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Get your online business hit the top of the search engine results page. With the help of high-quality link building services in Malaysia, gain high-quality links from higher DA websites. Help your website shine on popular search engines as well as outperform your competitors.

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Do you know that a greater number of links means the more relevant is your website? Yes, it is true that links on your website will increase its popularity. However, you should understand that standard link building should be done on a higher DA or PA website. Linking to a website with a lower DA or PA will not be worth and you may not get the online traffic that you were expecting. Google which is one of the top search engines in the world uses linkage as the indicator to determine the value or relevancy of the website. So, if your website has links from a reputable source then it will rank higher in search results. Get in touch with us if you want your website to rank on Google.

How valuable is Link Building For A
Successful Online Business?

Owning an online business is far different from owning an offline business. In order to get popular in a digital world, you need to get the attention of potential customers and clients and with powerful link building for SEO, you can achieve it. Link building helps increase online traffic; it also aids in making ranking in Google better. All you need is a quality link building service provider in Malaysia.


For Small Websites

– No. of Backlinks 75
– DA Between 20 to 90
Billed in advanced every months
Initial Review & Analysis

$199 Per Month


Small to Medium Websites

– No. of Backlinks 125
– DA Between 20 to 90
Billed in advanced every months
Initial Review & Analysis

$299 Per Month


Medium to Large Websites

– No. of Backlinks 175
– DA Between 20 to 90
Billed in advanced every months
Initial Review & Analysis

$399 Per Month


For Large Websites

– No. of Backlinks 300
– DA Between 20 to 90
Billed in advanced every months
Initial Review & Analysis

$649 Per Month

What We Offer In Link building Packages in Malaysia?

We are the trusted White Label link building company well-known for performing high-quality & fully-manual link building. To help our clients get the service within their budget, we bring reasonable link building packages that go with their business objectives.

WHAT WE DO IN Link Building PACKAGES in Malaysia

Features Starter Standard Advanced Premium Platinum
Guest Posting 2 4 6 8 10
Article Submission 1 2 3 4 5
Blog Posting 1 2 3 4 5
PR Submission 1 1 2 3 3
Web 2.0 Submission 1 2 3 4 5
pdf Submission 2 2 4 4 6
Unique Article Writing 1 2 3 4 5
Unique PR Writing 1 1 2 2 3
Unique Blog Writing 1 2 3 4 5
Web 2.0 Writing 1 2 3 4 5
Unique PDF Writing 1 2 3 4 5
Social Bookmarking 20 25 30 70 90
image Submission 20 25 30 60 90
Business Listing 2 4 6 8 10
Profile Links 6 17 25 65 50
Local Classified 10 25 38 57 90
Video Submission 1 2 3 4 5
Quora Q/A 2 4 6 8 10
Blog Commenting 1 2 3 4 5
Total No. of Backlinks 75 125 175 300 400

Advantages Of Our Organic Links to Your Business

Organic links are considered to be the best type of links that faster improve website online presence. If you want your online business to grow, you need organic link building. We understand the importance of doing link building properly and this is the reason why we will help your online business grow with the help of our link building services in Malaysia. Here are some of the advantages of organic links.

Climb in Search Engine Results:

Every online business owner wants to get successful in the digital world. Organic link building is like the staircase that will take your business to newer heights. We will help you climb these staircases with our services.

Quality Directory Traffic:

With link building, you will surely get traffic, but you need to put links on a website that fits your forte or market. This is necessary because it will increase the conversion rate, which in turn will spike sales.

Building Your Brand:

With organic link building, your website’s traffic will not only increase, but its brand value will also reach new heights. In today’s world, branding is everything. More presentable your product, more people will get attracted and link building will help in branding your product.

More Traffic Routing To Website

The surge in online traffic is directly proportional to the popularity of the website. However, linking to a website that fits your business’s market will surely increase the attention of potential or interested customers. Leave this responsibility to us.

A high-quality organic link building will help in generating revenues that will in turn help you grow the reach of your business. A business is only successful when it is generating revenues. We will provide high-quality linkage from higher DA or PA websites that will increase your website’s visibility. This in turn will increase the sales graph and revenue will be generated.

With The Following Ways We Make Link Building For Your Website

Link building is something that requires a lot of concentration and experience. Mainly what SEO company do like us to use effective methods of link building that has been appreciated by several SEO experts. Here is how we do link building for your website:

  • We make sure that links are relevant and fit perfectly with your forte
  • We deal in home page and content page link placement
  • Relevant links are given preference
  • With us, you don’t have to worry about the quality of the link as it will always be top-notch
  • We only cater to do-follow links
  • Using several descriptions and tittles is allowed
  • Spammy links are not used, so, you should not worry about it
  • We will monitor all the links from the beginning
  • We also provide deep links
  • With the help of our links, Google will rank your website higher in SERP
  • We maintain complete transparency with our clients and share all the information regarding links
  • Links from high-quality websites are only used

Link building is full of technicality and one needs to be highly qualified to deal with it. If you own an online business and you are getting worried about dealing with link building, then we will highly recommend you try our services. We always provide high-quality links that can enhance your website’s image.

Stressed About Your Website’s
Google Presence?

Common reasons for the decline in online business are:

 Lack of good traffic
 Poor visibility
 No sales
 Poor branding

Do You Know ?

“Link building campaign for a particular website can be tricky. If link building is done with the wrong website, it can reduce the ranking of the website in SERP. This is the reason why link building requires a lot of concentration. The use of modern link building techniques can help online business owners grow their business empires to a wider audience. A high-quality link building stays relevant for years to come and it benefits the website enormously. Once we have provided you with high-quality links from reputable websites to your website, then it is your responsibility to keep the good content flowing. Once customers have visited your site, it is important for them to re-visit again.”

Facts About Link Building

The more you know about link building more beneficial it is for your online business. You might know what are backlinks? But there are still some facts about link building that are enough to astonish you. Here are some of the amazing facts about link building:   

☞ 62% of millennial consumers crave visual search.

☞  More than a billion searches are done on Google per day, out of which at least 15% are new to google.

☞ 41% of SEO consider link building to be the most difficult part of search optimization

☞  In the case of only one metric for studying link quality, 34% of marketers chose DA

☞ 36% of businesses hire experts for link building efforts

☞  SEOs spend equal time on both internal and external linking

☞ 70% of marketers believe SEO is more efficient than PPC.

Linking helps in the success of all online businesses. If you will not do backlinking, your website will not get high traffic and your business will eventually die. So, if you want your business to be successful, you need to focus more on effective link building.


Link building provides several benefits, from increasing brand value to boosting revenues and online traffic, and much more. However, link building is full of technicality. At LinkBuildingCorp, we have a good know-how of valuable basics of one way link building. You don’t have to worry about it, as our experts will take care of everything. Our main aim is to provide high-quality links to our clients so that their websites can rank higher in Google searches. Relevancy and high quality are our top priorities, and this is the reason our customer base is increasing every day.

Link building will help your website get the best online traffic, higher visibility, spike in sales, and eventually boost in revenues.

Discuss Your Project With Us

Just bring your business online and leave the rest to us.

    FAQs On Search Engine Optimization

    Q1. What numbers of links do I need?

    Answer: There is no exact number that we can suggest to you. We’ve observed a few sites do well with plenty of links a month while several others require a lot more in order to view any movement. There are several factors that enable us to determine how many links you require based on your project, so we tend to begin slowly and improve link building as we need to.

    Q2. Are your links fully‘safe’?

    Answer: We don’t believe that any link is actually 100% safe. We follow updated Google’s Webmaster Guidelines before building links, so there’s no way that any link is left unsafe. We’ve witnessed editorial links be penalized and we’ve also observed that violating Google’s guidelines go unpunished.

    Q3. What pointers you will mention in the report you deliver? 

    Answer. We deliver reports that cover all the basics. We will cover information like where we actually built your links. We don’t create fancy reports that clients find difficult to understand. We will explain only things we’ve done to build quality links.

    Q4. Can you assure me that link building will boost my rankings?

    Answer: We are only assured we will put our best efforts to get the job done right. There are several factors for us to assure that links will certainly boost your rankings. We strive to build links from websites that have high domain authority because that is going to give your site more value.

    Q5. How do you rightly track link ROI?

    Answer: Basically, we don’t track this in any way possible than asking the client if things are doing really well. The majority of clients we usually work with have marketing individuals on staff who actually handle this. If a client is contented, that’s ROI for every one of us.

    What Clients Say?

    Valuable feedback that keeps us going.
    • They timely manages everything in providing me complete online solution and creating a buzz of my product launch date. They handled search engines, email marketing and social post in a preeminent way by keeping the standard of business.

      John Doe
    • Over an extensive mind boggling research, I chose to go with LinkBuildingCorp. They have been very helpful in providing me links as per my website theme furthermore they also provided me some additional changes that I could make on my website.

      Jane Smith
      Web Marketing Analyst
    • Couldn’t get any better than this. If you are looking for a complete web alteration then this is just right for you. They provide entire digital services under one roof and also at vary affordable cost. At this moment, I have some great written post and under second’s page load time with great material design on my website.

      Paul Frank
      Chief Executive Officer
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