Don’t know how many backlinks you need to rank on top? Gained lots of backlinks still not observing any improvement in its ranking? Today, you’ll learn how to get quality backlinks that benefit your SEO, website position on Google, and drive huge traffic.

Does Backlink Quality Matters For SEO?

Link is one of the most important ranking factors search engines use to rank websites in their result pages. Some people think that link building is dead, but it is just a misconception that only misleads them. Gaining quality backlinks is eternal SEO tactic that will remain in the trend forever. Not only has it improved Search Engine Optimization, but your business growth as well by bringing a good volume of traffic and higher conversion. About 72% of SEO experts believe that backlinks are the vital ranking factor that shows how trustworthy your site will appear.

Still not convinced? Look at the following points.

  • Google uses backlinks as the key metric to discover new websites.
  • Backlinks give search engines an overview or background of you and your site.
  • High-quality backlinks help in receiving top search engine ranking.
  • Your online reputation highly depends on the links you are earning. If you are not receiving any links from other sites or gaining poor quality links from spammy sites, then Google may not recognize your site as trustworthy.
  • Backlinks help in faster indexing of a site.
  • Backlinks develop brand authority when your website is linked with high ranking and trustworthy sites.
  • When a reader finds your post interesting, he or she will click on links given in the post, thereby rewarding your site with boosted referral traffic.
  • Help reach new clients and maintain a relationship with existing clients by providing a medium to interact with marketers by clicking on the website or a single web page links.
  • Linking to other websites assist in business promotion by offering consistent visibility.

While the impact of backlink differs on the basis of authority and relevance of the linking page, they help in improving search engine ranking. Thus, overall, backlink is such ranking factor that you cannot miss to get found through organic search. But, the problem is what you should focus on to gain quality backlinks. Let’s find it out.

9 Best Ways To Get High-Quality Backlinks

As now you understand the importance of backlinks for SEO, it’s a matter to find out what it takes to get a solid number of this type of link. While obtaining links, it is necessary to ensure that it will not create a negative impact on your search visibility. Thus, be careful and don’t implement any tactic randomly.

Let’s jump straight to the smarts ways to build quality backlinks for your website.

1- Link Building From Outdated Resources

While experimenting with new link building strategy, don’t forget to work upon the outdated but valuable resources. Find those sites in your niche that have changed their name, domain, and stopped offering a specific service, resource update, and finally close down.

Don’t know how would you benefit from those resources that are no longer surviving today? Well, it offers a brilliant chance to reach out the large numbers of people and sites that are still linking back to that outdated URL. Create a detailed list of sites that are linking back to that old URL. Once you reach these people or sites, inform them about their outdated URL and recommend them to link to your site.

2- Broken Link Building Method

This is the perfect tactic for manual one way link building. In this technique, you have to contact a webmaster of a specific website to report broken or dead links on his or her site and recommend the best site for the link replacement including the URL of your site. To find the relevant sites in your industry, type your keyword and links, keywords and resources, keywords inurl: links.

Please note that you must adopt a supportive and friendly nature instead of being greedy to let them find you the most helpful hand for themselves.

3- Guest Post

Most of the website owners are finding the sites for a guest post of worth 500 words for their website ranking. But, do you know that creating a post that does not offer any value to readers and aim only for SEO does not contribute to backlink creation. Google has recently launched an algorithm update that penalizes all sites generating guest post links just for their SEO efforts and overlook the significance of readers perspective. Thus, it is important to use guest posting as a link building method by treating backlinks in your author bio. But, make sure that it adds value to readers.

If you are new to the concept of a guest post, then use tricks to find guest post opportunities such as tailor every mail, suggest some unique ideas or titles, and very importantly try to develop a strong human connection.

Search relevant websites in your niche by typing industry + write for us, industry + guest post, industry + submit, and like this. Now, create a list of top sites that your target users are interested to read.

4- Infographics

High quality and informative infographics are popular ways to get valuable backlinks because they are comparatively much easier to understand and share. It is a content type that’s value and demand is constantly increasing because more and more people love visual data than simple text content. But, be careful while choosing infographics. Follow the latest trend and select the most interesting story that most of the people are like to talk about. Before creating infographics, collect and use statistical data in the most appealing visual format.

Once you have successfully created infographics, submit and share it on top ranking and popular infographic directories. Most importantly, send email to all those users who are engaged with similar infographics or have ever shared it on any social media site. Don’t forget to ask them for the feedback. If they like it, ask them indirectly for providing the links.

5- Reach Bloggers and Journalists (HARO)

Never hesitate to ask your influencers to get quality links for your website because you need amazing links as the best SEO technique to improve first page ranking. Thus, contact renowned bloggers and journalists in your niche. You may use a simpler and free service called HARO or Help A Reporter Out. Register yourself as a source, choose the best plan – free or paid, look for the request you can contribute to, and then send a valuable pitch to a journalist. Send your impressive, detailed, short, and concise pitch to their emails directly without making them feel bored.

6- Testimonials For Other Sites

We all know that getting reviews or testimonials for our products or services is important. But, writing testimonials for other business offerings sounds illogical because no one wants to share their clients or customers. According to industry-specialized professionals providing quality link building services, doing so can be a good idea for backlinking and overall SEO efforts. This way, you are not only helping other businesses, but you’re also backing your site ranking. 9 out of 10 customers state that online reviews influence their purchasing decision. Thus, the increasing demand for this form of content gives the golden chance to obtain backlinks.

7- Use Relevant Content Format

The matter is what type of quality content format you are using and your viewers are interested to access, not the quantity you are using. Not all content format perform well to get backlinks. In a research report, it has been found that videos, how-guide, list posts, infographics, “why” post, and quiz, perform well to get backlinks.

8- Submit To Directory Listing

Much like guest blogging, result-oriented directory submission is essential to get backlinks. As it shares all the basic information of your business including name, website, phone number, and address, it becomes the direct way to obtain high-quality backlinks. But, keep in mind that finding a legal web directory is not that simple. To hit the biggest SEO jackpot, locate a reliable directory site with good SEO metrics such as better PageRank score, high Domain Authority, and of course traffic volume. Pick a site that is relevant to your industry and used by everyone across the world, mainly for local searches.

Important note: Never use automatic direct submission technique because it may show you spam. Even more, it may affect your domain authority and results in a penalty by the search engine.

9- Content Promotion

So, you have ended up with great content creation and now waiting for backlinks. Is it so? If yes, then don’t sit freely because your content efforts will not result in backlinks unless you promote it. Let your targeted audience reach your copy and access the information. So, contact websites hosting weekly or monthly rounds by typing keyword + roundup. You can also get in touch with renowned bloggers. Send them a detailed overview of your site along with your best guides or tutorials. If they find it useful, they will link back to you in the next weekly roundup.


Do you want to build backlinks? But, nobody knows who you are and what you are offering? Well, these 9 tips can help you build a strong relationship with clients and customers. If implementing all tactics seem challenging for you, then choose a reliable link building company in UK that specializes in all types of link building solutions. By informing others about your existence and using backlinking strategy, you can give your business the value it deserves.

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