, the greater will be the value of the backlink.

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Usually, a ranking starting from 60 to 100 is outstanding, 40 to 50 is average, and below 40 is not great.

If you need to create high-quality backlinks, then begin by creating links through high domain authority websites that are also pertinent to your niche and trusted by searchers all across the internet.

But here is the actual question you want to know: are these links worth your time?

Well, let’s assume why they are good, why they are bad, and many other strategies you can utilize to build them.

Why high-quality backlinks are good?

High-quality backlinks are best for the main reason. They are perfect, well they are high-quality. That means they are beneficial for both SEO rankings and domain authority.

So what is quality Link Building? basically, these are the links that are built organically, and this helps you to reach the first page of SERP.

With these backlinks, you do not need to think about harming your rankings by forming an unintentional relationship with a spam website. They are trustworthy, reliable, and foolproof.

And that is vital for your link-building strategy.

After all, you do not want your ranking to survive on a blurry practice, but on valuable, relevant, real, and meaningful links back to your site.

High-quality links guarantee the proper kind of attention.

And since they guarantee to build your domain authority, they are also likely to assist your rankings. The domain authority, Google position chart displays that information.

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In other words, high-quality backlinks are advantageous as you know what you are getting. You can know that the links you are creating are of great value and, over time, will boost the traffic you have dreamt of.

The other advantage of quality links is that each one of them is worth more for your SEO. As the links are created from high domain authority websites, they are also profitable than other backlinks.

The more high-quality links you create, the better your ranking becomes.

How to get high-quality backlinks?

One best way to boost high-quality backlinks is to form an infographic with knowledgeable information and beautiful design. You can also consider, result oriented link building services as this will only benefit your website.

First, ask yourself these two questions.

What is specifically the interesting part of your industry?

How can you create an infographic explaining the outs and ins of that?

The go and make it.

You can create it through Canva. here is the process to Make an infographic in minutes on Canva

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You can also consider Venngage.

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Or if you don’t trust your capability to design an informative and beautiful infographic on your own then you can go for affordable organic SEO services. The professionals will make sure that your website ranks well and boost more revenues.

But the next step is the most essential one. Rather than developing an infographic, publishing it, and shifting to the next piece of content, collect the email addresses from another suitable blogs along with your industry.

Ideally, try to find blogs that are related to your own and might be willing to contribute the infographic with their audience.

Then, email the editors of those blogs to discuss with them about the infographic you have formed and asked them if they would like to share it with their audience.
You can write something like this:

Hey there!

I am from (the website you own), and we just developed this infographic for our blog. We assume that you might be interested in it as well! Update us on what you think. And if you would love to share it with your audience as well, you are always welcome to.

Quantity backlinks

Okay, so now you know what high-quality backlinks are. You know why they are vital, how they are advantageous for your SEO, the issue with them, and even how you can create some on your own.

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But what about the people who are claiming that backlink quantity is very important in comparison to backlink quality. Are they right?

And if it is so, then why they are right?

Well, first you should know what is the meaning of quantity of backlinks and how to build backlinks for your website.

Generally speaking, these people are not discussing about boosting many backlinks and spammy websites.

It means that they are more focused on achieving backlinks from either medium domain authority or low domain authority sites that are somewhat relevant.

They are less focused on the quality of these links and hence with things such as relevance and anchor text and more concerned with getting the link.

Now, the point is that these people are way more concerned with achieving links than they are with the links themselves.

In the end, they end up boosting a lot of low-quality traffic.

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Majorly, it is because the links are not essentially high-quality, and hence the traffic is not either. But, on the other hand, they acquire a massive amount of traffic.

So let’s have a glimpse at why focusing on quantity is good.

Why Quantity Of Backlink Is Good?

There are some reasons that develops tons of links without concentrating too much on the quality of links is a good thing.

For one, it helps to make the process faster. Without a concern for the links, you can conveniently and quickly create new links to your site.

Also, you can’t deny that these links will assist your rankings. The majority of the time, they are going to move through all the rankings faster than continuously focusing on quality.

Even, the quantity of referring domains is directly associated with how high a site ranks on Google.

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Referring domain means the number of domains that link to your site. Therefore, instead of an actual number of links, this is the number of URLs with references to your domain.

But it is not just an improved number of referring domains that assist. It also increases the overall number of backlinks that will profit your rankings.

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In other words, concentrating on the quantity is away from a waste of time for your link-building method.

The majority of people online discuss that the only thing that matters when it is about backlinks is the quality of those backlinks. But the truth is that quantity also matters and can be massively effective if you execute it correctly.

This essential Dofollow Link Building Guide will help you to understand everything about links.

How to get a high quantity of backlinks?

You can conveniently boost many backlinks without any regard for the quality of those links.

The first technique is to add prominent testimonials to external sites. When you are doing so, ensure to include a backlink to your site. This is a great method to create links without any effort.

Adding to that, you can reach to website owners, provide them a free product that you sell, and request a mention on their site with an email like this.

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This might consume more time because you require to find the people to provide the product to, ship them the product, and request for the backlink. But that is not very much time in comparison to the time investment that gained high-quality backlinks needed.

The last technique to develop these links is by getting websites that have already specified your brand with a tool called mention.

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What you are searching for are sites that have mentioned your content but did not add a backlink. All you require to do in this case is to ask them for a backlink through an email.

You can prefer sending them something like this.

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The majority of people will have no claims about linking to your site. After all, they already have discussed about you, so they likely won’t mind linking to your website.

Those are the approaches that you can utilize to boost many links in a short period of time.

But which one is better: This quality method or the technique?

It is to that question that you will see next.

The quality vs. quantity verdict

Are you ready to read the final answer?

So here it is:

Neither is better.

It’s not that we want to upset you, but the truth is that both link building techniques have their specific place in online industry. For some businesses, the quantity will be more efficient, and for others, the quality will be more efficient.

Lastly, you likely will want to fit somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

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Even, the worst thing you can do is to fall all the way to either side. The SEO pros are managing around in the middle, searching for many medium-quality backlinks.

While that might not be the perfect answer, you were waiting for, it could be the solution you are looking for.


To be very honest, you can’t wish for that the two corners of the industry, quality, and quantity, will stop fighting with each other anytime soon.

They are organic and in-born enemies. One side discussion that has a plethora of links is best. The other side says that quality is more vital. As with the most things, the truth does not fall to either side, but right in the middle. That is where the truth happens to establish.

And now that you have fully understood why the quality and quantity of link building are good, you might now search for a reputed SEO agency. And when you are searching for a trustworthy company that can help you in the race of gaining massive revenues and traffic, no one can provide you best services than LinkBuildingCorp. With their white hat guest posting services, you will able to compete with your online competitors and safeguard your position on the first page of SERP.

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