Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Afford To Avoid


With so many technologies emerging every day, it becomes difficult to decide which one you should go for. Same is the case with digital marketing; there have never been the numerous platforms and opportunities available as now.

There are many fascinating trends in the market related to digital marketing. If you are in search of the best digital marketing trends then here is the list which will be beneficial for you in the upcoming year.

1) Dark social

We are living in a world where consumer is the king and websites put their all efforts to attract the users. Merely sharing the videos, articles, images etc. is not enough. Therefore now the other channels are being used which are less monitored such as:

i. Email
ii. Secure browsing
iii. Messaging applications
iv. Mobile applications, etc.

Dark social was responsible for the 84% of the total outbound sharing in last year which shows its importance that cannot be avoided.

2) Video Advertising

Nowadays, videos are highly demanded by everyone. In Digital Marketing also, 52% of the professionals believe that videos are in demand and is helpful in getting the ROI.

Even the well-known social networking site, Facebook has invested in a video of 6 seconds in order to let the users aware by using the faster messaging method.

3) Chatbots

You might have heard a lot about chatbots as they are quite effective in drawing the attention of viewers. In digital marketing, it has been advantageous in many ways to achieve the desired digital marketing success.

Chatbots are well equipped with the power of meeting the demands of the clients on time. A Chabot platform named Kik was introduced by the renowned brand H&M to attract the customers by the personal stylists.

4) Machine Learning

By using Machine Learning for automation entities, the entire way of looking at it can be changed. In the era of internet savvy world, Machine learning would be quite influential in the digital marketing.

It has been constantly used in the sector of fraud detection, healthcare, etc by using PayPal to mainly fight against the evil of money laundering.

5) Personalization

As we all are aware of, every consumer wants the personalized online experience. Therefore personalization can play a vital role in the sector of digital marketing by engaging the consumers in their interest areas.

This whole process includes taking the consumer’s attention from the home page to the product description page in which the particular company deals.

6) Micro-moments

Micro-moments is the term that many are unaware of but is worthy of the attention. As many of us directly reach to our smart phones to make any research about any product or services, right information to the users can be provided by using Micro-moments.

Many mobile websites use Micro-moments to lure the visitors and it is one of the main reasons why Micro-moments trend is on rise, most particularly in the area of digital marketing. With the use of any of the tactics mentioned above, significant success can be achieved in the desired area of business.

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