While some SEO marketers think that natural link building is essential for every site, some think that it is just a myth. Therefore, what do you think? Is natural link building essential for the site or not! Does natural link building increases the traffic and ranking on your website or not? To answer these questions related to natural link building, here, we share this article with you.

In this article, we will learn:

What Is Natural Link Building?

Why Natural Links Matter

Types of Links

What Are Quality Links?

Does Natural link Building Have Any Importance?

The Importance of Natural Link Building

How to Take the Natural Approach?

Is Guest Posting Natural Link Building?

Let’s get started…

Natural link building is exactly what the name hints that is backlinks that are developed naturally without the site owner having to go and develop them either through guest posting, or other types of link building practices. In simple words, natural links happen when bloggers, webmasters, or website owners link to your content as they think is beneficial for their readers and adds great value to their pages or sites. Also, to perform it appropriately, you should hire affordable link building services.

Google is literally tweaking its algorithms to try to provide a fabulous browsing experience for its users. It only requires to feature sites that are prominent, websites that have been vetted by others and proven to hold effective content. Natural links specifically, are an essential factor in their question.

When external sites link back to your page, it shows that the detail found within it is famous and reliable. And when your site has informative, quality internal links that it is very well structured and increases connectivity. This is what influences people to your webpage and keeps them there for a very long time. The more of these kinds of links your page features, the convenient it will be for your valuable customers to find you.

What makes a link natural is how naturally it fits within your website’s content. Think about it from your customer’s perspective. When they are browsing your website, they do not want their experience redirected or interrupted by links ham-fisted into an article or blog. Your customers need to quickly achieve the information they want and then have their follow-up questions, as well as ideas, addressed. Mastering the natural link-building method or hiring great SEO experts develops a great chance to convert them from info achieved to a loyal client.

☛  Natural Links

A natural link is one that happens organically (not conveniently observed as being placed by your company).

Natural links do not:

Getting tracking parameters.
Exist within paid or sponsored content.
Redirect through monetization tools or JavaScript.

A natural link for doing proper local SEO exists as a reference to content, source, or website.

Unnatural Links

Unnatural links are the type of links that are paid for. These kinds of links can be located and tracked by PR firms as well as media buyers, or monetized affiliate programs, influencer, CPC campaigns, or monetization scripts. If these links are not nofollowed, Google can effectively take manual action on your website or your website could be badly impacted algorithmically, as they are not natural or earned.

What do you mean by unnatural links? Links:

With tracking parameters (for example UTM source as well as a medium).

Within sponsored content on a website (as search engines do not understand who paid for the content to be placed)

From websites utilizing monetization scripts as scripts say you get paid for linking to retailers.

You can get these in the website’s outbound redirects, code, and other mappable techniques.

 Semi-natural Link

On occasion, you will uncover mixed link patterns. For instance, you may get a natural link that utilizes tracking parameters. Let’s say you click through from a good influencer who has been paid to share a link. That link will result in a landing page that may have the tracking parameters in place. Also, preferring professional ecommerce SEO could be a great idea to do everything properly.

Aggregators, bloggers, and others who follow that link may copy and paste as well it directly into their website giving natural links that include these parameters. This could lead to an unnatural but organic link scheme.

To assist resolve this, ensure that as a person reaches your website through a tracked link, you plan a redirect to pass the parameters but also resolve to the organic page structure. Now you will have the standard as well as non-tracked URL as the one they utilize and be able to appropriately attribute traffic, sales, and leads back to the original website.

You can still analyze the halo effect of additional links as well as exposure by pulling a link acquisition report and crawling the shares, likes, and retweets from a good influencer.

What Are Quality Links?

High-quality links are links that come from quality websites. This definition will change relying on the quality of the SEO you are talking to. Here is what professionals observe while analyzing the quality of a site:

The website is a niche, or at least has a daily update section about the topic.

There are no outbound links to illegal, adult, scam websites, or payday.

You would not be able to see that they permit sponsored content.

Getting them in the Google news feed is a great sign that they are high quality or trustworthy in Google’s eyes.

Achieved links will be by staff writers and not at all the contributors. Contributors can be bought more conveniently and many large publications have started nofollowing their links. Do a Google search for your posts and nofollow and you will see different discussions from when they flipped the switch. Furthermore, using an effective SEO link building method will give you many benefits.

The links come efficiently from body copy. That has to be gathered- unlike forum mentions, blog comments, press releases, and other areas where anyone can conveniently buy or build links.

It is widely accepted within the SEO industry that sites with natural links are the fastest, best and safest for readers. Such sites are the efficient and reliable ones to promote a site or a blog.

When a site has natural links it feels safer and makes sure that its content is good. Moreover, those who link to those sites can believe that their rankings and traffic will not be influenced by any changes in Google algorithms.

Now that you are establishing links, you will notice many benefits over time.

1. More site traffic:

You may have fabulous loyalty among current visitors, but all websites have to actually get new traffic. Link building provides you the opportunity to get more traffic from your sites, leading to new visitors to your own website.

2. Higher visibility:

As more websites link to your site, you will rank better in SERPs. That means if someone goes through your industry in Google, they are more probably to see you instead of your competition. That is because Google observes every link to your webpage as an endorsement of the quality, and they like to send their users to high-quality sites.

3. New relationships:

When someone reads great content and looks at a link pointing to the creator, they will probably click on it to get out more about the author. That person may then sign up for your newsletter, follow you on social media, or subscribe to your post. Simple links established by reputable link building company Ohio can build new relationships between consumers and companies. Along with higher search rankings, referral traffic increases the visits to your website, boosts online revenue.

4. Brand awareness:

When people know about your business’s name, they can become customers. While this is not a great way to increase new leads, brand awareness establishes an audience of new customers by making sure they know what you do, who you are, and how to find you.

5. Increased credibility:

When you get a link from a high-profile publication, you can include the website’s logo as a badge on your site. This boosts the credibility of your brand and led to an increase in conversion rates. Google will also view you as a great authority website and boost your rankings in SERPs.

These are only some perks that come from link building, but they are some of the most essential. If you need to experience all of the advantages that link building has to provide, begin doing it today so you can get results.

How to Take the Natural Approach?

You want to prefer adding the following into your link building campaign so that your links appear to be more organically generated:

1. Links to All Pages of Your Site

Ensure that the links that are established to point all pages of your website, not just the Home Page. It is not organic that everyone would link to the Homepage so link to product pages, blog articles, information pages, and many more. These are mostly known as deep links. This might show you what does link building mean for your site.

2. Write/Publish/Create Good Content

If the content is not fabulous then nobody will organically link to it. If you are still at the starting and nobody is reading your content do not get disappointed; write like your articles are read by many people and try to make them better and improved.

Do not just look for the present but prefer planning for the future. When the time comes as well as traffic will begin flowing in, you have to be really ready with great content to maintain the interest of your visitors.

3. Always Create Something Better

This is another method that needs you to first analyze the target and make content according to the chance discovered. Developing someone else’s content is basically beneficial for controversial or complicated topics. If the story is not prominent, other people will have to consider taking your point of view into consideration and then decide to relate to the subject. If you see then there is a great importance of link building.

This method is known as the skyscraper technique that recommends finding any popular post and developing something better. When considering any post, ensure to follow these three essential steps:

Getting content this is link-worthy
Developing content that is better
Approaching correct people

All the steps in the method are complicated and must be followed at all costs.

4. Invest in Visual Content

Visual content is mostly regarded as the most effective content type a marketer can develop. Around 52% of marketing experts say that video is the kind of content that brings the highest ROI, while the SEO world analyzes its value for increasing search rankings.

Given that everybody loves them, videos should constitute an essential aspect of your natural link-building plan. Plus, posting visuals like infographics on infographics submission websites can instantly bring streams of potential visitors to your website, some of which may even plan to republish your good visual. This will massively improve google rankings also.

5. Add Links over Time

It is not the normal thing to have all your links in place in one day. Incorporating them gradually will happen to be more organic and is more probably to be rewarded by high rankings down the track. This clearly means that you should have an ongoing SEO link-building plan that seems at the long-term rather than just immediate results.

6. Consistency

Consistently writing quality content and promoting on social media while at the same time trying to establish connections with other bloggers is the road to travel with. Timing is vital and to find out the correct timing to put your content in from of the right people, you have to be regular in your publishing schedule.

Doing 2-3 times every week boosts your possibility of this happening rather than doing it once every month. Here, a very reputable link building company can help you immensely.

7. Associate with the Influencers:

Once you observe and develop a list of influential companies or people in this field, you can associate with them on generating good content. The majority of the companies in your industry hold a specific section for the press where they feature news that has been done by somebody else.

Prefer the pages for important updates and then cover your blog’s story. Surely, you will have to make sure they would not miss it so that it pays off to reach out to them to inform the same. Possibilities are that they will be happy, so move forward.

8. Your Audience’s Favorite Channels

Analyzing the correct channels is important for encouraging organic content promotion. For instance, posing a research paper on some sites can increase 75% more citations in the course of 5 years, as per the site. Sometimes the perfect way to tell specific people about your content is to reach out to them through the mail, but this never assures your mail will be opened, let anyone answered. This is the reason why you should prefer using other communications channels, of which social media is mostly the most efficient. This is one of the most preferred best link building strategies.

Set aside time to discover the appropriate hashtags and Twitter chats that gather your industry leaders. Few chats announce their future topics in advance, which can be a great chance for you to develop content as well as a promotion channel ready at your disposal.

9. Identify the Favorite Channels of Your Audience

Analyzing the appropriate channels is essential to increase organic content on your site. Sometimes the greatest way to inform such people about the content is to reach out to them via email. However, this does not assure the email will be opened. For this specific reason, they must consider utilizing other communication platforms, among which social media is way efficient.

Discover Twitter chats and hashtags, which attract industry leaders. These chats sometimes declare the topic in advance that can be another promising possibility for you to develop valuable content. Just ensure you have a promotional channel available at your disposal.

10. Diversify Your Content Types

Natural backlinks mostly come in many different forms as well as from sites that operate in various ways. This is the reason why you need to offer many link options by developing as many content types as possible. From classic how-to posts to ebooks and infographics, you should prefer producing everything you can and promote accordingly as well.

Every content creator wants to get virality around different channels, but the truth is that various types of content are treated differently on every online channel. This is why you should never just think about what may go viral, but rather discover the topic and methods to genuinely get this. If you do accurate link building for business improvement you can get so much profit.

11. Identify the Favorite Channels of Your Audience

Determining the channels is important to improve organic content on your website. Sometimes the great way to inform such people regarding the content is to reach out to approach them through email. However, this doesn’t guarantee the use of email. For this reason, they must consider utilizing other communication platforms, among which social media is a very efficient.

Explore Twitter chats and hashtags, which influence the industry leaders. These chats sometimes announce the topic in advance that can be a good opportunity for you to design valuable content. Just make sure you have a good channel available.

12. Optimize Content across Multiple Channels

The majority of people provide a single piece of advice when it’s the matter of content creation, and you have likely heard it many times: develop content for people, and not for SERPs. However, these two are not essentially mutually exclusive, meaning that you should consider various factors before beginning content creation. Organic search is one that factor. By providing your post a search-friendly title, you will enable more people to get it on Google. If it answers a question that has many monthly searches, that is already a great chance. This will proficiently grow your business by link building.

News websites are another aspect. As mentioned above, to get to the news site, you should surely first make sure you have a story worth reading. However, this does not mean that you should make a scandal to get to the front webpage, most of the time, just announcing your future strategy or business results with appropriate commentary is a perfect way to get the attention of the prominent media.

If you want to do industry research, for instance, find websites that might be interested in sharing this kind of content. This will assist you to know the topics they basically deal with and if there is anything that has been left unsaid.

When you go and publish content on some other type of site and somewhere in the content you add a link back to your site which basically top-notch guest posting does, this is not natural link building, even if it is for free, even if it is in the author bio.

This doesn’t mean that links from guest posting are all bad, but you can’t prefer those are being natural links.

Just following the approaches above should see your business ranking well for your keywords as the majority of businesses are not doing this. Relying on the level of competition in your industry you can see your site rise quickly to the top.


Fortunately for your company, LinkBuildingCorp specializes in building natural links. As we build your website we will first look after the ins and outs of your business and your goals as well. Reaching your target audience and providing them what they require needs an expert level of understanding. We will take this essential time to be able to develop a plan to build natural links from meaningful sources.

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