Link Building Checklist to Drive Traffic & Earn Better Links


​It is undeniable that link building is a cornerstone of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). We always seek recognition for our websites when we build them, don’t we? Our entire effort is aimed at achieving that.

The goal is to improve our visibility so that we can rank higher on SERPs (search engine results pages).

Creating backlinks is one of the main ways in which our website attracts attention.

But the question still remains constant, how?

To know it, let’s look at the link building checklist to drive traffic & earn better links to your website.

Link Building Checklist to Drive Traffic & Earn Better Links
1. Produce Awesome Content
2. Backlink Quality Assessment
3. Invest In Broken Link Building
4. Socialize On The Right Platforms
5. Earn Links With Testimonials

Digital marketing teams cannot ignore the importance of link building.

Getting links from relevant sources will help you climb search engine results pages (SERPs) and gain authority.

If you want your awesome content to be found, you can’t just sit back and wait.

Conducting a link building campaign with trustable link building solutions and following the checklist is the best way to actively seek out and earn backlinks.

Let’s get into the link building checklist to know how you can earn quality links.

Link Building Checklist to Drive Traffic & Earn Better Links

The following are the best approaches to fueling your campaign so that it reaches its goals.

1. Produce Awesome Content

All link building requires this step.

Backlinks will not be earned if your content is poor.

You should make sure your content is formatted in a variety of ways.

People love sharing infographics and other visually appealing content, which is especially helpful and comes in effective link building ideas.

Here is a checklist which you can follow to create the types of content for link building:

● Guest post articles

● Distributable infographics

● Citation-worthy research studies

● Industry-related Quora answers

● Expert quotes and HARO answers

Once you’re done, the content you create must be submitted to the target website and approved before being published.

Get more traction by promoting your latest content on social media.

For example, creating a detailed blog post or content that goes in-depth about a specific topic can be a great way to earn links and attract readers and viewers to your website.

Take advantage of link building guide as your work isn’t done once you’ve submitted your content and received backlinks.

Ensure that your old and new backlinks meet the quality standards by auditing them.

To strengthen your backlink profile, conduct a regular backlink audit.

Check your backlinks’ quality with this quick checklist:

● Make sure your links are dofollow rather than nofollow

● Be sure the link isn’t tagged as sponsored or user-generated

● Noindex tags should not be present on the page

● Robots.txt-excluded pages should be avoided

● Backlinks from popular, high-traffic pages are preferred

● You shouldn’t have too many external links on the page linking to you

For example, An e-commerce store utilizes link building tools like Ahrefs to analyze their competitors’ backlink profiles and identifies high-quality sources to reach out to for potential link building opportunities.

Broken link building is a process where you find and replace broken links on other websites with links to your own content.

This helps to increase your website’s visibility, as it gives people a reason to visit your website, and it can also help to boost your search engine rankings.

To earn links from targeted domains, follow these five steps.

● Make a list of sites from which you would like links.

Use link building tactics and find the broken link page then create new, better content to replace it.

● If you find a link on a specific page that is broken, you can use a tool like Check My Links to find it.

● To create a list of sites that link to the dead page, research the broken link.

● As a last step, contact the domains that link to the broken link and encourage them to link to the new content instead.

For example, A software company identifies a high-traffic tech blog in their niche with several broken links and offers to provide updated content in exchange for a link to their website.

4. Socialize On The Right Platforms

Follow link building strategies to earn links from the right social platforms with this checklist.

● Identify relevant social media platforms for your target audience.

● Create and optimize your social media profiles.

● Share high-quality content and engage with your audience.

● Monitor mentions of your brand and engage with those who talk about your business.

● Share your content with relevant social media groups and communities.

● Use social media advertising and influencer marketing to promote your content.

● Make adjustments to your strategy based on social media analytics.

Additionally, fruitful link building for startups having profiles on the right platforms can help to build relationships with potential customers, which can help to build trust and loyalty.

For example, A restaurant chain creates a social media strategy that includes sharing high-quality food photography, engaging with customers, and building relationships with influencers in the food industry.

Customers can be your most valuable reason to earn links as the more you’ll earn positive reviews, the more authority you’ll gain.

To earn links with testimonials, you can follow this checklist.

● Provide excellent products or services to your customers.

● With suitable link building techniques, make it easy for customers to provide a testimonial by providing a template or questionnaire.

● Reach out to satisfied customers and ask for a testimonial.

● Ensure that the testimonial is genuine and detailed, highlighting the benefits of your product or service.

● Include a link to the customer’s website or social media profile in the testimonial, if appropriate

● Post the testimonial on your website and in your marketing materials.

● Follow up with the customer to ensure that they are happy with the testimonial and that it includes the appropriate links.

● Monitor your backlink profile with helpful link building experts to ensure that the links are high-quality and relevant to your website.

For example, A software startup reaches out to satisfied customers and asks for testimonials to showcase on their website and in their marketing materials to build trust with potential customers.

All the above checklists, if followed in the right way can bring tremendous results for your business and help you in earning better links with huge traffic as well.


You now understand (or have been reminded of) the importance of link building for SEO.

You will be able to keep track of what you need to do by using a checklist and keeping up with the latest link building trends.

Because many diverse aspects need to be controlled, backlink crafting can be tedious at times.

The following guidelines should help you get significant results in a short time if you follow them.

The results? A higher level of visibility, recognition, and authority within your niche (and beyond).

Therefore, the ultimate stairway to better rankings leads to higher traffic.

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