Backlinks for Website: How to Get More Backlinks Today?


There is no way to ignore the fact that backlinks remain one of Google’s top priorities to rank any website, and that it is unlikely to change any time soon. This means many business owners and marketers are left thinking about how to get backlinks to their websites. Links from one site to another are seen as votes of trust, confidence, and authority. This boosted authority can lead to a higher ranking on search engines, hence giving your website more visibility. So, let’ know how you can get more backlinks today.

In this article, we will talk about:

Learning About Backlinks
Methods To Get More Backlinks

Are you thinking about how to acquire more links to your site? Building backlinks assist you to boost your search engine rankings. With a higher ranking in search engines, your site can observe a big growth in traffic. While getting links to your website can be complicated, you do not essentially need to buy backlinks, though many content creators do. Therefore, before you break the bank on backlinks, you should understand that there is a convenient SEO Link Building Method.

First, we need to know about backlinks and how you can get it? Keep reading to find out!

Backlinks are likely one of the most essential SEO factors. Unluckily, they are also a little high on the list of SEO metrics that you do not have very much control over- but we are going to assist you with that in a moment.

Just state, a backlink is an external link that helps users focus away from one website to another. You specifically want to involve some backlinks in your content, but most essentially you want there to be backlinks acting as an incoming redirection. In other words, you need to have other websites as well as pages referencing yours with a link. To execute this method, you should hire link building providers. Backlinks go hand in hand with natural traffic, which is when someone accesses your website or through the SERPs. That is because search engine site crawlers search for backlinks in specific when building their search engine index, so the platform can clearly understand how your pages are connected.

More essentially, the backlinks also tell search engines how your content relates to other sites and pages on the web. This assists in locating your page on the search engine result pages appropriately so that you can attract organic traffic for the correct search queries.

That’s why it is essential to create backlinks to and from authoritative sites. These are recognized websites that already rank well for topics same as yours. Boosting high-quality backlinks can be hard work, but it does not have to be with reliable manual link building services. Listed below are some ways to get more backlinks.

1. Guest Articles

Guest blogging is an efficient way to reach a new audience. By publishing blogs or articles on other popular sites, you will get your content represented in front of new audiences and win more exposure. Sometimes, it is not simply about backlink, but about boosting your online reputation or your social media followers. Guest blogging assists you leverage your relationships and increase your audience.

Utilize Google search queries to get blogs accepting guest contributors:

• your keyword + inurl:write-for-us
• your keyword + guest-posts
• your keyword + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
• your keyword + become a contributor
• your keyword + bloggers wanted
• your keyword + submit an article
• your keyword + want to write for
• your keyword + contribute
• your keyword + become an author
• your keyword + guest post by
• your keyword + now accepting guest posts

Get influencers publishing guest posts on a daily basis and try to contribute in the same site they have had in the past. Consider the instance of a profile by the writer. From the writer’s Google Plus profile, click on “About”, then go through the contributor section, where you can look at a list of all the sites the writer has contributed articles to. Basically, the guest blogging method is the best one you can use for building links.

Repeat the method with other influencers, and you will get many chances to publish content on third-party sites.

Use social media to discover other options

On Twitter, search for “guest article”, “guest post”. To automate the method, use Topsy to set alerts for the keywords you need to track.

When generating a guest article, always ensure you are linking to your social media profiles. If someone enjoys your posts, she or he can conveniently follow you for similar future articles.

2. The Skyscraper Technique

First introduced to the SEO community by a backlinko member, the Skyscraper Technique is a link building method that follows a proven process:

Get successful content that has gathered many links.
Develop better content
Promote the content to those who linked to the actual piece

It works for the reason that you are removing the guesswork that is mostly linked with content marketing by building upon a foundation that is already proven to be successful. Here, if you take the help of experienced link building company in UK it would be better.

This method can, and will, assist you to create links that make a real difference for your organic traffic and assist to rank your website for competitive search keywords and terms. But you require to be prepared to put in the effort.

The Skyscraper Technique is all about making the best content that is on the internet for your selected topic, so you have to be prepared to go all-in on:

☛ Length
☛ Depth
☛ Visuals

3. Roundup Posts

Roundup posts can be a perfect method to build links to content that you are developing as part of a wider content marketing plan. Think about this as building links that will assist to get an eye on the content you are developing.

Do a search on Google for:

“keyword” + roundup

And you will be represented with a list of articles that are published in this format. Generally, it is merely a list of curated posts across a specific topic, and most fields have at least a few. To know the method more clearly, learn the ways to build backlinks for your website.

The majority of people who publish roundup posts do so regularly, and this means that they are prominently searching for good content to include. So why not drop a mail to the author of the roundup posts that you get and let them understand your latest content?

4. Donate

Yes, you can gather backlinks by donating to non-profit organizations. This technique is straightforward and quick. All you have to do is get sites in your industry that accept donations and link back to websites that have donated. Just submit the amount of the donation you need to make and write your site URL.

Getting these websites needs some research in Google. There are some queries that generally deliver good results for your powerful website SEO:

•  contributors page + donate + your keyword
•  donation + contributors + your keyword
•  contributors page + your keyword

5. Use Content Formats Proven To Generate Links

As you might have thought, a while ago a site did a study of 1 million blog articles and posts:

So, what did they get? They uncovered the most content is entirely ignored.

In fact, they observed that 75% of all web content gets 0 links. That’s not satisfying news. The great news is, they observed that specific types of content performed great.

Particularly, they uncovered that the listed below content formats tended to boost many backlinks. In other words, if you need to get backlinks, concentrate on these content formats:

• List Posts
• “Why” Posts
• Quizzes
• Videos
• “How to” Posts
• Infographics

And professionals seen these content formats deliver results firsthand. For instance, you will find some post that is been linked to around 623 times:

(Including some links from high Domain Authority sites) You can know it more clearly by knowing what does link building mean.

How about one more example? Somer list of SEO methods has 3.73k backlinks to date. This should not come as a surprise. A study found that lists posts outperforming each content format that they looked at.

In fact, the authors of the study say that: “list posts occur to perform appropriately well as a content format in terms of both links and shares.” No, I am not saying to publish a bunch of infographics and lists posts. If you need to acquire backlinks today, your content has to be fabulous. But these formats provide you a beginning point for writing good content that genuinely works.

6. Resource Link Building

When thinking of the ways to get backlinks, many often begin by thinking about complicated and big tactics. But the most efficient way to build links is with resource link building.

To be successful with this technique, you have to analyze where your business can include value to your audience. Then you have to develop great resource pages so you can gather quality backlinks from reliable authorities.

Basic examples of where resource pages exist online involve:

☛ Universities
☛ Travel and tourism boards
☛ Local governments

And you can mostly find these chances by determining your competitor’s link profile and taking a look at who links to them but not you. By utilizing the SEMrush Backlink Analytics Tool, you are conveniently able to analyze resources that link to your competitor’s website. In this manner, you can work on a content plan that may grab their attention, and they will have to link to your website instead.

7. Public Relations

To some digital marketers, “public relations” might sound more like a traditional marketing plan. And in a technical way, it is. But in the context of link building, the term just refers to the practice of utilizing the same techniques to get backlinks that you might use to get press. The best way to do this is to get cited as a source in a news article or other online content.

In the past, the only method to do this was to get a publicist with connections to prominent publications and journalists. Today, you can deduct the need for this third-party help by signing up for help reporter, or HARO. This solution permits journalists to put out calls for sources within their daily newsletter. Point out which areas you have experienced in, and you will get a daily list of journalist requirements that are related to your skills directly in your inbox on a daily basis. Then, you can reach these journalists- and if they are interested in what you have to say, they will cite you as a medium.

You might also consider classic PR moves such as press releases. Journalists and bloggers are continuously looking for new information, so whenever your business accomplishes something important, make the announcement and details conveniently to find. Though this does not assure press coverage, it means you are more probably to be linked-to articles niched to the subject than companies who do not make their accomplishments conveniently accessible online.

Press releases can also be included in databases and directories, making them a better SEO tool and prominent link building strategies. But if you select to use this plan, keep in mind that where most people get press releases wrong is over-optimization of anchor text. This is the practice of adding keywords into anchor text inorganically- and it is one of the factors most probably to aim a Penguin penalty.

So as you write press releases, only include links where they make sense and add your anchor text in a manner that flows organically. It is also essential to note that even when your firm gets mentioned as the outcome of a press release, there is no assurance that the people referencing you will provide you a link. Sometimes, they will just mention your brand. When that happens, you will need to reach out and ask the editor or author to include a link to your company’s website.

You can stay on top of this by setting alerts for your business name and any other appropriate names within your firm. To massively increase website traffic in 2021 you should use this method.

There are different tools you can utilize to set these alerts, but one of the convenient is Ahrefs.

Direct to Alerts > Mentions > Add Alert > Search Query > Daily > Add.

8. Get Listed On Relevant Best x In y Lists

Best x in y lists exist for different types of businesses in all kinds of locations. There are assured to be similar lists in your niche or local area.

Therefore if you are already featured, why not reach out and look if they will add you?

Here is why this makes sense:

☛ You know they are already interested in what your firm does. So much so, that they have written a blog about it.
☛ You know that they either do not know about your business or forgot about you when making that post.

That is what makes it a convenient sell to ask for inclusion.

So go to Google and do some search for something like:


This Will return “best X” posts that do not already mention you.

Here are the results for the best clothing store in Delhi- Royal:

Look through the results and ensure you are not already listed. Reach out to the appropriate folks.

Here is a fabulous chance you can found for Royal clothing store in 30 seconds:

You can observe that the post lists 13 clothing stores, none of which are royal clothing.

Adding to that, If Ahrefs’ SEO toolbar reports that this page is on a DR56 domain and that the URL gets at least some natural search traffic then it’s great.

But here is the real icing on the cake: the list was recently updated. It states at the bottom of the page. And it even tells you who is responsible for updating it.

Bingo! Now you can reach out.

Another technique is to look for sites that have reviewed competing businesses.

Here is a search operator you can utilize for that:


Or you can paste the competitive website’s domain into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, then search for reviews in the Backlinks report. The thinking here is that if they have reviewed a similar business, they may also want to review yours. Or at least try out your products or services to ensure to find Your business need backlinks.

Getting high-quality backlinks can sometimes be challenging, but you can conveniently find link-building opportunities by utilizing the correct resources and methods. Finally, keep in mind that maintaining your backlinks is as essential as building them. Therefore, keep track of the backlinks your site is receiving, by using tools like Ahrefs, Monitor Backlinks, or Majestic.

In A Nutshell:

There are many tactics that you can use to get backlinks to your website with the guidance of LinkBuildingCorp. Which technique is right for you mostly depends on how you have approached link building in the past, which field you operate in, and what your rivals are doing. But with us by putting together a solid link-building strategy, you can analyze the techniques that are best suited to your site and resources.

To know more about our services contact us today!

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